The best ways to clean your oven


The average cost of a dishwasher is 20 tons, but prices start at 11 tons, so if you want, you can find a device for little money. In return, you will get more free time, which will more than pay off in the future.

Dishwasher owners note that after its appearance, much less effort is spent on housekeeping, and disputes about who to wash the dishes disappear.


Contrary to popular belief, the dishwasher does not increase, but reduces the cost of water. If you manually wash the amount of dishes that can fit in the dishwasher, you will use 5 times more water.

The expenses for payment of utility bills will decrease, since the equipment uses only cold water.


Downloading and starting the device can be easily mastered by everyone - just read the instructions. The first start-up must be done in idle mode to check the connection and wash off the remnants of the factory dust.

Dishes should be loaded according to certain rules:

  • large objects (pots, pans, plates) are usually located in the lower part at a distance from each other;
  • and in the upper tray - smaller ones (cups, saucers, cutlery);
  • the dishes must first be freed of food residues;
  • after selecting the mode, all that remains is to press the button and wait for the end of washing.


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The oven is considered one of the most problematic places in terms of cleanliness. Knowing effective ways to clean the oven at home, you can save yourself from wasting your energy, time and money.

Basic Oven Care

Tiny droplets of fat settle on surfaces, no matter how carefully the food is prepared. They burn under the influence of high temperature and it becomes not so easy to wash them off, even if you clean the oven immediately after cooking. The situation is even more complicated with old fat - you will have to try hard to clean the stove.

If you take care of the equipment immediately after cooking and steam it with boiling water and a cleaning agent every 7-10 days, you will rarely have to arrange a general cleaning.

  • To make the dirt easier to wash off, the oven should be slightly warmed up, turning it on for a quarter of an hour, at 50 ° C.
  • Right before washing the trays, the side guides are removed. If the design allows, then the doors and glass elements are also removed. It is much more comfortable to clean separately.
  • Do not take hard sponges and metal scouring pads for washing. Rubbing off the fatty deposits in this way, you can ruin the coating. Wash properly with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use cleaning agent on ventilation components and oven heaters.
  • After the oven has been washed, it must be left open for 2 hours to dry, and the odors are gone. If the aroma does not evaporate, you can stir 10-15 tablets of activated carbon in 250 ml of water and put inside the equipment for 6-8 hours. The composition absorbs odor.

When the equipment is in a terrible state, drastic measures are required, and experts give recommendations on how to clean the oven from grease.

The most effective folk recipes

Oven walls are often located close to the food that is being prepared there. It is not surprising that many women choose to avoid using store-bought chemicals, the vapors of which can negatively affect their health by settling on food.

Unconventional methods can also be used to clean a gas oven.

Simple folk recipes do not require serious financial investments, they will appeal to every housewife, since there are components for them in any home.

Citric acid

Dishwasher myths

Hi. Today we have a review of the Aquaphor DWM-202S water filter for washing.


Aquaphor DWM-202S is an intelligent and compact reverse osmosis system with a built-in pump and a supply of 5 liters of pure water, which minimizes the worries about filter maintenance and saves you time and money.

  • Dimensions: 410x485x195mm.
  • Connection size: 1/4 ”.
  • Storage tank: yes, 5 l.
  • Separate tap: yes.
  • Weight: 12 kg.

This model is more compact and economical than the classic reverse osmosis filter. The innovative water-water tank saves up to 9 tons of water per year compared to classic reverse osmosis systems with a water-air tank. The filter takes up 2 times less space under the sink than a standard reverse osmosis system. The design weighing 12 kg provides a storage tank with a volume of 5 liters. You do not need to remember about replacing cartridges: it will be reminded by sound and color indication of the resource of each module. Replacing modules will take 1 minute and do not require tools. The ratio of purified water and water entering the drainage (at a water temperature of at least 20 ° C) is 1: 2–1: 4.

DWM performance depends on the water supply pressure. The DWM cannot be guaranteed to function reliably at water mains pressures below 90 kPa. The pump is almost silent.

  • Replacement module, 4 pcs.
  • Water purifier body.
  • Clean water tap.
  • Flush plug.
  • Mounting kit.
  • Documentation.

In the kit you will receive four replaceable modules, a body, a water tap, a plug, a mounting kit and documentation. Packaging - cardboard.


You don't need to measure the pressure in the water supply or think about buying a pump before installing. The built-in pump ensures stable operation even at low pressures from 0.9 atm. The rate of water collection is 2 times higher than conventional osmo systems. With this filter, you can easily provide perfectly soft and clean water to your coffee machine or household ice maker.

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