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How to make a DIY chinchilla cage at home

Chinchillas are often kept as pets. When keeping animals in an apartment, you should take care of their home. The pet cage should be spacious so that it can move freely. If you do not have funds, you can do it yourself.

Cell project selection

Before making a cage for a chinchilla with your own hands, you need to decide what type of construction will be. Active animals need more room to move. The minimum size of the product for one rodent: length 75 cm, width 35 cm and height 50 cm. Chinchillas find it difficult to be alone, so it is advisable to have at least two rodents. Depending on the number of animals living in the cage, its size will have to be increased. There should be enough space for games. The animal loves to play, climb high places and run in a wheel.

In a private house, instead of a cage, you can make a spacious aviary for a chinchilla. In this case, it can be equipped with a large number of shelves so that the pet can climb on them. When placing a dwelling in an apartment environment, it is advisable to choose a structure like a rack. To determine the type of future product, it is recommended to look on the Internet. There are simple cells and display cases. For beginners in this business, it is better to choose simple examples. Over time, it will be possible to improve the frame with add-ons. Projects of high complexity with various tunnels and passages are available for professionals.

Materials and tools

To make a cage for a chinchilla at home, you need to purchase the necessary materials and tools for manufacturing. The safest raw material for building a product is wood. Bars, edged boards and lining are suitable for a strong structure. The boards are also used as shelves. The cheapest wood species are birch and pine. Plywood or chipboard is also used as a material for the frame. The openings for the windows are closed with a metal mesh with meshes of 2-2.5 cm. The anti-corrosion protection of the metal will allow the use of detergents when cleaning.

If there is no budget for making your own home for a chinchilla from scratch, the solution will be to use an unnecessary cabinet. This design is much easier to make. It is necessary to use glass or metal mesh instead of doors. Make holes in the shelves for the pet to move freely along them. The necessary tools include a hacksaw, hammer, jigsaw, and drill. You can't do without a clerical knife, marker, scissors and a ruler. To prevent the animal from getting out in the absence of the owner, you need to take care of the castle.

How to make a cage for a chinchilla with your own hands

Beginners are encouraged to use ready-made drawings or watch training videos on the Internet. Then you can start working on the chinchilla cage.

Cage Requirements

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