Prince Philip ate borscht and flew over the capital by plane: visits of monarchs to Kiev

Throughout its history, Kiev has been hosting eminent guests from all over the world. The capital of Ukraine attracted monarchs and celebrities. We will tell you how the visits of the monarchs went especially to the capital of our country.

Visit of the Emir of Bukhara to Kiev in a year

In 1898 Kiev was visited by an unusual guest - the emir of Bukhara Seyid Abdul Ahad Khan. Despite his high position and honors, the emir in everyday life turned out to be a modest and quiet person. Here is how Kiev journalists described him: "On top of him is a long coat made of gray officer's cloth, like a dressing gown with lieutenant-general's shoulder straps." No exotic outfits, gems, or peacock feathers.

His retinue consisted of only eight people. The ruler of Bukhara settled in the "Continental" hotel. He was provided with some of the best apartments, and several sentries were on duty at the entrance to the hotel. In Kiev, the emir met with the governor-general Mikhail Dragomirov.

Considering that the guest was a military man, they came up with a suitable entertainment for him - a trip to the Syrets military camps to observe the exercises. The next morning, they arranged an excursion along the Dnieper to the islands for the emir. There he got acquainted with the progress of construction of new pontoon bridges across the river. In the evening, the emir went for a walk to the Merchant Garden, decorated with thousands of lamps to give the place an oriental charm.

A day later, Seyid Abdul Ahad Khan left for Odessa, thanking those who received him, presenting various awards. The Governor-General of Bukhara presented the honorary order "Iskander Sallis" to the Governor-General.

Visit of Nicholas II to Kiev in a year

Emperor Nicholas II visited Kiev with his wife Alexandra Fedorovna and children in August 1911.

From the very morning in the station building and on the nearby streets, people gathered to see the king. Huge crowds of people also gathered on the way to the Mariinsky Palace. “Everyone is dressed as smartly as possible, in a festive way. The public does not feel constraint and is completely free to sit along the line of the sidewalks. The number of the public is increasing, where you cannot look - the sea of ​​heads ”, - wrote the newspapers.

Kievsky railway station was turned into a magnificent ceremonial hall, the ceiling was decorated with silk-like fabric, exotic plants were placed everywhere, and the platform was lined with cloth. The royal family visited St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and nearby caves. With the onset of darkness, Kiev was illuminated with illumination, created specifically for the arrival of the emperor. The main streets were richly decorated with garlands with multi-colored lanterns and electric figured lamps.

After the main event of the tsar's visit to Kiev - the grand opening of the monument to Emperor Alexander II - a reception was held in the Merchant Garden. The embankment, streets and houses in Podil, Trukhanov Island were flooded with light, which was especially clearly visible from the imperial tent.

Prince Philip ate borscht and flew over the capital by plane: visits of monarchs to Kiev

Homemade pasta soup with beetroot juice

Dedicated to all beet lovers and beyond. Delicious summer soup with beet tops will give you great pleasure and surprise with an unusual look.

Crab Paste Tartlets

These tartlets will run away from the table in the first place! :) The pasta is very tender, it melts in your mouth. Having honestly looked through the recipes, I did not find such a variation. I have been at the kitchen for a long time, but for the first time I decided to put something out. I would be glad to any comments and acquaintances. I wish you happiness and bon appetit! :)

Pasta in foil with white wine

A very tasty dish: pasta with shrimps, tomatoes, cheese, baked in foil with the addition of white wine. The aroma is unearthly! No hassle!

Oven Meatball Pasta

It was evening, there was nothing to do, and I decided to cook. well, yes, pasta. :) But not just pasta, but baked with meatballs in the oven (thanks to TV Cucina magazine for the idea of ​​this perversion). Well, so that life doesn't seem like honey at all, I also decided to make homemade pasta itself. If you have nothing to do so purely by accident, join us, we will be perverted together. :)

Turshu plum paste

Dear cooks, not so long ago I published a recipe for the national Azerbaijani dish "Chicken Lavangi" and indicated the ingredient torshu in the list of ingredients. But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to buy this ingredient from their city. Therefore, I propose to cook plum turshu at home! The process is long, but worth it! It can be used not only for lavangi, but also for marinating meat, vegetables and simply adding to your favorite dishes.

Pasta with Alfredo sauce

Pasta freska con Crema. SORRY TOPOLINA! I’ll not say that I don’t like noodles (that’s what they called in the Scoop, um, what they call pasta), but I never understood the height of the pedestal on which she was erected - at least until all my ears were burned with this paste ( we are not so dark! from now on we call the noodles pasta!), and I did not dare to make homemade pasta, realizing that this is like homemade borscht and borscht from a factory canteen. So, the products have been prepared (the list is announced above) and the cookery books and websites have been rummaged in search of the very one - the ideal! - pasta option. It turned out that there are a great many recipes, I stopped at the one that will be published below. The most important thing in making pasta on eggs is the ratio of flour and eggs: for 100 g of flour we take 1 egg, since I have yolks, I added 1 more whole egg. Here I was confused with the sauce a little longer, I wanted something like that - I'm tired of these bolognese! And I chose a very simple but exquisite sauce, which was "invented" by Alfredo Di Lelio - the owner of the Alfredo alla Scrofa restaurant in Rome - and has been enjoying fame and popularity for over 100 years! And do not judge too harshly - this is my first experience!

After the revolution and the tragic death of the imperial family in Russia, members of the British royal family have forever refused to visit the USSR. Nevertheless, Prince Philip decided to break a long-term ban and visited the Soviet Union with his daughter.

Pork, lamb, chicken and beef are most often used to prepare barbecue. The meat is pre-cut into small pieces, marinated, and then fried on the grill. A distinctive feature of the dish is that the beef kebab is soft, juicy and smells of smoke, which gives it a unique aroma.

There are several ways to marinate meat. But with the advent of new products, other recipes have appeared. The most commonly used onions, kefir, mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon juice, various spices and herbs.

To prepare a delicious barbecue, it is recommended to buy meat that has hit the counter no more than three hours after the slaughter of the animal. It is clear that it will be difficult to find such a fresh piece of meat ... Therefore, try to choose fresh meat, on the first day after slaughter. You can find out from a seller in the market, or determine by appearance. It is best to buy meat from one vendor to be sure of the quality of the product.

The fillet should be without veins and bones, with a small layer of fat. It is better to take chilled (not frozen) meat of the back, which is thoroughly washed, then chopped and marinated for 8-12 hours in an enamel, glass or ceramic dish. It is better not to use aluminum containers, as the taste of the future kebab will deteriorate.

Which part of the beef kebab to take

Usually, when speaking about kebab, mutton is meant. However, it is not always possible to use this particular classic meat.

So it was replaced with beef and sometimes with pork.

Many people happily make chicken kebabs. It's cheaper, fries better, and tastes more tender.

However, if you decide on beef, then you should not only choose the right meat, but also make a marinade so that the kebab is soft and juicy.

  • The meat of adults is cows, bulls are somewhat harsh. Therefore, it is veal that is best suited.
  • The best cut is the sirloin and tenderloin.
  • Only chilled meat is suitable for barbecue. Re-frozen will not taste as good as you would expect.
  • To find out whether the meat has been re-frozen or not, you can press on it with your finger.
  • If a dark spot remains on the meat, then it has not been defrosted and re-frozen.
  • And of course, marinate the beef meat for a long time, at least 10 hours.

Kefir shashlik

As I have written more than once, kefir makes meat more tender, juicy with a slight sourness. But at the same time, he also softens it. Therefore, there are a lot of fans of this recipe.

  • Beef neck - 3.5 kg .;
  • Onions - 3 kg .;
  • Salt - to taste;
  • Ground black pepper - to taste;
  • Bay leaf - 3 pcs .;
  • Kefir - 500 ml.

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