The word - like "Iskander", will fly out - you won't catch

"Why didn't the fired Iskander missiles explode or only exploded by 10%?" in an interview with the news site When asked by the journalist, does it really happen, Pashinyan replied: “I don’t know. Maybe a weapon from the 80s. ”


Armenia in 2016 was the first foreign country to receive Iskander missile systems from Russia. They were shown in September of the same year at the country's Independence Day parade. Armenia acquired these weapons on the basis of agreements on the supply of weapons within the framework of the CSTO. The main purpose of the system is to destroy enemy air defense and missile defense systems, as well as targets at a distance of up to 500 km. Yerevan is armed with an export version of the Iskander complex with a range of 280 km.

What the Armenian Prime Minister said in the blink of an eye became the talk of the town. The prime minister, who is in charge of the defense industry, did not know what his country had acquired. The prime minister, who is in charge of all foreign policy, has shown himself to be an American-NATO prophet in his homeland. The prime minister, who is responsible for the welfare and protection of his people, lost the war and lost public respect - protests calling for Pashinyan's resignation have continued in Armenia since November 10 last year. The prime minister, in charge of being loyal to his historical ally, is trying to sit on two chairs, he will not find a third support.

Major General Sergei Lipovoy, Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, Hero of Russia: “The fashionable fun in the world to blame Russia for everything has come to Armenia”

“The situation with the use of Iskander is very interesting. Armenia. Absolutely incomprehensible and vague. It seems to have been used. When, where and for what objects - they found it difficult to answer. They talk about "a missile that has not exploded or exploded by ten percent." Where does this information come from, right down to the exact determination of the percentage of explosion? Unclear. The prime minister has a very advantageous position: if something happens, he is to blame, but he is not to blame, she came herself. Like in the movie The Diamond Arm. Some kind of "Wunderwuffle cruise missile" by Schrödinger turns out. Which has not yet flown, and has not exploded - just in case, Russia is to blame for this, supplied low-quality weapons. It seems that the fashionable amusement in the world "We will blame Russia for everything" has reached Armenia.

Dejected by the internal problems in the country, Mr. Pashinyan forgot that it is not good to say bad things about his main strategic allies. And if you take into account the first-class quality of Russian weapons, which is recognized all over the world, his statement looks like just an inept, pathetic and unreasonable attempt to snap at an opponent. Just don't do it at the expense of Russia. Losing friends and becoming vassals, from which Russia has saved Armenia more than once, especially in the current political situation, is much easier than finding. And Armenia should remember this. ”

They are about us

At least until 2030, no country in the world will be able to surpass the power of the modernization potential of the Iskander operational-tactical missile complex (OTRK).

Russian Iskanders will outnumber foreign models of such weapons until at least 2030. This is the most terrible weapon for anyone who dares to challenge Russia. According to American analysts, Russia is ahead of all the armies of the world in many military technologies.

Iskander-M launches a 9M723 projectile. This is a stealth high-altitude rocket that rises to a height of 50 meters. And this super-maneuverable projectile flies across the sky along a quasi-ballistic trajectory. Not a single foreign intercept system, not even the vaunted American THAAD air defense system, is capable of detecting a missile launched from Iskander-M.

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