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Healthy food from Health Compass! Kits giveaway by March!

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Healthy food from Health Compass - natural products, without preservatives, stabilizers and flavor enhancers. Here you will find many healthy foods - flaxseed oil, diet jelly and cereals, spelled products, quick breakfasts with “complex” carbohydrates, healthy sweets and much more.

The purchase contains goods that are not drugs. Contraindications are possible, consultation with a specialist is necessary.

In the purchase, the delivery area for food in glass containers, liquid food, including oils, is limited. If you receive orders at a mini pickup point, please re-register for individual delivery by mail (TC).

Dear participants! In this ransom, two sets will be drawn at random by March 8: 1. Day face cream with hemp oil 40 ml Hempina Night face cream with hemp oil 40 ml Hempina 2. Hyaluronic day cream for all skin types 50 ml Gentle flax Hyaluronic cream for all skin types night 50 ml Delicate linen The conditions of the drawing are simple: place an order for any amount. The winner will be selected using a random number generator after the invoice has been made. Product overview Health Compass. ... Show

Description: Natural unrefined cold pressed linseed oil Features of Red Ruby linseed oil: - lowers cholesterol; - natural safe antidepressant; - restores sleep and improves mood; - eases the course of vitiligo, psoriasis and eczema. "Red Ruby" is a basic, main multicomponent extract based on linseed oil. The composition of "Red Rubin" includes: - Shrub cinquefoil saturates organs and tissues with molecular oxygen and compensates for the properties of St. John's wort to increase blood pressure; - Meadowsweet root eliminates the property of St. John's wort to increase blood pressure, reduces blood coagulation, prevents blood clots and enhances anticancer and antiparasitic properties, heals the gastrointestinal tract; - Carrot. Biologically active compounds of carrot roots improve the restoration of bone and cartilaginous tissue, heal the urinary and biliary tract and blood vessels; restore vision; - Extract from the bark and fruits of sea buckthorn to enhance the antioxidant, anticancer and antiparasitic properties of the oil and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol into the blood, normalizes hormonal balance; - Extract from licorice root to enhance the regenerative and antiparasitic properties of the oil and as an immunomodulator; - Extract from amaranth seeds increases the supply of molecular oxygen to organs and tissues and enhances the antioxidant activity of the oil, creates "bricks" in the formation of sex (steroid) hormones by the body and enhances anti-cancer properties; - Extract from the herb of thyme to preserve the medicinal properties of the oil and enhance its antiparasitic properties, as well as relieve cravings for alcohol; - Many substances are transferred from St. John's wort to flaxseed oil to help your body. We will tell you about some of them. Hyperforin: This substance has a strong antibacterial effect. Even a small amount of it effectively suppresses the reproduction of such dangerous microorganisms as Staphylococcus aureus and diphtheria bacillus. Due to its anti-inflammatory and biooxidant effects, hyperforin protects human organs and tissues from free radical damage. It improves the functioning of the liver, suppressing the formation of toxins in it, contributes to their faster removal from the body. Hypericin: Hypericin is oil-soluble, but not water-soluble, so it can only pass from St. John's wort to oil. Hypericin is a very powerful antiviral agent. Thanks to hypericin, the oil defeats the viruses of poliomyelitis, herpes, hepatitis, and influenza. To fight viruses, it is enough to use oil internally and externally: lubricate the places affected by herpes, bury the deposit and gargle with the flu. Hypericin, blocking the viral protein sieve of the membrane, inhibits the ability of viruses of any nature to enter the cell. Hypericin is photoactive. This means that the hypericin molecules absorb ultraviolet light, go into an excited state, and then return a quantum of light. If hypericin is present in the blood, apparently due to photosensitization, not only the destruction of viruses occurs, but also the rapid oxidation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. It has been established that after 2-3 weeks of regular intake of flaxseed oil enriched with St. John's wort, the vessels are cleansed. There is a very useful for humans joint work of hyperforin and hypericin to combat atherosclerosis: inhibition of cholesterol synthesis in the liver, accelerating its metabolism and utilization, cleaning blood vessels from cholesterol plaques. Almost all those who took the oil noted an improvement in the work of the heart, the disappearance of tingling in the fingers and numbness of the hands and feet in the morning after sleep. Feet also stop freezing. "Red Ruby" is a very powerful and effective remedy for cleansing blood vessels from cholesterol. The oil has a very strong antibacterial formula. It is an effective antidepressant. "Red Ruby" relaxes the smooth muscles of the biliary tract, blood vessels, intestines, ureters, which eliminates stagnant processes in the gallbladder, restores bowel emptying, urine excretion. The bitterness contained in the oil enhance the secretory activity of the digestive organs and give the oil antiparasitic properties. "Red Ruby" is more effective, because. does not increase blood pressure. Linseed oil with plant extracts: - St. John's wort; - Amaranth; - Sea buckthorn; - Carrot tops; - Thyme; - Labaznik; - Kuril tea; - Blueberries. Ingredients: unrefined edible linseed oil, plant extracts of St. John's wort, amaranth, sea buckthorn, carrot tops, thyme, meadowsweet, Kuril tea, blueberries. 100 g contains: polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F) - ω3 - 51.6%, ω6 - 16.1%, saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids - 25.7%, vitamin E - 60.8 mg, Energy value: 898 Kcal / 3758 kJ. HOW TO USE: - An important advantage of "Red Rubin" is the ability to individually select the required dosage (from 2 teaspoons to 2 tablespoons per day). - Take "Red Ruby" with a small amount of vegetables, porridge or bread. So the elixir is absorbed better and acts more gently. - Duration of admission - 6 weeks. At this time, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of oils with low Omega-3 content (sunflower oil, animal fats, mayonnaise), so as not to "overload" the pancreas. - If the cholesterol level is above 4.5 mmol / l, it is advisable to take a "flax cocktail" before going to bed on the days of taking "Red Ruby". To do this, take 1 teaspoon of flaxseed flour, add 150 ml of water with a temperature of 50-600 C, stir well, let stand for 5-7 minutes.

Description: Oat bran with beets: -Cleaning the body -Lowering cholesterol -Assistant in the absorption of useful food components Oat bran with beets: Beets and oat bran is an amazing "pair". Familiar and familiar products. But together - a new taste and tripled benefit. And that's why. Beets are the richest source of betaine. This substance protects against mutations, improves liver function and conduction of nerve impulses. Betaine is most active in the presence of B vitamins, and oat bran is one of the optimal sources of these vitamins. Beets are high in magnesium. It is important for the nervous system, maintaining normal blood pressure. But magnesium is a very "capricious" trace element. It also works only in the presence of B vitamins. If the need for magnesium is high (constant stress, high blood pressure, etc.), be sure to include oat bran with beets in your daily diet. It is an optimal source of magnesium, fortified with B vitamins from oat bran. Both beet fiber and oat bran are excellent natural sorbents. They free the body from everything unnecessary. And if you have to eat high-calorie foods, add oat bran with beets to your meal. Excess calories and fat will not go to you, the release of the intestines will be easier. Now you understand why connoisseurs of healthy natural nutrition liked oat bran with beets so much? You yourself will soon appreciate them. Oat bran with beets will not get bored even with daily use. Add to cottage cheese - delicious, to kefir - satisfying, to any porridge - a new dish! Ingredients: dried oat bran, beetroot. 100 g contains: proteins - 12.2 g; fats - 7.2 g; carbohydrates - 55.5 g; B vitamins: B1 - 0.416 mg; B2 - 0.12 mg; PP - 1.11 mg minerals: K-566.9 mg; Ca - 87.7 mg; Mg-118.4 mg; R-335.3 mg. Energy value: 328 Kcal / 1376 KJ.

Description: The "Khudeyka" porridge contains linseed, barley and buckwheat flour. The benefits of such a combination for the human body have been known since antiquity. Flax, barley and buckwheat strengthen the immune system, help maintain normal weight and improve overall well-being. Dill, parsley, red and green bell peppers, oregano give an intense flavor and enhance the beneficial qualities of the porridge. If you follow a healthy diet, be sure to include the natural product "Khudeyka" in your daily diet. On its basis, you can cook porridge, soups, side dishes, casseroles. And let, as Hippocrates said, the right food will be your medicine. Linseed porridge "Khudeyka": - Porridge based on linseed flour, barley and buckwheat helps women and men stay slim and beautiful; - The inclusion of porridge in the daily diet will diversify your menu; - With "Khudeyka" you can cook soups, casseroles, side dishes. - Reduces excess weight; - Regulates appetite; - Cleans the body; - Perfect dinner. - Linseed porridge "Khudeyka" is a dietary and healthy product. Our porridge is specially designed for the female body. Reduces excess weight, normalizes hormonal balance. Improves complexion and helps to maintain youthfulness. The basis of flaxseed porridge is a special combination of barley, buckwheat, flaxseed flour and salad plants (parsley and dill). - With regular use, "Khudeyka" porridge heals the body, improves digestion and bowel function. Vegetable fiber helps to provide the cells of the body with nutrition and cleanses from toxins. Flaxseed porridge grows in the stomach and makes you feel full much faster than usual sweets or biscuits. As a result, hunger subsides much faster, and excess weight naturally decreases. Flax and barley envelops the inner surface of the intestines, relieves painful stomach irritations. These beneficial plants also help to overcome fatigue, restore the body after illness and maintain feminine beauty. Porridge "Khudeyka" is useful at any age, but it is especially useful during menopause. Its components support hormonal balance and prevent premature aging. And the addition of natural aromatic spices - red and green paprika and oregano (oregano) - helps to regulate fat metabolism and water-salt balance. 7 beneficial advantages of "Khudeyka" porridge: - It is a product for DAILY use. - One spoonful of porridge added to a soup or side dish helps to reduce the effects of a heavy and too hearty meal. - Even a small portion provides a feeling of fullness for 5-6 hours. - Efficiency - when cooking, the volume increases by 2.5 times. This pack contains 1000 g of ready-made porridge. - Porridge "Khudeyka" - this is proper nutrition outside the home (at work, on the road). - You don't need to cook porridge! A special technology for the preparation of flax, barley and buckwheat allows you to reproduce the languishing process (as in a Russian oven). - Contains essential vitamins (C, B group and carotene). Ingredients: flaxseed flour, barley groats, buckwheat groats, dill, parsley, oregano, dried carrots, dried onions, salt. 100 g contains: proteins - 22.3 g; fats - 5.6 g; carbohydrates - 39.7 g; carotene - 4.2 mg; vitamin B1 - 0.26 mg; vitamin B2 - 0.07 mg; vitamin C - 77.7 mg; tocopherols -1.14 mg. Energy value: 298 Kcal / 1253 KJ. Method of preparation (1 portion): - Pour 1 tablespoon of porridge into a deep plate; - Add 1/3 cup warm (about 50 - 60 gr. Warm water), stir thoroughly; - Let stand and swell for 5-7 minutes; - Add hot water (80-90 gr., Just not boiling water) so much that it covers the resulting mixture; - Stir well again, close the lid and let stand for 7-10 minutes.

Healthy food from Health Compass! Kits giveaway for March 8

Officials have introduced strict price regulation for 62 types of socially important goods: many vegetables, milk, cereals, as well as 50 individual domestic medicines. What does this mean for the buyer? If a ceiling on chicken prices has been introduced, is all this meat subject to restrictions (spoiler: no)? Can there be problems with the import? For example, with the same Italian pasta. Could there be a shortage of goods, and if so, what positions and under what conditions? Food market participants told in what cases problems may arise with at least some goods. In general, there are many questions, we will try to figure it out.

The image is for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Vadim Zamirovsky, TUT. Y

What's fundamentally new

Until the end of February, manufacturers, suppliers and trade have banned raising prices for 62 socially important essential goods and 50 items of drugs. And from March 1, prices may rise, but not more than 0.2% per month.

Are the changes for imported goods?

Rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, millet, bread, pasta, beef, pork, some types of sausages, live fish, some dairy products, eggs , potatoes, instant coffee, tea, sugar, salt, toilet soap, toilet paper, diapers, matches.

You can view the full list of products subject to price increases here:

1. Rice grinded, polished (including parboiled). 2. Wheat flour. 3. Semolina. 4. Buckwheat groats. 5. Oatmeal flakes. 6. Pearl barley. 7. Millet groats. 8. Rye bread, rye-wheat bread. 9. Bread, bakery products (loaf) from premium wheat flour. 10. Bread, bakery products (loaf) from wheat flour of the first grade. 11. Pasta, horns. 12. Vermicelli, noodles. 13. Beef (excluding boneless meat). 14. Boneless beef. 15. Pork (excluding boneless meat). 16. Boneless pork. 17. Meat edible by-products (except for poultry by-products). 18. Chickens (chickens, including broilers). 19. Cooked sausage of the highest grade. 20. Cooked sausage of the first grade. 21. Cooked sausage of the second grade and non-grade. 22. Semi-smoked sausage, boiled-smoked. 23. Sausages, sausages. 24. Canned stewed beef. 25. Canned stewed pork. 26. Live fish. 27. Fish, frozen, uncut (cod and mackerel). 28. Frozen fish (fillet and cut). 29. Canned fish (except for delicacies). 30. Milk. 31. Kefir. 32. Sour cream. 33. Fatty cottage cheese. 34. Low-fat cottage cheese. 35. Cheese is hard, semi-hard. 36. Chicken eggs. 37. Animal oil. 38. Margarine. 39. Vegetable oil (except olive oil). 40. Apples. 41. Fresh white cabbage. 42. Bulb onions. 43. Beets. 44. Carrots. 45. Fresh cucumbers. 46. ​​Fresh tomatoes. 47. Garlic. 48. Sweet pepper. 49. Potatoes. 50. Granulated sugar. 51. Instant coffee. 52. Black tea. 53. Table salt. 54. Porridge for baby and diet food. 55. Canned meat for baby and diet food. 56. Powdered milk formula for baby and dietary food. 57. Canned fruit for baby and diet food. 58. Laundry soap. 59. Toilet soap. 60. Toilet paper, napkins. 61. Diapers, hygiene bags. 62. Matches (boxes).

Moreover, the restriction applies to both imports and Belarusian goods. That is, in February it is impossible to raise prices for both Italian and Belarusian pasta; both for sunflower oil of the Bobruisk plant of vegetable oils, and for imported from Russia.

Have you included, for example, cheese and chicken in the list of products Have a price ceiling been introduced for all types of these products?

No, not all, there are exceptions. Not everything, for example, cheese or fish, falls under socially important essential goods, even though these goods are on the list.

For example, in the group of cheeses, socially significant (read - those for which the price ceiling has been set) include hard and semi-hard: rennet (fermented) hard and semi-hard cheeses made from cow's milk, both by weight and packaged. But superhard cheeses, processed, smoked, moldy, pickled, with additives, cheese products are no longer included in this list. For the buyer, this means that prices for these positions have not been frozen, their value can be raised without regard to the current government decree.

The pie turns out to be very tender, tasty, satisfying, and it cooks quickly. And cabbage - the main product of the pie - goes well with other ingredients in any form: fresh, sauerkraut or stewed.

Quick jellied cabbage pie with sour cream in the oven

Fresh young cabbage is best for the pie. It goes well with sour cream and turns out to be very tasty and aromatic.

Cooking time - 20 minutes.

Cabbage pie with sour cream and mayonnaise

The pie will turn out to be soft and rich if the fat content of mayonnaise and sour cream is high. However, there are also disadvantages: there will be more calories too.

Cooking time - 20 minutes.


  • White cabbage - 300-400 gr.
  • Mayonnaise - 5 tbsp. ...
  • Sour cream - 5 tbsp. ...
  • Green onions - 3-4 stalks.
  • Dill - optional.
  • Parsley - optional.
  • Eggs - 2-3 pcs.
  • Flour - 7 tbsp. ...
  • Baking powder - 1 tbsp. ...
  • Salt to taste.
  • Ground black pepper - to taste.
  • Cumin - optional.
  • Nutmeg - optional.
  • Vegetable oil - 1-2 tbsp. ...
  • Sesame - to taste.

Cooking process:

Lazy bulk pie with cabbage and eggs and sour cream

Cabbage pie goes well with fermented milk products such as fermented baked milk and kefir. Suitable for a snack at lunchtime at work, breakfast or light dinner.

Apple pie is a favorite treat for children and adults. Tea with it immediately becomes tastier, and the atmosphere of the house is more comfortable. There are many variations of his recipes, and although they all invariably carry such a familiar taste, the main advantage of the next 8 recipes was the airy puff pastry.

Puff pastry apple pie in the oven

A pie according to this recipe can become a decoration of any table and accompany any holiday or event in the family, and it is not at all difficult to prepare it. There is also one feature in it that girls will definitely like: at the heart of this pie is dough without yeast, which means, without extra calories.

Cooking time: 25 min.

How delicious to bake apple pie from puff yeast dough in the oven?

A fragrant, juicy, rich and especially delicious apple pie made from puff yeast dough can be on your table today. It is not difficult to prepare it, but it will bring great joy to everyone at home, because puff pastry and apples will provide the cake with an interesting flavor combination.

Cooking time: 25 min.


  • Flour - 500 gr.
  • Milk - 250 ml.
  • Apples - 5 pcs.
  • Dry yeast - 7 gr.
  • Butter - 80 gr.
  • Vegetable oil - 30 ml.
  • Sugar - 70 gr.
  • Salt - 0.5 tsp.
  • Ground cinnamon - 1 tsp.
  • Chicken egg - 1 pc.

  • Butter - 120 gr.
  • Sugar - 200 gr.
  • Flour - 150 gr.

Cooking process:

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