Yuriy Andrukhovich: Postoksamitova doba

Nevdovzі from the column felt a comment, and one of them didn’t immediately іnіk. If I forgot this and now I’m quoting - it’s not true, but it’s all the same: “I don’t want my paddy wagon, if it’s a stranger,” wrote Yuriy Andrukhovich at his column on the Zbruch portal.

Commentator, yak zdalosya me, buv not in those. More precisely, in those, but not in those - radshe in Napoleon. Itself Bonapartova ascribe the hang, which is paraphrased in the comment: “People who don’t bother to take their army, if you don’t have any temptations, take a stranger.”

Visliv, insanely, correct, and periodically nagaduvannya, especially in the land, who knew the last time aggression, let's take it, obviously, not є. Protect Irvantsev from paddy wagons about the whole thing. The paddy wagon is not a tank and not a beteer, a symbol of the army's attempts to get out of the way. The paddy wagon is not a symbol, but because of the vlada, who fights against the population of the population, the order of the people, the population of repressions. Vlada's paddy wagons to transport zatrimannyh chi bogged down by her giants to the point of letting go.

I guess about the Ivanets' police vehicle until the recent episode of Russian protests, if one of these, with the permission of the saying, transport vehicles were bucked by Russian sniggs, and they heard a team of friends, they heard it yogo shtovhati, complementing your prison on wheels, destroy it from the place and add it to the prisons of spravzhnya, sebto stationary.

We have a different kind of situation, that in its own way absurd situation is satisfied with the promiscuous glimpse of the present Bilorussian-Russian phenomenon.

Protest activism in the sisters of the land (the number of sisters-republics), because of us so often and overwhelmingly to form a community thought of a democratic approach, to focus on the non-violent character of our own. Nonviolent to this world, how to pass the repairs before taking care of the nature of this nonviolent - without strength. Yak in Bilorus, so in Russia, protestors cannot reach anything. Tobto call nothing, nothing. Krim shtovhannya of a stalled transport vehicle, in which їх and drive to v'yaznitsa.

Revolutions cannot be contributed to them by weekends. The practice of such a comfortable graph for the owner means that it is hard to beat and angry. The results of my sposterіgaєmo in both susіdіv: zhodnoї deeds from the side of the regimes, wishing to stretch out on compromises butting in the essence of symbolic dіbnitsy. Navpaki is even more disproportionate to the peacefulness of protest against the violent outrage of the security forces, more tightly tightening the nuts, more paranoid than the draconic legislation, more than the incitement of evil against humanity.

A protest, as if not in a snake to cleanse your participants with a glance at whatever physical support you have, but it's brutally trampled upon.

Lіders, as they drove the Bilorussians and Russians on the streets (as they used to take the bully as the leaders), so it was taken from Maydan, that May was in the distance. Resentment and re-sitting - "stay dictators of Europe" - you can just rub your hands and feel more absolute, more roztlіnnіshoyu dominion. Yak here not to guess the one who was the same Napoleon: "There is no despotic kind of weakness, who took the strength behind him"?

The insults of the regimes thoroughly vivchili all the pluses of the European oxamites, 1989 rock, the first victims, the "color" revolutions, the bigger the zrozumili, like the ci plus re-transform into minusi. I, too, am afraid that there will be no more Oksamite. Figuratively visually appealing, throwing quotations at the clever riot police, and spraying them with warmth and warmth, nowhere can be spoken about. Nicholas will not be seen peacefully against that effect, which brought wine, for example, from Poland in 1989 and Ukraine in 2004.

I would like to have a hundred and a half years of svіy dosvіd Pomaranchevoi at the breast of 2013. Nі, not just golden eagles - with them, after 30 nights of leaf fall and evening, 1 breast of illusions was no longer buzzing. Ale in front of the golden eagles stood the hangers, especially the stringers. I smelled like a reserve.

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