Sliding gates - is there any point in putting them

Sliding gates - can they be installed?

There are several designs of sliding gates. Therefore, it will not be difficult to buy sliding gates. At one time, especially in Soviet times, systems were often installed on the territories of enterprises, in which the door leaf was suspended on rails of a special design placed above them. In this case, the bearings were inside the rail. However, now such a design is practically not chosen for several reasons: the gate looks unaesthetic, no matter how high the railings above the gate are, they also make it difficult to enter the courtyard. Also, a lot of material is required to manufacture the structure.

The simplest and theoretically cheapest solution is to install special wheels under the door leaf, which roll on a rail of a suitable profile fixed to the ground. The gate is also attached to one of the gate posts using a suitable mechanism. Unfortunately, such a system is not very suitable for our climatic conditions in winter, ice and dirt will fall on the lower rail and, most likely, the gate will not be able to open at all, because it is frozen.

The gate should not touch the ground A much more rational solution is to mount a sliding gate guide of a special shape in the lower part of the door leaf (a meter of such material costs about 2000 rubles), and to the gate on a concrete base, attach a roller block of sliding gates made of metal or polymer ... It costs from 3000 rubles, depending on the material used, the permissible load and adjustment possibilities. You will need two of these rolls.

Although this is the most complex structure, it pays off because the door leaf does not touch the ground.

Gate leaf

(1) is made of rectangular or square metal tube. At the bottom is the sliding gate bus (2). The rail is mounted on two roller blocks of sliding gates (3). As a result, the gate leaf can be moved to the left to open the gate, and right to close them. To facilitate the construction of the roller units, a support roller (4) and its receiver (5) are required in the closed position. However, to prevent the gate from swinging sideways, an upper receiver (6) and a holding mechanism (7) are required. The plug (8) is necessary to prevent debris from entering the guide. The goal posts (9) and (10) are also required. You cannot do without a solid concrete base (11), in which the roller blocks of the sliding gates are securely fixed. A set of fittings for sliding gates costs about 10,000 rubles

Electrically operated

Of course, the gate can be opened manually. However, now is the 21st century, and the design can be supplemented with an electric motor that is turned on and off using a remote control. Such an electric motor will cost about 12,000 rubles. It will also be necessary to supply electricity for the gate to work. To connect the gate with the electric motor gearbox, a suitable rail is attached to the leaf. A meter of such a rack will cost from 100 rubles

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