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We had about the same number of girls and boys in our class, and the teachers came up with a brilliant idea that every boy chooses a girl and personally gives her a gift, and vice versa. All the girls were lined up and the boys came up in turn and gave someone a gift and congratulated. Naturally, there were popular and unpopular students in the class, naturally everyone wanted to congratulate the popular ones, and if you had to give a gift to some "sucker" or "sucker", then they showed with all their kind that this was done only because there was no one else left and in general a crap. And this was repeated every year. Although I was not an outsider, it was unpleasant to participate in this booth. And what was it like for those who were unlucky.

P.S. I often noticed how some teachers want to "please" the main hooligans and ringleaders in order to gain at least some authority, and indirectly participate in the rotting of some students, but this is a completely different story.

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90s, I'm in 3rd grade. The girls gave us key rings in the form of burning cigarettes for February 23rd. But we are gentlemen, let's give them a beaded bracelet and flowers. To the class teacher, perfumes and flowers too. The budget was knocked out, there was not enough money for fresh flowers, and it was difficult to find them in our city then in winter. We take artificial ones. In the morning they came early, put the presents on the desks. And now the first girls come in, happy with our gifts. The door opens, the classroom walks in, walks over to her desk and. Did you hear Godzilla scream in the movie of the same name? It was very quiet compared to the screaming of our classroom. We bought flowers with a big discount, because these were carnations, one at a time seemed to be small, for three money was not enough, they took two.

Since March, girls

I started playing the guitar from the third grade. At school about it knew and asked the girls to speak on March 8th.

They are now mastering the guitar on Tsoi's songs. And in the 88th year, what songs were you learning?

This means March 8th. Concert congratulations girls.

- No crosses are placed on mass graves

Girls still remember :)

2005-2006, probably. I was in grade 6-7 then. On the eve of March 8, we (our parents) donated money for a gift for the girls from the class.

And since we are already adults and independent, we decided to choose and buy gifts ourselves.

We gathered a company of the most "responsible" guys and went to the nearest shopping center.

It was there that HE blocked our way. A vending machine with soft toys and a miniature tap. Having quickly calculated the amount of money and girls in the class, we agreed that if we pull out a soft toy for each girl, then we will have a decent amount of money for us at that time. I don't even think it's worth saying that we were a complete failure. The machine has won.

0 stuffed animals and a minimum of money. Realization of all n ***** but did not reach us immediately.

We tried to get out and bought each girl a fluffy hand like a peacock.

When our parents found out about it, they did not appreciate our ingenuity.

But luckily, everything ended well. They bought the new gifts themselves.

By the way, we also attached pens to the gift. No wonder we tried.

My wife made me a uniform (gift for)

On the wave of topics about gifts for February 23rd. The wife is engaged in sewing clothes (mostly for children, more often for ours :)). Here I got it for the holiday.

It's cold outside and in our apartment, respectively. I'm freezing. I work more often from home. Bomb too. :). So I was presented with a warm (or warm) hoodie.

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