Video from a party in a Kostroma restaurant helped police detain drug addicts

One of the visitors posted a video in a popular public, which captured citizens who were using suspicious substances. Soon the police raided the place.

Law enforcement officers detained seven visitors to the institution under the influence of drugs and sent them to a specialized institution. The police seized the powdery sachets. The examination will determine what exactly the "highs" used. The investigation is trying to figure out where the Kostroma residents got such an "addition" to the holiday menu.

The night raid revealed other serious violations in this club, which relate to non-compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards during the quarantine period.

Social media users write that this is not the first time this restaurant has come to the attention of the police. It was in this institution that two of the three detainees worked in the case of a resonant murder with dismemberment, committed on the night of February 13-14.

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# City

On March 7-10, Yaroslavl will host the "Main Maslenitsa of the country". According to the deputy chairman of the regional government Maxim Avdeev, the Yaroslavl region is one of the most popular regions among tourists during the Maslenitsa festivities. Before the pandemic, up to 200 thousand tourists came annually on these days.

Avdeev said that everything municipalities of the region are preparing their own celebration programs, while taking into account the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor. The celebration will start on March 7 in the regional center. The city will host a festive procession and a Maslenitsa guard breaking. The central event of the holiday - the tenth open competition of Maslenitsa dolls "Beauty of Maslenitsa - 2021" will be held in the park on Damansky Island.

On March 9-10, a festive radio communication session will take place from the residence of the Empress Maslenitsa: Yaroslavl radio amateurs will go on the air with a special festive call sign R21BLIN. As the organizers say, this should confirm to the whole world the status of Yaroslavl as the venue for the "Main Maslenitsa of the country". After the session, postcards dedicated to the Yaroslavl Maslenitsa will be sent to all regions. If you come to Yaroslavl with this postcard, you can get a discount when visiting a number of tourist sites.

I. about. Vladimir Lysenko, director of the regional tourism department, said that the "Main Maslenitsa of the country" is taking place in Yaroslavl for a reason, it has already been recorded in the top 500 main cultural brands of Russia. “And we want to be sure to justify such a high level of trust,” Lysenko noted.

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