Suvora Freimut told the Ukrainians, as they need some reason; Do not come

In the Rivne region, in Odessa, through the new fireworks, a dozen birds have gone overboard. The kadri saw the fringes.


On the video from the place of Dubno you can see that on one place there are a lot of dead crows. The cadres published in the publik "Tipove Dubno" in the instagram.

Ptahs and creatures do not show stress and move through the alcove, birds disorientate and play by the tree, lead the booths with high voltage.


Kadri dead birds were seen on one of Odessa beaches, and they launched Christmas fireworks for the sea. Okrіm tsyogo, in the photo you can see the dead dog.

The fireworks at the rotsi were dashing

Marvel at the video: help books of the fairers

What do you want to see from the fireworks

From 2014 to the rock of the Ukrainians, call out to see the victorious feyurverks, and even the sounds of the vibuhi at the zones of the boys. To that, leave in Ukraine is a good idea, on the peaceful territory it is necessary to see the salutes.

Okrіm tsyogo, people don’t get to the elementary rules of safety, to the butt, launch fireworks slid on all sides not less than 100 meters from the bucket.

The traces of the fairwerks: a frame of dead birds and tvarin were burnt to the edge in Ukraine

TV presenter Olga Freimut saw Cherg's port of morals, chim split the publication into two tabori

Yak broadcaster, 38-rychna zirka published a photo in his microblozia on Instagram, supervising him with a long-term, in which he announced a few rules for a good and successful splash.

Olga stood in the frame in black cloth for "savory" V-like virizom and smiled at the glance. The coverings are light and the lower image, however, it ends at all, as in the inscription of the star of the Bula it is maximally suvor.

"The axis of my etiquette:" Do not tick "when rozmovі. Nice to fix on" Vi ". The first formality is not indicative of a wіk. opened the first secret.

On top of that, Olga pleased me, not to end the speech and words behind the spy, but to give it to you on your own forget the word.

Also, on Freimut's dummy, it’s not a mistake to say “Ok” to the word "Ok". At a time, it’s no longer an hour to turn around, to turn around until the end of the day.

"Turn to the people in im'ya through the skin 2-3 words. After repeating the two, mi zapam'yatamo, like a sp_prosmovnik to sound. Sounds are for us." kut bagatokh koristuvachiv.

Besides, the star cried not to tell the little-known, but to tell the good-known fellow, by the soft nicknames of the creatures, the manifestations of nature.

"I am Olya, not Sonechko, Masya, for a bubble. M'yaky beast of pre-riche hiba in dialozi mami and ditini," said Freimut and added, "Don’t come around. see you for your social status, try trimatisya in pryvnykh.

Koristuvachi with heat discussed the post in the comments. Varto obviously, not all of Freimut stayed a bit later.

"Dyakuyu to you, Olya. From yakbi to school children have gone through some lessons"

"I can't beat it once, if I can write a couple of words through skin.) I don't cringe like that myself."

"Wee is a good theorist, albeit a practitioner. It's a pity"

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