Online certificate templates for word

Every person knows the feeling of happiness when he gives a gift to his soul mate for any, even an insignificant, occasion. And on the eve of your beloved person's celebration, and you rack your brains over what to make a surprise. We would like to offer you a great idea - to make a gift with your own hands, and for this you do not have to be a creative person, because everyone can do a gift certificate.

Below are a variety of certificate ideas. An exclusive surprise can be made without any problems, since you can easily download a Word gift certificate template for free at the end of our article.

Sample Gift Certificate

You can buy it, but you can do it yourself for free by printing a sample form and filling it out in the name of the recipient. Nowadays, gift certificates are popular for women on March 8, for men, for a photo shoot, manicure, eyelash extension, even in a spa salon. They can be in the format of a picture, doc Word (in Word), Excel, as well as a vector PSD for Photoshop, if you know how to use such a tool.

When making a gift certificate, there is a place where your imagination can roam: you can write this document to your beloved man on February 23, to a woman in lingerie, to any person on a flight in a wind tunnel, to a restaurant, a movie or any service. It can also be for two - a brother with a sister, a boyfriend with a girlfriend.

How to use a gift certificate

A gift certificate must be used for its intended purpose - to present it to your beloved and dear person. Below are some examples.

Women sometimes love to pamper their men in a variety of ways. Why not give your unique man a relaxing massage session? Are you interested? Then do not waste time and as soon as possible make a gift certificate for a massage with your hands and give your loved one an unforgettable pleasure.

The main thing, in the certificate indicate a specific time when you will please your man, otherwise your beloved will become insolent and want to use your gift every day.

The question arises - why exactly 3 wishes? Consider the situation: you presented your husband with a certificate, say, for the fulfillment of more than 10 desires, your beloved relaxed and requires one desire to be fulfilled every evening. But will a girl be able to endlessly carry out the "orders" of her man? That's right - he can't, even the most patient and maddenedly in love. A certificate for 3 wishes is an ideal present for a man, because a girl will do something nice to her husband and will not take much time, since a man quickly uses his bonuses.

Is your beloved man an avid fisherman? Support the hobby of your loved one and bring joy by presenting a gift certificate for fishing. Such a document will give you the opportunity to visit the best fishing without calls from your woman, constant control, and most importantly - with a long-awaited overnight stay. After such a gift, your loved one will adore you.

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