Sysolsky district presented; Connecting thread

Today, in Syktyvkar, within the framework of the festival "Days of Culture of Municipalities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Syktyvkar", the events of the Sysolsk region started.

The creative delegation was greeted by the First Deputy Minister of Culture, Tourism and Archival Affairs of the Komi Republic Konstantin Baranov. He expressed confidence that the Sysolsky district will adequately present its culture, "business cards", which the municipality is so rich in. And I noticed that the warm greetings of the residents of the Sysolsky district not only warmed the hearts of the guests of the event, but also the cold in the capital of the republic receded.

Today the Sysol residents introduced the metropolitan viewer to the region's achievements. The main pride of the municipality is its hardworking and talented people who glorify their homeland not only locally, but also far beyond the district. Among them: artists Panteleimon Mityushev and Alexandra Kulikova, TV journalists Tatyana Kineva and Alexander Kuznetsov, artists Elena Lodygina and Eduard Morozov, poets Irina Plesheva and Natalya Kanova and many, many others.

The residents of the district are actively involved in the cultural life of the region. This year they have already won a number of creative projects. In January, an amateur composer from the village of Bortom Svetlana Kondratyuk won the Republican festival of modern Komi songs "Vasiley". Her song "Shondi yugorys vodz asyv chechchodis" ("Sunlight raised early in the morning") was awarded the Grand Prix and the Audience Award. The younger generation is not inferior to adults. For example, in February young artists from Vizinga became winners in the regional stage of the All-Russian competition of children's art “Prince Alexander - commander, politician, Saint”.

The show of Sysolsk Komi costumes was a highlight of today's holiday. Sysola is one of the few municipalities, which included in the program of the grand opening of the defile. The show of costumes reproduced from old outfits was accompanied by a story about the creation of a unique collection. It should be noted that the costumes were made for members of the Vizuv va and Zarni voitva ensembles.

"Materials about the features of the cut and decor of the traditional costume of the Sysolsk Komi are presented in the book" Traditional costume of the Sysolsk Komi (late 19th - early 20th centuries) ". They are based on scientific works, publications, ethnographic essays of researchers of the Komi Republic. The appendix to the publication contains sketches of various elements of a traditional costume, as well as patterns and recommendations for making a traditional Sysolsk costume. We are glad to start the Days of Culture of our native region with the presentation of our collection, ”said Larisa Tsvetkova, a well-known master in the republic, laureate of the State Prize of the Komi Government named after S. I. Overin.

Soloists and collectives of the District House of Culture with. Vizinga and virtuoso performers - teachers of the Children's School of Arts with. Vizinga presented the audience with concert performances.

In addition to performances in the House of Friendship of Peoples, where the opening took place, various exhibitions about the settlements of the region and holidays were unfolded. The audience got acquainted with publishing products, took part in folk games and master classes.

"The Center for Folk Art and Professional Development as an operator of the festival" Days of Culture of Municipalities of the Komi Republic in the city of Syktyvkar "welcomes the participants and guests of today's event. Sysolsky district for Syktyvkar is a close friend and good neighbor. However, I am sure that these days the city viewer will have interesting acquaintances and amazing discoveries, ”emphasized Elena Gracheva, acting Director of GAU RK "CNT and PC".

The creative delegation of the Sysolsky district was congratulated by the Minister of National Policy of the Komi Republic Roman Noskov, the Acting Head of the Municipality Andrey Batishchev, an employee of the Finno-Ugric Cultural Center of the Russian Federation Lilia Chupryna.

The interview with the guests from Sysola can be listened to on February 26 on Radio Russia - KOMI GOR in the FM band at a frequency of 91.6. The broadcast starts at 6.20.


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