Socket with grounding with shutters and with a cover 16A screw clamp beige Unica New NU303744TA

Socket without grounding with shutters 16A screw clamp beige Unica New Schneider Electric NU303644

Socket with grounding with shutters 16A self-locking clemi beige Unica New NU305744

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The online store ABR-store provides a targeted delivery service before entering the building in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

Delivery of orders in Kiev

Delivery in Kiev is possible with an order amount of 500 UAH and is carried out by the courier company "New Mail" to the office or by the courier of New Mail to your address, having previously agreed to pay for delivery in accordance with the tariffs of the carrier company. If the order is canceled without well-grounded reasons, at the time of receipt of the order at the address, the recipient is obliged to pay for the delivery service in the amount of 80 UAH.

Delivery in Kiev is carried out by courier FREE OF CHARGE if the order amount is over UAH 3000. If the order amount is less than UAH 3,000, then the delivery fee is UAH 80. Delivery is carried out on the day of order or the next (from 10:00 to 18:00). Delivery time is previously agreed with the customer.

What to give for a wedding - original DIY gifts and the best ideas for newlyweds (80 photos)

Multicooker is considered the best helpers in the kitchen, because they allow you to cook a variety of dishes with minimal human intervention. Since there are a lot of such equipment on the domestic market, each manufacturer seeks to remind consumers of themselves by improving their product. One of the most successful changes has been the introduction of a ceramic bowl. This is a non-stick element that can be safely called heat-resistant, reliable and durable. This technique makes it possible to quickly wash and quickly prepare any dish, while maintaining all the taste of the products. In this regard, our editorial staff presents our readers with a rating of the best multicooker with a ceramic bowl for long-term use without any complaints.

The best multicooker with a ceramic bowl

Modern multi-cookers are sold at very different prices, have different technical capabilities and basic functionality. When choosing them, it is important to take into account not only the material of the bowl, although this is the main criterion, but also other features.

Truly, good multicooker with a ceramic bowl are presented in our TOP. They constantly receive positive reviews in their address, leaving no single buyer indifferent. And having considered the main characteristics of the described models, it will be easier to make a choice and purchase the most suitable device.


The multicooker with a ceramic bowl from the brand name deserves the gold rating, which will quickly cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for a large family. The capacity reaches 5 liters. Additional features include automatic heating to keep food fresh and warm as it is served.

The manufacturer has provided ten automatic programs in the technique. Among them are: first courses, pastries, cereals, yogurt, meat, etc. At the same time, regardless of the option selected, the user can turn on the delayed start so that the food is ready at a clearly designated time. You can buy a Redmond multicooker with a ceramic bowl for 3400 rubles.

For lovers of healthy eating, the “Multipovar” function will be useful for cooking vegetables, meat and fish “sous-vide” while preserving all the useful properties of the products.

  • convenient layout inside the bowl;
  • intuitive controls;
  • quick preparation for work;
  • large buttons on panels;
  • does not burn.

  • slight smell of plastic immediately after purchasing the product.

Moulinex CE E

Pressure cooker and multicooker in one device receives many positive reviews regarding its functionality. This model is considered the best assistant in the kitchen, regardless of the culinary skill level. There are 21 cooking programs here that will surely delight adults and children.

A wedding anniversary is an important event in the life of a family. Children always want to surprise their beloved parents with presents. We will tell you what is better to choose and what options for presentations you can do with your own hands.

This applies not only to mobile, but also to stationary devices and radiotelephones.

The simplest solution seems to be to simply send your old gadget to the trash can. What's wrong with a device that fits in the palm of your hand?

Before doing this, however, everyone should know:

  • the phone belongs to small household appliances and there is a fine for this,
  • even one discarded small phone can cause irreparable damage to the environment.

Landfill and phone are not compatible

Let's disassemble the phone for parts and find out how much harm it will bring when it ends up in a landfill:

Every mobile phone thoughtlessly thrown into the trash can slowly but surely destroys our ecology. Given the size of the planet's population and the ubiquity of cellular communications, the risks associated with this are very real.

Can I throw my phone in the trash can or landfill

Rare garbage trucks take the contents to the sorting station, so throwing your old cell phone into the trash can is a must.

Danger of telephone components

In the process of decomposition, plastic breaks down into microparticles that get into drinking water and are absorbed by animals. It also gives off harmful substances. Formaldehyde HDPE is a carcinogen that causes cancer with prolonged exposure. Styrene PS - has a toxic effect on the liver, kidneys, circulatory system.

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