What to give a woman leader? 237 photo ideas

It is difficult to please with a gift even for close people, let alone colleagues and especially bosses. It is important to take into account a lot of nuances in order to evoke positive emotions in the "business lady", to guess preferences and not inadvertently offend. The most difficult task is choosing a gift for a woman leader who has everything. It is not easy to surprise her, but it is possible if you approach the question responsibly and with imagination. After all, the boss, first of all, is a lady, which means that she is not indifferent to stylish, original, prepared surprises. The trend of 2021 is individuality and piecework. Therefore, elite bouquets of strawberries, beautiful shocoboxes with chocolate covered strawberries and fresh flowers are on the list of successful status present ideas for your beloved boss. Luxurious designer things, useful equipment and household items, jewelry are still relevant.

Gift selection highlights

For everyone, and the lady director is no exception, the main thing in congratulations is attention. Sincerity and warmth are always touching, and the confirmation of sincerity is the choice of exactly the gift that coincides with her desires, hobbies, and activities. It is unacceptable to hand over a banal or completely unnecessary thing to get rid of. But it is also inappropriate to overdo it, creating the impression of a bribery or bribe. Successful souvenirs are not cheap, but not too expensive; they correspond to the status of a chef, take into account age, hobbies, temperament, and are associated with work and the team. A woman leader - maybe your wife, mom, girlfriend, best friend, daughter. In this case, we will analyze in more detail the other options on the pages of our blog.

Flowers and sweets are considered a classic gift for any woman, but not ordinary chocolates from the nearest supermarket. Handmade sweets are a genuine author's masterpiece, which pleases both with a unique appearance and exquisite taste. This present is included in the TOP exclusive and universal for any occasion. A luxurious bouquet of strawberries, chocolate covered berries, packed in stylish boxes, or handmade designer sweets are a wonderful souvenir for both a status woman and a purposeful student. He is self-sufficient, but he can also act as a bright accent in collective congratulations.

From the team

In a professional environment, it is not customary to present expensive souvenirs on your own behalf. Another thing is from the team. This is an opportunity to please with something really non-standard and exclusive. It is better to build on the characteristics of character and tastes. For example, a connoisseur of branded items will surely like a clutch or purse from the latest collection of her favorite brand. A practical CFO will need a personalized flash drive with a combination lock or a medium with hardware encryption. Other examples of good ideas:

Choosing what to give a woman leader, they are guided by three key parameters: subordination, respect, confirmation of professional merit.

On my own

Even if a chic gift is bought together, it does not hurt to present a small souvenir on your own. It can be a small, elegant thing that emphasizes a warm and sincere attitude towards the boss:

What else to add to the collective gift? For birthday - with chocolate or a box of cakes, for March 8 - with a bunch of primroses, for New Year - with a beautiful calendar, a basket of fruits. Regardless of the occasion, original bouquets of strawberries decorated with berries and fresh flowers are brilliantly perceived.

Everything is written before us

Some may find this advice trivial, but there is one person who looked at his dismissal from a different angle. Okay, I draw a picture of the post in my head, watch the video for the mood.

In this post, I discussed the reasons for dismissal due to the boss's nagging and his inability to show emotional leadership. Now I will not analyze whether the boss's nagging was really nit-picking, and not reasonable requirements, now I want to understand how a person comes to the idea that the boss is not D'Artagnan and it's time to blame. At what point does an employee stop trying to adapt to the situation, but directs his energy to destroy the usual way of life? .. This is the fault of our friends-comrades, we communicate with them, share our experiences, curse the bosses together, subject them to fierce ostracism. Friends agree with us, give their arguments and facts. Thus, our conviction that we are right and, at the same time, that our boss is wrong, grows stronger.

Marina's problem was not hard work and a bad boss, but her relationship with him. And therefore, these problems had to be solved not with friends, but with the boss, building interaction with him from toxic to comfortable. In the end, the boss was not repulsed: he admitted his guilt, apologized (the truth was not enough for him for a long time).

There is another good news for bosses, this arrow also turns in the opposite direction: if you want to convince your subordinates of something, then you should not openly press or demand them, play long: communicate with them, tell them about your values, about your interests, about your tasks in the language of their interests. People will appreciate your openness and sincerity. If they ask you questions, clarify, tell your story - then the contact is established, the bridge is laid - you can go deep, create confidential communication. This does not mean that you put them on your neck, because one of your values ​​is the result! It costs me nothing to sign an order to punish an employee with whom I drink tea and talk. But I will do it with respect.

Surround your people with your attention, create an eco-environment for them in which their interests will be intertwined with your goals.

For example, I have an employee with opposition views, in my head a wild mixture of sympathies for a famous blogger, communists and "normal" countries with hostility to PZHiV. Stosh. Let’s talk. ”“ Why are you so inclined? ”“ I don’t like that they have captured everything, and the young people cannot get anywhere! ”As I understand you, earlier the Komsomol members went to the taiga, to feed mosquitoes, they built cities, factories, then there who became the boss, who became the director, who earned for the apartment. - yes, yes! And now in this country in the chiefs only by pull. Do not show yourself in any way! No social elevators! - so you want me to load the most difficult work from dusk to dawn, in which you can show yourself? - yes! - dude, you've come to the right place! We need tractor drivers! I have a lot of projects! I will be your personal Putin for you.

And in order to burn the bridges, I announced projects to two directors. Cope - I will praise him five times. Why is there five - for a walk, so for a walk - at least ten, I'm not a miser! Do you want to be the boss - not a problem, all the same, others pissed off.

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- do not break the Pikabu rules and respect the law.

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When the details are sent in the form of a picture, from which it is impossible to copy and paste the inn, the current account and the BIK, I remember how our chief accountant made a daily promenade to the bank in order to take the instructions printed on a typewriter, executed strictly without blots and clearly readable seal, signed by the trained hands of the director and chief accountant.

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