Built-in furniture: dressing rooms wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes: drawings, sketches, photos

Almost every modern city apartment or large house has at least 1 wardrobe. Its design is as simple as possible in execution, but also convenient and practical, it separates part of the room or even occupies the entire wall surface for storage.

The sash door can be used not just as the front of the cabinet, which hides and covers the insides. But they can also decoratively divide rooms into zones or even use them as a door for a spacious built-in wardrobe.

General information

Compared to free-standing wardrobes, compartment structures make it possible to use free niche space from floor to ceiling, and sliding doors give full access to all the insides of the wardrobe. This option will eliminate unnecessary walls on the sides, as well as the bottom and roof, because they are walls. Built-in interior wardrobes are a ready-made object, which is often made to individual sizes, which cannot be transported or rearranged to another room. Its internal content will depend on the purpose of the room in which it is located, be it a hallway or a bedroom. A wardrobe is the best option for a piece of furniture for those who want to ennoble the space in the room with an unusual solution in the form of a door leaf, as well as use the entire usable area.

Benefits and disadvantages

When considering built-in wardrobes as a furniture component and decor, you can find both disadvantages and advantages. There are, of course, much more advantages. For example, the most popular has been to provide sufficient storage space. The best solution would be a built-in wardrobe, which will be made to order, and the craftsmen will make pieces of furniture to your size, which will make it possible to significantly save space.

If there is a niche in the room, then it is imperative to build in a small compartment closet in order to make the most of it as a place for the most convenient storage. Another advantage when choosing built-in wardrobes, as opposed to a monolithic case, will be its extraordinary design.

The monumental door structure makes it possible to add to the interior all the design solutions made on them. Due to the special design, doors sometimes play the role of a decorative element for dividing a room into 2 parts. Sliding doors can be used to transform the room to create a separate dressing room.

Wardrobe options

When drawing up a project plan and arranging pieces of furniture throughout the apartment, the first important point that appears after approval is how to choose built-in wardrobes, and what type of arrangement to prefer.