The traffic police officer took out a military weapon and pointed in my direction

On February 24, the Minsk City Court began considering a criminal case for attempted murder of an employee of the internal affairs bodies (Article 14, Article 362 of the Criminal Code) against the 45-year-old Minsk resident Alexander Trotsky. On the charge, he drove a traffic police officer Yurov on the hood of his car on August 12, as a result of which he received bodily injuries that did not entail a short-term health disorder. According to Trotsky, his car was stopped for no reason by people in dark clothes and balaclavas, and when he, fearing for his life, refused to get out of the car, the traffic police officer "took out a military weapon and pointed it in his direction, aimed straight at the head and prepared to shoot." After the arrest, Trotsky was severely beaten. With a traumatic brain injury under guard and in handcuffs, he spent three weeks in the hospital. Then Alexander Trotsky was transferred to SIZO-1 on a criminal case for violence against a policeman (Article 364 of the Criminal Code). But before transferring the case to the prosecutor's office, the investigators reclassified the charge to a tougher one - attempted murder of an employee of the internal affairs bodies. The case is being considered under the chairmanship of Judge Sergei Khripach. The injured traffic police officer Yurov did not appear at the first meeting due to suspicions that he had COVID-19. "Vesna" is observing this trial and tells in detail the circumstances of this high-profile case.

Alexander Trotsky in court on February 24. Photo: "Belsat"

What is the man accused of?

On the charge, the driver Alexander Trotsky in the period from 19:50 to 19:55 on August 12, on the carriageway on Pobediteley Avenue in the direction of Melnikayte Street and Masherov Avenue, stopped his Skoda-Kodiak car at the legal request of an employee GAI police major Yurov. In response to repeated demands from the riot police officer to turn off the engine, get out of the car, and open the luggage compartment for inspection, Trotsky categorically refused in a rude manner. At the same time, "the engine deliberately did not turn off, did not get out of the car, did not provide the luggage compartment for inspection." Then Trotsky, continuing to be in the car, "with the goal of committing the murder of an employee of the internal affairs bodies, Yurov, wishing to obstruct his lawful activities, out of revenge on Yurov for fulfilling his duties to ensure their protection of public order, using a source of increased public danger as a murder weapon - the Skoda-Kodiak car, observing obstacles in the form of Yurov standing at the hood, suddenly deliberately began to move towards Yurov. "

On charges, when a traffic police officer fell on the hood and hit his body against the car, in order to implement the murder, Yurov deliberately continued to drive the car when he was on the soot, thereby having intent to kill him. Trotsky was unable to complete the murder of Yurov due to circumstances beyond his control, since the victim was in a bulletproof vest at the time of the hit. Yurov rolled over the hood of a moving car and fell onto the roadway. After the run over, Trotsky fled the scene. Thus, in the opinion of the state prosecutor, Trotsky attempted the murder of an employee of the internal affairs bodies in connection with his committing in connection with the performance of his duties to protect public order - Part 1 of Art. 14 Art. 362 of the Criminal Code.

What injuries did the victim sustain?

According to the case file, as a result of Trotsky's actions, traffic policeman Yurov suffered bruises on his right forearm, left lateral surface of the body, and an abrasion on his right foot, which are bodily injuries that did not entail a short-term health disorder.

The man does not fully admit his guilt.

What does Trotsky himself say at the trial?

Alexander Trotsky in court refused to answer the questions of the state prosecutor, but read out a free position from a sheet he had prepared earlier. He immediately stated that he did not admit his guilt.

Trotsky says that on August 12 he was returning home from work. He wanted to go to the Moscow Ring Road, but the roads in the city were blocked.