Site arrangement

Which heat gun is better to choose: an overview of types, characteristics and models

These installations got their name because of the appearance, reminiscent of the barrel of a gun and "sighting" work in the intended area.

Heat guns are used where there is a need to quickly warm up the air in the absence of other sources of heating.

Most often they are found at construction sites, warehouses, summer cottages and garages. Stretch ceiling installers also cannot do without them. A powerful heat flux is required for the installation of a heat-shrinkable sheet. A home heat gun is needed at the completion stage before the main heating is turned on. Read more

Attachments to the walk-behind tractor: types and applications

Everyone knows the saying that the king is played by the retinue. Without the accompaniment of a crowd of nobles, advisers and formidable guards, any monarch will seem to you an ordinary person. In the same way, without the addition of attachments, the most expensive walk-behind tractor is a useless piece of metal. Read more

Types of street lamps for a country house and features of their choice

Lighting of the territory of a suburban area is considered as a separate stage of arrangement with the planning of zones and the choice of a suitable type of street lamps.

A country house should not be drowned in the light of spotlights and LEDs, but the dim lighting at the front entrance causes sad thoughts. The facade of the house, the recreation area and barbecue, walkways to the main buildings, the backyard and the parking lot must be illuminated. Read more

How to choose an electric planer: features and manufacturers

This tool replaced the hand carpenter's plane, which required a fair amount of skill and physical endurance to work with. A powerful electric motor increased the speed of wood processing, improved quality and facilitated the work of the master.

Anyone who has not yet acquired such a tool wants to know more about its capabilities and features of choice. In this article, we will give as much useful information as possible about electric planers. Read more

Manual wood splitter Greenween - a simple and safe assistant for a country house

Tools and technology

What is the most useful way to plan a plot of irregularly shaped acres?

Hello, my name is Alexander (Krasnodar Territory). My wife and I have long wanted to have our own summer cottage, where you can enjoy nature away from the bustle of the city. We considered many purchase options, but each had its own flaw. Gradually we came to the conclusion that it is better to build a summer cottage ourselves, where everything will correspond to our desires.

Concreting the yard of a private house and paths in the garden

Arrangement of the territory of a private house necessarily includes covering the area in front of the house, parking spaces and garden paths. For this task, landowners often opt for concreting.

With a competent approach to the execution of work, the concrete coating in the yard will significantly transform the site and increase the convenience of its use for many years. It will not be difficult for people who are accustomed to working on the ground to understand all the intricacies of the process, which will be discussed later.

Arrangement of a barbecue area in the country: solutions and nuances of construction

The traditional Russian barbecue area is a fabulous oven at the edge of the forest that bakes pies by itself. However, it is believed that this idea came from the West. In adapted translation, the term is understood as a barbaric way of cooking food on fire or embers.

In appearance and principle of the device, a barbecue is similar to a fireplace, common is the presence of an open fire and a chimney. Although in modern projects there is also a different design. Read more

How to fill a skating rink in the yard or in the country with your own hands?

Ice skating is a favorite winter pastime for adults and children. Unfortunately, the ice rink on the dacha massif is an extremely rare phenomenon. Not everyone will want to waste time, go to the city skating rink in order to knock around in the crowd of tourists.

The best way to solve the problem of "home ice" is to fill the skating rink at the summer cottage. Having done this work, you can enjoy figure skating and playing hockey with friends all winter. Read more

Ways of stacking firewood on the site: how to fold a woodpile with your own hands?

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