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Dovіra to the electronic polіsіv OSCPV in 2020 rotsі has grown up. Shvidke і hand-made, minimum of formalities, in accordance with the policy and insurance companies - in the middle of the main passes. Burkhlive zrostannya will drink on the electronic OSCPV has generated dozens of online resources for selling policies. How to properly insure your car and not spend a penny?

Contribute to the official websites of insurance companies

Prior to e-policies, the insurance was issued in cars at the crossroads. Infectious sites of agents and aggregators have arrived at this month. Do not use your pennies and personal data - pay for car insurance at the official resource. So, on the ARX website, an electronic vehicle can be issued for a maximum of 7 minutes, absolutely and without bake.

Revise your policy

The policy and the insurance company has a policy of being guilty before looking for two minds: current and registration in the single base of MTIBU. The insurance company ARX, a member of MTIBU, secretly issued a restructuring policy in the United Base. It is easy to reconsider the fact of restoration on the MTIBU website.

Select your favorite programs

Polisi OCPV will not transfer a franchise in case of compensation for the life and health of victims of an accident. ARX ​​will be promoted to the franchise for 0, 2, 2.6 thousand hryvnias for the purchase of transport services.

I will hit 40% of road accidents. for auto repair і 260 yew. on compensation from Shkodi for life and health. ARX ​​promotes online registration of an increase in sums of up to UAH 1 million from the All Inclusive and Smart Drive programs. Dodatkovo programs transfer viplati to 130 yew. UAH for repairing your car.

Save thoughtfully

According to the Ukrainian legislation, the basic tariff of the OCSPV is 180 UAH + corrective functions. Vrahovyatsya type of TK, mіsce reіstratsії car student, sphere that period vikoristannya. Leather efficiency change of policy: in megalopolises one will be dear, not on the periphery. Znizhki on obov'yazkovu avtotsivilku to insurers robiti zaborono.

If you want to be sparing - play with the help of ARX Smart Drive programs. Comprehensive insurance allows you to spare other payments on the basis of the principle "pay yak zdish". Telemetry is not required - I will simply install a mobile device on my smartphone, so I will assess the manner of travel.

Bought a car - change the OSAGO policy

Sellers often save money on motor vehicles, for example, they take out insurance for pilgrims. If you re-register your car for a new owner, your insurance will lose force.

Electronic autosivіlka: 5 gladdens for auto graders

In previous articles, a huge amount of information was told about vinyl film, the features of matte films and the comparison of materials for films (links will be at the end of the article), but there was no specific analysis of the advantages of protective films.

This article will focus on the main pros and cons of a polyurethane protective film.

Polyurethane film for cars

Anti-gravel polyurethane film is a great way to protect a new or freshly painted car from possible damage to the body.

Polyurethane films are thick

200 md., and by properties they resemble rubber. Polyurethane films were originally used to protect military equipment and aircraft, and with the course of progress, polyurethane slowly migrated to ordinary cars.

Benefits of Polyurethane Anti-Gravel Film

1. The main advantage is body protection. The film prevents scratches, chips, abrasions and other damage to the paintwork. Also, the film protects against aggressive reagents and chemicals, organic pollution and sandblasting.

Let's give an example - the owner of a brand new Volkswagen comes to us, who prudently protected his car with polyurethane. Literally two weeks later, another driver hit his car in the parking lot. We quote the owner: "Well, the bumper was in the film, otherwise it would have to be repainted." The result - we just removed the damaged film from the bumper and installed a new one, while the body was not damaged.

2. lithium service life. Premium brands of the film declare a service life of up to 10 years, brands of the middle price category up to 5-6 years. That is, the car body will be reliably protected for a fairly long period.

Auto news: Electronic autosivіlka: 5 gladdens for autoclassmen - Dovira to electronic polices OSCPV u 2020 rotsі has grown up

In the nineties, Belarusians were not particularly interested in politics, but they dreamed of a beautiful life, a mandatory part of which was the car. This time Flagstaff set a task: to find an interesting and noticeable car that could only be dreamed of 20-30 years ago. Our review includes the rarest and most unusual models from the nineties. Such cars are still presented in our car market.

To become the owner of such a car in the 1990s, one had to be either a bandit or a successful entrepreneur. Today, most likely, you won't need to change jobs to buy such cars. These cars have become much more affordable and hang on the sites for the sale of used cars.

Let's go. Do not offer the trade wind!

Bronze Volvo C Coupe

A very rare Swedish Volvo C70 coupe of 1999 release. The car is equipped with a 168-horsepower 2.4-liter engine and is well-equipped: 10 speakers, 2 subwoofers, an amplifier, "electric salon" is altered with genuine leather. The promised consumption in the city is 10 liters per hundred, on the highway - 6-7 liters. Declared mileage: 240,000 km. The owner writes that the car is in excellent condition for its age, technically fully serviced and does not require investment. Everything works that should work. The owner watched the car and spared no money, everything was done for himself and the car was not prepared for sale.

20-year-old Mercedes-Benz S-Class at the price of a new car

The most luxurious car in our review has the highest price. The large rear-wheel drive coupe was produced in 1997. The car has a 5 liter engine and 322 hp output. from. The car is equipped with everything that could be equipped with a car in 1997. In addition, there are double side glazing. The owner points out that a lot of restoration work has been done and the car was not used in winter.

For a luxury Mercedes, the owner wants an amount equivalent to $ 20,000. For the same money, you can buy a new VW Jetta today. However, the car owner is in no hurry to bargain and has been selling cars since 2017.

Lincoln Town Car III Eight Seater Minibar Limousine

The car was released in 1999 and is equipped with a 4.6 liter engine. Inside, the American length is equipped with a minibar, servos for all seats and LED floor lighting. The seller of the car in the ad claims that the car is in excellent condition.

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