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The legendary Renault 5 hatchback, which was produced from 1972 to 1985 and became a favorite of the French, is being revived. True, already in the role of an electric car.

Source: "Auto24" on channel 24

Where will the updated Renault be produced

The concept car is very similar in shape to the iconic hatchback from the 70s with a cut-off rear end and a steep front end. The president of the company, Jean-Dominique Senard, stressed that the model will be mass-produced at the same plant where its legendary ancestor was once produced.

Today the Talisman, Scenic and Espace are produced at the Douai plant. About 3 thousand employees are involved in this.

When to expect a new product on the market

The President of Renault also stressed that the brand intends to produce 400 thousand electric vehicles a year, most of which will be equipped with batteries from a plant that will be built nearby in northern France. Renault hopes to have 14 new models by 2025, half of which will be electric.

New electric car Renault 5: see the official photos of the company

Also in issue:

David Brown Automotive has unveiled a new version of its Speedback GT coupe. The retro sports car based on the Jaguar XKR retained the 5-liter V8 engine with 510 horsepower. The trunk of the car is equipped with an additional folding picnic chair.

The legendary Renault 5 hatchback will be revived in the form of an electric car: exciting photos

Each tire sold on the market of automotive products and accessories has a maximum permissible speed limit. The characteristic called "speed index" is directly related to the preservation of safety during road traffic. It is marked on the tire along with other operational parameters - the typical size, as well as the permissible load.

Thanks to established labeling standards, drivers can easily learn about the characteristics of a particular car tire simply by looking at its sidewall. However, not all vehicle owners can readily "read" the signs applied to a particular product. This article explains in detail the performance characteristics of tires and how they are designated by the companies involved in the production of the corresponding products.

Sizes of car tires

One of the main performance indicators of every tire is its size. According to the generally accepted rules and regulations of marking, this indicator is applied to the side of the product, and is a set of numbers and letters lined up in a certain order.

For example, the abbreviation "195 / 65R15" stands for the following:

  • Width - 195mm;
  • ratio of height to width - 65%;
  • inner diameter - 15dm.

Thanks to the specified information, the car owner will easily select a tire, the size and speed index of which will be optimal for a particular vehicle.

Diagonal and radial cords

Tires are products, subdivided, inter alia, by the type of cord tension. Products with diagonal cords assume a crossover factor, while radial versions do not. Radial tire is a more advanced model of an automobile accessory. Such products are distinguished by increased strength indicators, as well as greater rigidity.

To determine that you have tires with a radial type of cord tension, you can use the abbreviation "R", derived from the English word "Radial". The marking is inscribed at the location of the information on the standard size of the product.

Load and speed indices

Speed ​​and Load Index are parameters related to the main performance characteristics of automobile tires. Such characteristics, along with the standard size, directly affect the safety of drivers and passengers in the car while driving.

They want to revive the Renault 5 hatchback, which was produced from 1972 to 1985. True, in the form of an electric car. When the new Renault 5 appears - photo, video on channel 24.

Made the so-called mock assembly. What we mean by this: most of the parts were installed in place so that you could ride the car and understand how it is all in everyday use.

Sergey Tsyganov (journalist of Drom.u) was invited. We knew in advance that he had a very demanding approach to cars and their manufacturers. We invite him not for the first time). An article was published on Drom. u and as in the song "Reconnaissance in Combat" by Vysotsky: Soon there will be "Nadia with Chocolate" -

At six they will crush us with fire, -

With God, let's start slowly!

The comments are different, but I'm glad that constructive criticism appears))).

Now we put together the Roadster. God willing, everything goes well, we will bring him to St. Petersburg this summer.

Most of the Roadster builds are reflected on DRIVE2. U, but here we will solve design problems because PIKABU is a creative force that has helped out more than once.

Thank you very much to all those who helped us in word and deed all this time.

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The fifth division of England repeated the Russian classics

Where did it turn out more epic: England 2020 VS Russia 2008?

seconds that completely turned the match around

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