The most dangerous rivers in the world - a list, description, where they are, photos and videos

I would like to quit all business in this stuffy city and go to a warm region to the beach, closer to the water, but there is no way? How often have you thought: how strong and dangerous is the water element, and specifically - the rivers of our planet? It is possible that if you ask the first person who comes across what associations he has with the river, he will answer about the feeling of a pleasant pastime with a fishing rod on the shore of a peacefully flowing reservoir. We invite you to take a look at our selection - perhaps the desire will disappear.

Lake of Death, Italy

On the island of Sicily, famous for the destructive power of Mount Etna and no less frightening, although not exposed to the power of the mafia clans, there is one very dangerous attraction. The waters of the Lake of Death, which are essentially not waters at all, but concentrated sulfuric acid, are so destructive that, according to rumors in Sicily, Cosa Nostra used this place to hide the corpses of its unlucky enemies. In a matter of minutes, a deadly reservoir, fed by two underground sources with H2SO4, destroys any organic matter, leaving only a lifeless space around.

Rio Tinto River, Spain

Red, like blood, the waters of the Rio Tinto River, which originates in the Spanish province of Huelva and flows through Andalusia, are unattractive not only outwardly. Due to the high concentration of metals coming from copper, silver and gold mines, this body of water has gained fame as one of the most acidic places on Earth. Water, the pH of which fluctuates within 1.7-2.5 and practically corresponds to the acidity of gastric juice, is dangerous for any living creature. The only inhabitants of the "Martian river" are the aerobic bacteria extremophile, beloved by scientists, those who eat iron.

The Congo River is the deepest river in the world

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It was ranked among the most unsafe due to the fact that reaching the Hell Gate, which is called a canyon with a length of over 130 km, it sharply accelerates the speed of its current and hides a large number of dangerous rapids. In terms of the sum of the capacities of its drops, the Congo significantly exceeds this indicator summed up for all waterways of the United States.

Black Hole Lake, Russia

A few years ago, according to the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation, the swampy Black Hole Lake, located between Nizhny Novgorod and Dzerzhinsk, should have been covered with sand and razed to the ground. The reason for such a barbaric attitude towards the reservoir is simple - this object of socialist heritage, saturated with waste, is recognized as one of the most polluted in the world. The stench emanating from the Black Hole is so strong that it even interrupts the burnt from the fires that engulf Russia on hot summer days, and the liquid that fills the lake looks like a caustic black tar that sucks in all living things.

Sea of ​​Japan

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