Valery Novokroranets: "I went into Lobanovsky's office, and after a few minutes I felt like an electric shock ..."

Today the well-known Ukrainian journalist Valery Novobranets celebrates his half-century anniversary. For two decades of work in the football department of the once popular newspaper "Team", and later on the website Zbirna. om, he has recorded hundreds of interviews, including with VIPs, hot reports and high-profile analytical materials. In short, there is something to remember.

- Valery Nikolaevich, please accept our congratulations! After many years of active journalism, you are approaching your 50th anniversary as a functionary. Today you are a member of the UAF Executive Committee, a member of the Directorate for the Cup of Ukraine, you are a member of the Board of the Association of Sports Journalists of Ukraine. Do you feel comfortable from a professional point of view?

- I can't say that I have completely moved away from journalistic activities, because, for example, I am in charge of the official website of the Ukrainian Football Association, I keep fit on zbirna. om. As for the work of a functionary, even in the newspaper Team I was engaged not only in creativity, but also in various organizational issues. Therefore, I cannot say that I got a sharp transition from one field of activity to another. After all, I was a member of the editorial board of the "Team" newspaper, the head of the information and analytical department. Now, it seems to me, there is more responsibility in my work, but all this happened in an evolutionary way. And the diploma in sports management courses, received 10 years ago, came in handy.

- Do you rule out the option of fully focusing on journalism again?

- You don't need to renounce, but at this stage it can happen only if there are more than 24 hours in a day. It's just that due to the workload, I do not have the physical ability to concentrate on journalism alone. And I think it is wrong to do this “in between times”. If I make material, then I try to be responsible for every word that is written there.

“At the first interview I took grams of vodka and a sandwich with caviar”

- You graduated from the radiophysics faculty of KSU named after Taras Shevchenko. How did you end up in journalism?

- I, like, probably, many young people, had a long process of choosing a life path. I have been in sports since the first grade of school. As a child, when he lived in Belarus, he was involved in many sports, including football, and even jumped with a parachute in the final class. However, military-applied sports were my best. There, as a schoolboy, I had quite serious achievements. There were adult categories, and in several areas (orienteering, telegraphy, all-around radio operators and short-wave radio communication) I fulfilled the standards of a candidate for master of sports, was involved in the youth teams of the republic.

As for journalism, here at first there was, so to speak, a transition to football. I entered the Taras Shevchenko University. There were, naturally, various sections. And when I found out that the football club is headed by the famous Dynamo player Pyotr Slobodyan, doubts about where to go disappeared by themselves. I played for the team of my faculty, was involved in training in the team of the university.

At that time it was possible to attract “legionnaires” from other faculties to the playoffs of university tournaments. The journalists then did not have a very strong team, and they, as a rule, did not leave the group. We were regularly among the favorites. And one of such "legionnaires" among radio physicists was Yura Sai, who at that time already worked in "Sportivniy gazeta". This, as it turned out, was the key moment in the transition to journalism, where I came already at a fairly mature age, having tried myself in other directions before.

- For example, I worked on satellite dishes. At first I settled down, as they say, practically in my specialty. It was the mid-90s, and thanks to my work in this area, I had the opportunity to watch many foreign matches that ordinary citizens could not see, because at that time there was no Internet in our country, one might say. I came to my friends in the editorial office of "Sportivka", and then the Team, and told people what actually happened in this or that fight, pointing out some inaccuracies in their reports. And at one point the leaders of the "Team" newspaper said, they say, stop being smart, try to write it. I had no problems with language in terms of literacy, since I graduated from school with a medal, and with an understanding of football, as it turned out later, everything was also fine.

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