Will be faster than Armata: what new tank is being worked on in Russia

The characteristics of the promising chassis make it possible to mount on it a complex of weapons with the same smooth-bore cannon as on the Sprut-SD self-propelled gun, explained Alexander Krasovitsky, general director of the Military Industrial Company. About the place wheeled tanks can take in the troops - in the material of the RIA Novosti columnist Andrei Kots.

Useful in Syria

According to Krasovitsky, the development of a unified wheeled platform "Boomerang" is close to completion - state tests of the K-16 armored personnel carrier built on it are planned until the end of the year. According to the engineers, the most modern achievements of science and technology were used in the design. Further plans include testing the promising K-17 BMP, special-purpose vehicles and other samples. The general director of the Military Industrial Company stressed that the rapid creation of a wheeled tank based on the Boomerang platform is not a problem for the industry.

Although such a technique was developed in the Soviet Union, in the Russian army there were no wheeled tanks - this is the unofficial name for a family of armored vehicles equipped with a powerful weapon in a fully revolving turret - there has not yet been. Although these vehicles are inferior to tracked vehicles in terms of protection, they significantly surpass them in speed, maneuverability and power reserve.

According to the expert, such tanks would be useful for the Russian army in the Central Asian direction, where the railway capacity is rather weak: wheeled armored vehicles are much easier to transfer along highways. In addition, such a technique would help in patrolling - in the same Syria.

Now the military police are moving there in armored vehicles "Tiger" and BTR-82A.

Leonkov stressed that a promising tank, like an armored personnel carrier, able to cross water obstacles, fire on the move and afloat. Thanks to its powerful armament, it can be used both in raids and in combined-arms operations - on the flanks, in reconnaissance, patrols and outposts.

Large caliber

The more sparing effect of wheeled vehicles on the roadway is also important. It's no secret that steel tank tracks destroy even the toughest asphalt. That is why they prefer to transport heavy armored vehicles on special tractor-transporters. Loading and unloading takes a lot of time, and the wheeled tank is ready to enter the battle from the march, without any hesitation or special training.

As the main armament of a promising tank, a fighting compartment with a 125-millimeter cannon, like the Sprut-SD self-propelled gun, developed specifically for the Airborne Forces, is considered. The smoothbore 2A75 on a stabilized system with an automatic loader and 40 rounds of ammunition is similar to the 2A46M guns of the T-72 and T-90 tanks. The self-propelled gun fires all types of ammunition of the appropriate caliber, as well as anti-tank guided missiles. The auxiliary armament of the fighting compartment is a PKT 7.62 mm machine gun paired with the gun.

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