Slit pocket in a frame - detailed technology with a photo

Heavy fabric curtains have sunk into oblivion. They are difficult to wash and iron. The fashion trend is compact roller blinds.

This type of textile differs from blinds and has advantages:

  • installation does not damage the window frame. The structure is attached to the window frame inside the apartment without damaging the profile, to the wall or ceiling;
  • protecting the room from ultraviolet rays;
  • creating coziness, comfort in the house;
  • light supply is regulated by zebra, day-night models;
  • high resistance to wear;
  • the possibility of using natural materials, jute, bamboo, synthetic fabrics.

The use of blackout and dimout fabrics is a reliable protection from the summer heat. Roller blinds "mini" in the bedroom are well combined with heavy curtains, create coziness and comfort in the interior. They create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen, do not interfere with the use of the windowsill, do not interfere with airing, and do not need special care. The chic atmosphere is given by roller blinds on the windows, combined with traditional sliding curtains.

Benefits of roller blinds

Roller blinds are a type of blinds that have advantages:

  • variety of colors, textures - monochrome, multi-colored, with prints, patterns, ornaments, photo printing;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • durability;
  • practicality ;
  • ease of installation;
  • various degrees of shading.

Custom roller blinds: creating a unique design

Custom-made roller shutters are different from ready-made textile home decor. Most of the finished products, as well as blinds fabrics, are produced in Taiwan and China. Companies that sew custom-made roller shutters carefully select fabrics, being responsible to the client for quality. To keep the atmosphere cozy, it is necessary to use fabrics in the production of which the manufacturer did not save on dust protection. The advantage of custom-made roller blinds is that the decor does not become a dust collector, and also does not require complex maintenance, since the material has reliable protection.

Individual tailoring of roller shutters for an apartment allows you to create a unique interior. Exclusivity is another significant advantage over buying a ready-made window decor. Modern drawings, textures refresh the room, bring comfort to it, the color of the canvases retains its original appearance for a long time. Roller blinds are made to order in strict accordance with the parameters of the window, so their installation does not harm the ceiling or window block.

Variety and quality of roller blinds

Roller blinds: ready-made or custom-made

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Varieties of pockets in clothes

A pocket is a sewn-on or sewn-in piece that serves as a place to store and carry small things (keys, handkerchief, money). In addition to the key task, they are a decorative element. Probably, no other piece of clothing can boast of such a variety as pockets - concealed and designer, complex and simple, which will suit any style. Any new wizard idea starts with a simple foundation.

If we talk about the location, then the pockets can be internal and external, as well as located "in" or "on" the lining of clothes. By type, they can be overhead, slotted, pockets in the seams.

  • Patch Pocket

The simplest and most common type of product. Usually it is sewn on the front side of clothing, and the shape is varied: rectangular, square, curly, with round corners, in the form of an animal and any other object. Most often, simple patch pockets can be found on unlined models and jeans.

It can be used on any thick and dense fabric with lining (jackets, jackets, coats).

This pocket is made with or without a lining. In this case, the valve is used to close the entrance to the pocket, and also serves as a decorative element. This part must always be reinforced with a lining, and in addition, duplicated with the main material. This pocket looks best on casual and safari style menswear.

The most fashionable type of pocket, the volume of which is obtained thanks to large folds and stitched strips.

Video tutorial on making a patch pocket

2. arman at the seams

The easiest to handle. On the pattern, the entrance to the pocket is indicated by cross marks. There is a special pattern for burlap.

  • Seam pocket with 2 zippers

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