Stories of people abducted by aliens

Alien abduction stories have been told for a long time, and they range from slightly weird to very nasty. On the Internet, for those who believe in it, there are special forums where they can share stories about their "encounters with the unknown."

While many of these stories are imaginary and sheer lies, the stories below are well documented. Some of them can be skeptical, and some may even seem funny.

The Kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill

The kidnapping of Betty and Barney Hill was the first kidnapping to be reported on the news. It happened in 1961. On the night of September 19, the Hill couple were returning to New Hampshire from vacation. During the trip, they noticed a bright light in the night sky. Barney stopped the car to get a better look at him. Looking through binoculars, the Hill couple saw a UFO in the sky flying straight towards them. Frightened, they jumped back into the car and took off, trying to get away from the light.

As they drove, they saw the lights chasing the car.

Instead of gasping, Barney decided to pull over, this time armed not only with binoculars, but also with a pistol. It was at this moment that he saw some strange "creatures" heading towards him and his wife.

Seeing them, Barney heard a strange sound and realized that his body was not obeying him. He only felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. Thirty-five minutes later, the Hills realized that something strange had happened. But they could not remember what exactly happened during this period of time. Barney's shoes were scratched and both spouses' watches were broken. Barney also managed to remember that he met with six humanoid beings who, using telepathy, told him not to be afraid. After that, the spouses were taken to the ship, and various experiments were performed on them, as on laboratory rats.

Whitley Strieber

During the Christmas holidays in In 1985, Whitley Strieber, a future horror novelist, lived with his family in a small house in upstate New York. In the middle of the night, he heard strange sounds, and decided to go find out what was happening. In his bedroom, he found strange creatures. Seeing these creatures, he suddenly found himself sitting on the street, not far from the house.

Frustrated by what had happened, and unable to remember anything, he turned to the hypnotist. After several attempts, he was finally able to remember what happened. That night, he literally flew out of the room, and ended up on a ship hovering over the forest.

He also remembered that he saw various creatures on the ship, some of which somewhat resembled robots, and some were very skinny and with dark eyes. He was also able to remember the tests he was subjected to. And although the vast majority of people believe that it could have been just hallucinations, Strieber swears to this day that it all happened in reality.

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