The day after the match "Spartak" - "Sochi" was hell "

The final result of the tour, which took place on February 6

Former coach of Metallurg, Hoverla, Karpaty, Metalist and Mariupol, Alexander Sevidov, together with former FIFA referee Serhiy Shebek, share their impressions of the matches of the 15th round of the Ukrainian Premier League, in which “Dynamo” almost lost its leadership, and “Zorya” strengthened in third place.

Mariupol - Zarya:

Alexander Sevidov: The first half performed by Zorya was of high quality, they dominated and were stronger than the guests. The nominal guests changed their tactics, knowing how the Mariupol residents quickly know how to manage the space, did not attack in their half of the field, rolled back closer to their penalty area, preparing their counterattacks. And it brought results. Before the goal was scored, the Luhansk team had several good chances. A particularly revealing moment was Shahab's appearance one-on-one with the goalkeeper. But he didn't score. This happened after a good counterattack with a longitudinal long pass to the attacker.

But in a more difficult situation, the Iranian showed his best qualities - he shifted the ball from his right foot to his left, deceived the defender with a false move and shot under the crossbar.

In the second half, Zorya's game went wrong, there was a lot of marriage, there were no penetrating transmissions. And “Mariupol”, on the contrary, added, fought to the end and the last 15 minutes of the match outplayed Luhansk. Azov had a good chance to level the score, but Kashchuk missed. Fart was on the side of "Dawn". A fair outcome would be a draw, but some were unlucky, others were lucky enough to "find" three points.

Alexandria - Minai:

Alexander Sevidov: As usual, there was a lot of struggle, practically without creating chances, the Alexandrians won with a large score. With such a game, it will be difficult for a “miner” to gain points and solve the main problem - to keep a residence in the elite. In defense, it is a disaster, and nothing can be created in front. At the beginning of the match, the Transcarpathians were able to create two half-chances and that was the end of it.

When the first and second goals were scored, it is not permissible that Luchkevich alone, surrounded by three or four defenders, like extras, freely accepts the ball and scores. The same thing happened when Bondarenko also scored. Again, four defenders are watching, no one is attacking, they let him calmly break through. And the third goal was a mistake of the goalkeeper, who brought himself a goal.

"Alexandria" deservedly won due to the disorganized and loose play of the Minays. They forged a victory for the hosts with their own hands. It seems like a big score, a beautiful game, but this is a misleading opinion.

Lviv - Kolos:

Oleksandr Sevidov: Kovalivtsy forced Lviv residents to play the football that was more comfortable for them. They imposed their game, controlled it, and owned space. "Kolos" is not "Minai". The team is experienced, does not allow creating gaps between lines and players. It is very difficult to take them by surprise. To do this, you need to have skill, namely team skill, because some of the players of “Lvov” have individual skills. Although Shumsky's charges have character, and they showed it in the second half.

In the first half, the hosts expected to play from behind to zero, and if they manage to score ahead, it would be great. But they missed it. You can't take away character from "Kolos" either, and when these qualities are equal, you need to show skill. The guests deprived the hosts of the opportunity to play in their favorite manner: strict and tight defensive play, with quick counterattacks. And in positional attacks "Lviv" is not so strong when there is no space and you need to create something at a low pace. They had their half-moments, but this is not enough to win against such a strong and uncompromising opponent.

Invisible in Shakhtar's roster, cunning Kolos, Ryabokon's worst substitutions

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24-02-2021 ✅ Premier League. The final result of the tour, which took place on February 20-22: Former coach of Metallurg, Hoverla, Karpaty, Metalist and Mariupol, Alexander Sevidov, together with former FIFA referee Sergei Shebek, share ... ᐉ football news ⚽ on UA-Football

Six months ago, we first met with Vasily Kazartsev during the referee training camp before the start of the 2020/21 season. In the first round, Kazartsev was appointed to the status match "Spartak" - "Sochi".

You know what happened next.

- After that comment, it all started. Seva, now I know who is to blame for everything, Kazartsev jokes.

- I actually blamed myself a little. That stuff added emotion after the match.

- Everything has more or less settled down, after that there were other moments. Any mention of this match will give the bull's red rag effect. Red here in no way means anything.

Should we go back to that episode? It has already happened, it is described far and wide. I spoke about him on Match TV. After six months, I cannot say that my opinion has somehow radically changed. Everything that I said on the air then, I think so now.

- Then you said it wasn't an obvious mistake.

- You see, you have such a perception. You heard this.

- I heard your confession that there was a mistake, although many did not. At the same time, you still said that there were reasons to assign a penalty and, accordingly, for the VAR to take your side.

- Yes, I said so, but now a little about something else. Using your example, it is interesting to understand how each person hears the information that the other is saying in their own way. Perhaps I spoke floridly, and everyone took it in their own way. You heard that I admitted my mistake. And someone heard that I said that there were grounds for a penalty, and there was no mistake. The truth, as always, is somewhere in between.

There are many border zones in football and refereeing. Everything is decided by the nuances and details of the episode, which on the field can be difficult to assess in a split second. Did I answer the question specifically?

- No, I still want to understand.

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