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When choosing a piece of jewelry, we first of all look at the design. Then we think whether they will match the color of the eyes, certain clothes, whether they will create the desired effect. Here each of you will find your jewelry, your stone, your mood! I tried to make the stay in my purchase as comfortable as possible. Evaluate the result and you will understand that it is impossible to get out of this jewelry trap without a purchase. And the price will allow you to change your jewelry every day!

The minimum registration fee is set in the purchase of 16 rubles, order for 100 rubles if you do not want to overpay. What is the minimum registration fee and what does it depend on? * The catalogs contain both silver jewelry and bijouterie. All information about the product is indicated in the product card. * Prices in catalogs are calculated based on the average weight of products. The final cost depends on the weight and when invoiced may differ from the stated in the catalog. The price can be either less or more, even more than 10%. I include in the bill without approval. * Be sure to keep tags away from jewelry. In the event of a manufacturing defect, jewelry is accepted only with a tag. * The warehouse is mobile, write replacements in the comments to the order. * Products with ER in the name can come with any color enamel!

In this purchase you will find many popular brands of jewelry, such as TEOSA, Krasnaya Presnya, Aquamarine, Adamant, Bronnitsky Jeweler, Adamas, Estet, Yakhont-Jeweler, Alkor, Amber Lagoon, Russian Alliance, DARVIN, Privolzhsky jeweler, etc. The purchase also includes the Teo Santini brand. Theodore Santini (1936 - 2008) - hereditary jeweler, native of Florence, Italy. From an early age, Theo learned from his father the basics of family business, listening to all professional secrets. And in 1967, in the city of Vicenza, he opened his own workshop, from which his "jewelry history" began. In 1974, the following brands were registered: Teo Santini, Teosa and Teo Kids. Video review of TEOSA on the YouTube channel Video review on the You Tube channel. Show

Description: Previous price: 206.7 rubles. Fineness: Silver 925 Group: Decorative chains Theme: Fantasy Weaving type: Fantasy Thickness: 000 Weight: 0.78 gr. Insert: Without inserts Coating: Rhodium-plated

Description: Previous price: 275.4 rubles. Fineness: Silver 925 Group: Decorative chains Theme: Fantasy Weaving type: Fantasy Thickness: 000 Weight: 1.08 gr. Insert: Without inserts Finish: Rhodium-plated Complete set: SET7962 / H2 BR-17

Description: Previous price: 406.17 rubles. Fineness: Silver 925 Group: Pearls Subject matter: Flora Weight: 1.31 gr. Insert: Pearl, Cubic zirconia Coating: Rhodium plating

Description: Previous price: 5456.77 rubles. Fineness: Silver 925 Group: Semiprecious stones Subject: Karatnik Weight: 4.66 gr. Insert: Cubic Zirconia, London Sitall Coating: Rhodium plating Complete set: 100-1095а-TL

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