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I present a very simple pizza recipe - you don't even have to knead the dough. The basis for it is 2 tortillas - Mexican flatbreads of the type of lavash. I like this option more than, for example, pizza on jellied dough, since there is no risk that it will not be baked. We will cook quick tortilla pizza in a pan, you will definitely surprise your loved ones - 10 minutes and delicious Italian on the table


You can use any filling - sausage, mushrooms, minced stew, vegetables and so on. This kind of pizza always tastes good.

  • Tortilla - 2 pcs.
  • Sausage (I have boiled) - 150 g.
  • Cheese - 150-200 g. Take a softer cheese so that it melts faster when heated.
  • Ketchup to taste.
  • Tomato - 1 pc.

By the way, in the absence of tortilla, you can use round pita bread, but then take 3 pieces.

You can vary the amount of filling at your discretion - for example, I love it when there is a lot of it.



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Oil, salt, some spices - and a very simple and satisfying snack is ready. And since you control the amount and freshness of the oil, it will be better accepted by your body than store-bought potato chips.



Quick pizza in a frying pan on a tortilla - 10 minutes and done | About food and not only | Yandex Zen

The owners of private houses and garages have long appreciated the convenience of swing-type entrance gates.

This is natural, because such a construction was almost the only one for hundreds of years.

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Types and types of swing gates

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Tortilla Pizza: A quick homemade tortilla recipe. Pizza on a tortilla - a recipe with a photo step by step. How to make a tortilla pizza in the oven?

In normal pizzerias, the pizza is sealed and the courier cannot open it without breaking the seal.

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Well, you know that Panorama is a satirical publication, right? )

They also brought pizza, opened it with a courier, it was a little wrinkled on one side, but the sticker was intact.

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How to make pizza in the microwave

Preparing food in advance will speed up the microwave cooking process. The dough and filling are known to form the basis of pizza. The microwave oven has clear advantages over other methods - baking speed, uniform heating. For tasty baked goods, check out these helpful tips:

  • The dough must be made more plastic than for the oven;
  • The pizza is baked in a special dish designed for microwave ovens;
  • Ready puff defrost the dough before rolling out;
  • Roll out the cake thin, then the baking time will be shortened and the pizza will not burn;
  • Fillo's puff pastry is placed on the base with several sheets, each of which should be oiled;
  • After kneading, the yeast dough can be immediately sent to bake, the base of yeast dough does not require proving;
  • When used for filling seafood - squid, shrimp, mussels or frozen mixture Sea cocktail - such sea ​​creatures should be boiled beforehand;
  • Basil leaves, oregano will give quick baking a unique aroma;
  • To make the pizza spicy, brush the dough with ready-made mustard or add hot chili peppers to the filling to taste;
  • Tomatoes are successfully replaced by tomato paste, tomato puree or tomato ketchup;
  • Choose sausage according to your taste, if you want the pizza to taste spicy, use several types of sausages: Hunting sausages, Cervelat, Salami;
  • Products for quick filling more often ready-made - sausage, fried, boiled or smoked meat, boiled seafood;
  • Hard Parmesan cheese will make the pizza taste rich, soft Mozzarella will give baked goods tenderness and juiciness;
  • Cheese chips should be medium size, then the cheese has time to melt, and the pizza will be covered with an appetizing crust.

Why is pizza in the microwave good?

It is enough to cook pizza in the microwave just once to understand that in its taste it is in no way inferior to the one that is cooked in the oven. And sometimes even beats her.

In addition, the following can be attributed to the main advantages of pizza in the microwave:

  • This pizza is baked not only quickly, but also thoroughly. And all because the microwave allows it to warm up simultaneously from the outside and from the inside.
  • Pizza will not burn in the microwave.
  • You can use any dough for making pizza in the microwave - yeast, yeast-free, puff, chopped, unleavened, kefir.
  • Pizza in the microwave oven is convenient to check for readiness and take out - there is no risk of scalding from touching the hot baking sheet or the walls of the oven.
  • There are no restrictions on pizza toppings. It can be absolutely anything - liquid, thick, raw, semi-finished, sweet and more.
  • And the most important thing is that it will take you a record short time to prepare such a pizza.


Cook delicious homemade pizza with the Samsung MW3500K Microwave & Grill! Don't worry about cleaning your microwave. The durable bioceramic coating has a smooth surface, is easy to clean without the use of harsh cleaning agents, and does not fade after prolonged use.

Microwave pizza with ham

You can cook pizza in the microwave in 5 minutes with any filling, let's try to make it with ham.

Homemade pizza in the oven recipes with cheese, sausage

Pizza dough without yeast - quick and easy home recipes for every taste: reviews, cooking times, calories, super-search, personal QC

Homemade pizza dough in the oven - quick, delicious

Ingredients for cooking:

How to make the most delicious yeast-free pizza:

Pizza without yeast on milk at home

This classic recipe's yeast-free milk dough is a great base for any pizza. It is very easy to knead, it will take you a maximum of 10 minutes. It comes out very soft, pliable, easily rolled out with a rolling pin, it can also be stretched by hand, giving the desired shape to the pizza.

When baked, the cake is very thin, soft on top and slightly crispy on the bottom. In general, a very successful recipe, I advise you to take note of it!

Nutritional and energy value:

About the dish

Sunny Italy is considered the birthplace of pizza. This is not entirely true. Commoners in Ancient Greece learned how to cook dough cakes and put all kinds of filling on them. Later, the dish of the poor was tasted by the highest nobility, and pizza found its name and national vocation.

Traditional Italian pizza is said to be made on thin crust without yeast. Chefs use specially prepared tomato sauce for the filling, as well as special types of cheese. In other countries, the snack is easier to prepare. Americans, for example, love thick yeast dough, and put everything in the refrigerator and even more on top of the base.

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