The remains of the royal family: why the Russian Orthodox Church does not recognize their authenticity

After the shooting on the night of July 16-17, 1918, the bodies of members of the royal family and their entourage (11 people in total) were loaded into a car and sent in the direction of Verkh-Isetsk to the abandoned mines of Ganina Yama. At first, the victims were unsuccessfully tried to burn, and then thrown into the shaft of the mine and thrown over with branches.

Remaining remains

However, the next day, almost all of Verkh-Isetsk knew about what had happened. In addition, according to a member of the firing squad, Medvedev, "the ice-cold water of the mine not only washed away the blood completely, but also froze the bodies so much that they looked like they were alive." The conspiracy has clearly failed.

It was decided to reburial the remains promptly. The area was cordoned off, but the truck, having driven only a few kilometers, got stuck in the swampy area of ​​Porosenkov's log. Without becoming to invent anything, they buried one part of the bodies right under the road, and the other a little to the side, having previously filled them with sulfuric acid. Sleepers were placed on top for reliability.

It is interesting that the forensic investigator N. Sokolov, sent by Kolchak in 1919 to search for a burial, found this place, but he never thought to raise the sleepers. In the area of ​​Ganina Yama, he was able to find only a severed female finger. Nevertheless, the conclusion of the investigator was unambiguous: “This is all that remains of the August Family. Everything else was destroyed by the Bolsheviks with the help of fire and sulfuric acid. "

Nine years later, perhaps Vladimir Mayakovsky visited Porosenkov Log, which can be judged by his poem "The Emperor": the emperor is buried in it. " It is known that the poet, shortly before his trip to Sverdlovsk, met in Warsaw with one of the organizers of the execution of the royal family, Pyotr Voikov, who could point him to the exact place.

Ural historians found the remains in the Porosenkovy Log in 1978, but permission to excavate was obtained only in 1991. There were 9 bodies in the burial. During the investigation, some of the remains were recognized as "royal": according to experts, only Alexei and Maria were missing. However, many specialists were confused by the results of the examination, and therefore no one was in a hurry to agree with the conclusions. The House of Romanovs and the Russian Orthodox Church refused to recognize the remains as genuine.

Alexey and Maria were found only in 2007, guided by a document drawn up from the words of the commandant of the "House of Special Purpose" Yakov Yurovsky. “Yurovsky's note” initially did not arouse much confidence, nevertheless, the place of the second burial in it was indicated correctly.

Falsifications and myths

Immediately after the execution, representatives of the new government tried to convince the West that the members of the imperial family, or at least the children, were alive and in a safe place. People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs GV Chicherin in April 1922 at the Genoa conference when asked by one of the correspondents about the fate of the Grand Duchesses vaguely replied: “The fate of the tsar's daughters is not known to me. I read in the newspapers that they are in America. "

However, P. L. Voikov in an informal setting stated more specifically: "The world will never know what we have done with the royal family." But later, after the materials of Sokolov's investigation were published in the West, the Soviet authorities recognized the fact of the execution of the imperial family.

The falsifications and speculations around the execution of the Romanovs contributed to the spread of persistent myths, among which the myth of ritual murder and the severed head of Nicholas II, which was in the NKVD special storage, was popular. Later, stories about the "miraculous salvation" of the Tsar's children - Alexei and Anastasia - were added to the myths. But all this remained myths.

The remains of the royal family: why the Russian Orthodox Church does not recognize their authenticity

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