Our Magic Red Casino 2020 Review

When I say, Magic Red Casino, do you get a feeling of déjà vu?

I wouldn’t blame you if you did.

When I first set out to review their casino, I was under the impression that Magic Red was a brand-spanking new. That they had no history to speak of. That they were starting from scratch.

But that’s not the case at all.

Magic Red actually launched a few years ago. Then they were owned by a company named, Redfinger Trading Limited, who also happens to be the company behind Winner. om. FYI, Winner. om has the honor of gracing several rogue lists in our industry.

Then Magic Red closed. And we’ve heard nothing of or from them until now.

So, here we are in 2020, and Magic Red is (re) launching. I put ‘re’ in parenthesis because while the name is being relaunched, they’re now being ran by a new company - which is sort of like launching for the first time.

Doesn’t matter either way, really. Our end goal is the same, whether they’re relaunching or launching for the first time. And that’s to figure out if they’re worthy of your hard-earned money in 2020.

Are they hot ... or just a warmed-up version of their old selves?

What Are Your Banking Options?

A true worker of war and national economy

You started washing, but found error E20 on Candy. The machine can show the encoding at different times. The behavior of the technique is significantly different:

  • the machine washes normally, but then does not drain the water before rinsing and shows an error;
  • CMA does not collect water for washing and writes E20 on the screen;
  • the machine cyclically picks up and drains the tank several times, then issues an error code.

What does the E code on the Kandy washing machine mean?

Error E 20 reports a malfunction of the pressure switch (water level sensor). The device transmits incorrect data on the amount of water in the tank or does not respond at all. In addition to problems with the level sensor, alarm code E20 may indicate a clogged drain.

When you can fix the E error yourself

An alarm message is not always related to a breakdown. In some cases, you can solve the problem yourself without assistance. That's when you can do it.

  • The drain hose is kinked or squashed. Check the condition of the hose. Straighten the kink or fold if you find it. Remove the object from the compression hose. Turn on the drain and check if the message E 20 has disappeared from the Candy display.
  • There is a blockage in the drain. For an accurate diagnosis of such a blockage, it is necessary to pull out the end of the drain hose from the sewer, put it in a basin or bucket and start the drain. If the machine starts to drain the water, then the reason is in the sewage system. Most often, blockages occur in the siphon, therefore, first of all, you need to check it if your Candy drain is connected to the siphon. It is especially worth suspecting a siphon if the water from the sink does not go well into the sewer.
  • The control module is out of order. Sometimes the CMA shows an error for no reason. The coding appears due to a failure in the control unit, which reacted to a voltage or current surge. Restarting the machine will help solve the problem. Disconnect it from the network, let it rest, then turn it on after 15 minutes. If there was a one-time failure, the false error will disappear, and the Kandy washing machine will work as usual.
  • The drain filter is clogged. It protects the drain pump by trapping small debris that gets into the tank from things. The filter must be cleaned periodically, otherwise it will clog and stop letting water through. Unscrew and check the filter. Remove debris from it, rinse the filter mesh, and also look into the slot where it is inserted. After cleaning, replace the filter and turn on the clipper to check. For details on how to clean the filter, see the instructions for your Candy washing machine.

From the experience of the master! If your Kandy washing machine did not drain the water and gave an error E20, then before unscrewing the filter, you need to drain the water from it. This can be done through the emergency hose. If it is not in your model, the water can be drained through the drain hose by pulling it out of the drain and placing it in a basin. You can also drain the water through the drain filter. To do this, tilt the machine back, leaning it against the wall (for models with horizontal loading), place the bowl under the filter and unscrew it.

What if you checked everything from the list, but the situation has not changed? In this case, you need to call the wizard. The reason, unfortunately, is related to the breakdown.

Possible breakdowns with error E

Malfunctions can be classified by time of occurrence and symptoms. An error at the beginning of washing is associated with a failure of the pressure switch. Message E20, which is accompanied by the absence of a drain, is associated with a blockage in the drain path. Below we ranked the faults in terms of their frequency of occurrence for a given error.