What are car accessories

If a man has his own car, he will make every effort to emphasize his style and personality as fully as possible. So my husband is always something, and he will buy it for his car. To all my disapproving comments on this matter, he always answers briefly and concisely that these are necessary and important things for any car enthusiast. What is he buying, you ask? I will answer you, as an experienced person already in this business, that these "very necessary" things for him are called - car accessories.

Honestly, like any other girl, I didn't really understand this, and one Sunday evenings I decided to find out in more detail. What are car accessories and what are they for? The husband began his explanations with the most basic word in this phrase "accessories" - this word was invented by the French and used in the meaning of something additional and emphasizing something more. Therefore, car accessories are small, insignificant parts that go to help the car.

Types of car accessories

I also learned that car accessories, like any other, are subdivided into types.

The first type is external accessories

These include mud flaps, car antennas and number frames. Car caps will emphasize the individuality of the wheels, and special eyelashes on the headlights will give an unusual and interesting look to your car. A wide variety of roof racks also apply to external vehicle accessories. For example, bicycles will fit perfectly into such a design, and you will not need any additional tools to transport them. And in general, any things that are intended for transporting boxes, bicycles, cycles and skis are also included in the accessories. In addition, side deflectors (window deflectors) are referred to as external accessories. They are attached to the upper parts of the doors, thereby creating an obstacle to the penetration of the wind flow into the cabin when driving with the windows down.

The second type is interior accessories

Various flavors, container holders, soft toys allow the car driver to create comfort and coziness in the cabin. And if you are worried about the safety of the upholstery of the chairs, then it is better to purchase special covers. A variety of colors and materials will allow you to emphasize or create your own style for your car. Special steering wheel covers provide the driver with increased comfort while driving. GPS navigators, car computers, TVs and rear view cameras are also of this type.

And what was my strangulation when it turned out that my favorite tablet in his car is also an accessory. As it turned out, this is a special car tablet that is not only capable of playing multimedia and accessing the Internet, but also helps to track the road, record events on the camera and warn about cameras. We chose it thanks to the article on the site -.

The third type is accessories that keep the car clean (tarpaulins, winter brushes and scrapers, tire covers)

To keep the car clean, special vacuum cleaners have been created. They easily remove dust and debris even in the most difficult-to-reach places.

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