Without a drill, there is no purpose in life: a screwdriver or a hammer drill? We choose

After the bed, refrigerator and washing machine, a drill is the most important thing in the house. Without a specially trained drill, you can neither hang a shelf, nor a full-length portrait of your beloved, nor a mirror at the entrance. Here's how to choose the right tool.

Optimally, there should be two tools in the house for giving rotary motion to a drill or other attachments, that is, two drills - a large and a small one. It's like a ladle and a spoon: the first works on a large scale, the second is more specific.

???? A good drill costs serious money, so we advise you to buy in the 220 Volt store through the cashback service. So you can get back up to 4.6% of the value of the goods. The money will be returned directly to the card!

Provides the comfort of the drill

As a younger brother, you need a screwdriver (popularly "shura"). It is better that it be more powerful, volt by 18 - you can always adjust it looser. It is more convenient to use a cordless tool. And it is even more convenient if the set includes two "batteries" - one battery "in battle", the second on charging. First of all, with a screwdriver, you can assemble and disassemble everything at home that will put your soul into it. If there is a good set of bits, naturally. There are also attachments with which you can turn at an angle or in hard-to-reach places.

You can also drill, countersink a hole for a screw head "in a secret" with a "shura", clean up something simpler with a sanding pad with Velcro for sanding paper ... Versatility has given a new name: drill-screwdriver. In a hurry you can't say it. Therefore: "Give me a shura, eh?"

INTERSKOL DA-18ER is a domestic development of Chinese production for domestic needs. Two-speed, powerful (18V), lightweight model with two batteries and illuminated work area

BOSCH GSR 180-Li is a more powerful (1700 rpm) and reliable (from the warranty period) model for professionals. Also 2 batteries, backlight. Has 21 screw positions. Packaged in a case, made in China.

MAKITA DF457DWE X8— Professional model in a case, similar to the previous one, in some ways even inferior in characteristics - less resourceful, a little heavier. However, the slider battery improves balance. And breaking the fasteners here is no option, since there is an engine braking function.

Nozzles are full now! There are sets of brushes for collet mounting for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, which significantly save the physical costs of the householder for tedious work. With the appropriate equipment, the "shura" can cut metal, saw like a saber saw and like a jigsaw, clean pipes, inflate tires, mill wood, rivet, pump water, sharpen tools ...

Well, I think the most detailed explanation of how to connect the board) HY-JKM5

The fee is not common but very good!

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CNC souvenir elite dangerous

Aluminum d16-t. 18000 rpm Working feed 3500 mm / min. The strategy is centerline engraving. Radial cutter, double-start r1 mm. A friend came - a fan of cosmosim on a PC, made a gift for him.

How to assemble a CNC plotter at home

Arduino plotter is probably one of the simplest CNC machines. And it will not be difficult to assemble it. Let's see how you can assemble this machine at home at minimal cost. As the author writes, the cost of such a plotter does not exceed 2500 rubles.

The base of the machine is assembled literally from plywood and pencils. Draws a pen, also assembled from various stationery. Everything is ingenious and simple!

The wiring diagram is very simple, and according to the author, it is connected with all standard wires that come with the electronics.

The author tells in detail how to set up the firmware for working with the machine, what needs to be set up so that the CNC plotter draws correctly and beautifully.

I also recommend watching a video on creating images for a CNC plotter from a raster image.

For step-by-step instructions on how to create a G-Code for a machine with simple and free programs, see this article: DIY Arduino CNC Plotter.

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