Where can you take out your own construction waste?

Disposal of unnecessary interior items can become a real "headache" for the owner. According to the current legislation, such wastes are classified as bulky, they cannot be thrown into a regular garbage container. However, homeowners have many options where they can rent out their old furniture and even make money from it. The choice of a way to resolve the issue depends on the value of the product, on the owner's intentions and the availability of free time.

How to give old furniture a second life?

Getting rid of old furniture is not always the right decision. Often there is enough imagination and a small amount of free time to breathe new life into interior items or even make them a "highlight" in the design of a room. For example, for a table or chairs, you can use the following update techniques:

  • painting ;
  • artistic painting;
  • craquelure and decoupage techniques;
  • mosaic;
  • Applying foil or decorative tape;
  • Epoxy coating;
  • Using fabric covers and pillows.

As a rule, restoration costs are minimal and limited to the purchase of consumables. Bonuses for the owner - an opportunity to show your creative imagination and get a unique thing in the interior.

Can furniture be thrown in the trash?

According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1156 dated 11/12/2016, furniture belongs to the category of bulky waste (KGO), which cannot be thrown into a regular trash can. This policy of the authorities is due to concern for the environment, because interior items consist of toxic and flammable materials: chipboard and MDF boards, glue, plastic, rubber, etc.

However, the owners of interior elements still have the right to take them to the trash heap, just not to an ordinary garbage can, but to a special container for collecting CGO. Such containers are installed in all districts of Moscow, their addresses can be found on the Internet or in the management company. The owner can deliver the waste on his own or contact a specialized organization that will provide transportation services. The cost of the service depends on the size of things, the floor where the owner lives, the address of the apartment and the need for dismantling.

In practice, often HOA or housing management companies conclude contracts with shipping companies for the delivery of CGO to containers. The cost of their services is divided between the tenants and is included in the monthly utility bill.

Can furniture be disposed of with household waste

Typically, management companies place special containers for old furniture, appliances, other bulky residues and large volumes of waste on an asphalt or concreted site near simple garbage cans. In city districts, such containers are freely available. But they are not located in every yard. It can be very difficult for some citizens to find such containers to take out their garbage.

This is important! Any remnants of furniture, both in original and disassembled form, can often be observed near the trash can. Any furniture, including even chairs, tables, couches, cabinets, cannot be thrown into garbage cans intended for household waste. Also, you cannot leave garbage next to them. Such actions are considered an administrative offense for which fines are issued.

Possible penalties

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