The main competitor Xiaomi has created a cheap smartphone that "can last a month and a half."

The Narzo 30A smartphone with a 6000 mAh battery has appeared in the Realme line, replacing the 10A and 20A models with 5000 mAh batteries. The smartphone belongs to the basic segment and costs around $ 125 for the initial configuration. In Russia, the Narzo line has not yet been presented, although other Realme smartphones have been available to Russian consumers for a long time.

A large battery is cheaper than a thousand rubles

Realme has announced a new budget smartphone Narzo 30A, the main distinguishing feature of which is a high-capacity battery (6000 mAh). The mobile belongs to the entry segment, and the start of its sales is scheduled for March 5, 2021

One of the first countries where Narzo 30A can be purchased is India. The basic configuration of a smartphone, which includes 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of permanent memory, is estimated there at 9,000 rupees (9,175 rubles, $ 124 at the Central Bank rate as of February 24, 2021)

The older version of the smartphone with 4/64 GB of memory is estimated at 10 thousand rupees (10.2 thousand rubles, $ 138). For both modifications, the manufacturer has provided two body colors - black and blue, other shades are not yet available.

Realme is a brand created in 2018 and part of the BBK group of companies. It is a direct competitor to Redmi, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, and Realme smartphones are sold in the Russian market, although the Narzo line was not presented in Russia at the time of publication of the material. Realme representatives did not give a definite answer to the CNews inquiry about the possibility of the Narzo 30A release in Russia, saying only that if the smartphone appears in Russian retail, the company will notify about this with an additional announcement.

Power system and processor

The battery is the main advantage of Narzo 30A. Here, it's a 6,000mAh Li-Ion battery that delivers 46 days of standby time, 52 hours of talk time, or 27 hours of streaming video, according to Realme. For comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro Max lasted, according to GSM Arena, 21 hours of talk time and 15.3 hours of streaming video, with a battery on board with a capacity of 3687 mAh. Apple does not indicate standby time.

Another example is the Samsung Galaxy F62 with a 7000 mAh battery, the release of which CNews wrote about in mid-September 2021. According to Samsung itself, it is enough for 33 hours of video or 50 hours of calls, and the budget Galaxy A02 sample of the end of February 2021 with a 5000 mAh battery provides 16 hours of video playback or 79 hours of music playback. The maximum talk time in LTE networks is 24 hours. Samsung does not give the operating time of its smartphones in standby mode.

The Narzo 30A smartphone supports 18W fast charging via the state-of-the-art USB-C interface. The delivery set includes a charger of similar power (9V, 2A).

Assembled a new Realme smartphone based on the Helio G85 processor from Taiwanese MediaTek. This chip is almost a year old - its announcement took place in May 2020, and the number of smartphones based on it includes the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, available in Russia. / P>

Helio G85 is a 12nm 8-core processor with only two high-performance cores, while the other six are energy-efficient. The former are Cortex A75 at up to 2 GHz, while the latter are Cortex A55 (1.8 GHz). It also includes a Mali G52 MC2 video card with a clock speed of 1 GHz.

Unlike owners of private houses, who are accustomed to the fact that they have to monitor the technical condition of their property on their own, residents of multi-apartment high-rise buildings of typical buildings are often lost when breakdowns or leaks through the roof occur. The situation is complicated by the fact that, as a rule, only the residents of the upper floors suffer from getting wet, and the rest do not even notice the problem. However, repairing the roof of an apartment building is a complex, financially costly task that will have to be solved collectively. In this article we will tell you who, when and for whose money should repair the roofing, if it has leaked.

Soft roof repair technology capital approach

As mentioned above, the overhaul of a soft roof involves the complete dismantling of the old coating and the installation of new material in its place. We have already spoken about the advisability of carrying out such material above, here I will only add that this process is expensive - it should be understood that redoing is always more difficult than doing it anew. This is the most compelling reason that motivates a person to implement it independently. As in the previous case, we will begin to study this process with the procedure for carrying out the work. It looks like this.

  • Complete dismantling of the old roll coating. At this stage of work, there are practically no subtleties. The only thing I want to warn about is that this work is quite difficult, and it will have to be done exclusively by hand.
  • Partial restoration and, if necessary, complete replacement of the roof screed. Also at this stage of work, the state of the insulation layer, hydro and vapor barriers, if any, should be assessed. At this stage of work, special attention should be paid to the screed itself - a cracked base, replete with potholes and depressions, is not suitable for laying new roofing material. Repair of the roof screed can be carried out either partially or fully over the entire surface - here you will also need to assess the condition of this surface. The expediency of a complete replacement of the screed is dictated by the degree of its destruction. If we talk about the partial repair of the screed, then it is performed quite simply - the surface is cleaned of dirt and dust, primed, after which all damage is sealed with cement mortar. / ul>

    Repair of a soft roll roofing photo

  • Applying a new roofing material. To begin with, a mastic is applied to the screed, free of dust and dirt, for repairing a soft roof - it is directly rubbed into the screed with a brush or a brush. In this way, its penetration is ensured even into the smallest pores of the cement-sand mortar. Then, a roll roofing material is melted onto the base prepared in this way. This is done in two or even three layers, depending on the slope angle of the roof slope. All strips of roofing material are glued from bottom to top overlapping each other. Each subsequent layer of the deposited material must overlap the seams of the previous layer.
  • Check and identify places where water accumulates. This, one might say, is the final stage of work, which provides an answer to the question of how to repair a soft roof. The whole difficulty of this stage lies in the need to identify the places of water accumulation - you yourself understand, it is quite difficult to do this without rain. There are two options left - either wait for the next rain and immediately after it climb out onto the roof, or spill the roof. What you do is up to you. After identifying the places of accumulation of water, they are outlined, then these places are dried and an additional layer of waterproofing material is applied to them. If you work in the old fashioned way, then you can additionally pour bitumen mastic into this place - make a kind of puddle of bitumen, which will serve as additional protection of this place from leaks.

    How to repair a soft roof photo

In conclusion, I will add only that the repair of a soft roof made of the so-called is done a little differently. The beauty of this material lies in the fact that it is possible to replace individual fragments without resorting to a complete disassembly of the roof. This fragmentary substitution can be carried out in both large and small quantities. In general, shingles are quite unpretentious in repair - if you annually analyze the condition of the roof and change one or more of its elements in a timely manner, then there may be no need for major repairs at all. In fact, from year to year, replacing element by element, you carry out the overhaul of the roof over time with your own hands.

The author of the article is Alexander Kulikov

Required Materials

Different materials are used to repair a soft roof. The choice depends on which layer of the roofing cake is supposed to be repaired:

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