Open-top polycarbonate greenhouse - description, pros and cons

Thanks to the design features, the greenhouse allows you to get early cucumbers and greens without additional heating. The most popular models are open top polycarbonate greenhouses.

Feature of convertible polycarbonate greenhouses

The main difference between a greenhouse and a greenhouse is its size. The greenhouse structure is at least human-sized. Quite a lot of crops are grown here, breaking up the beds, like in a vegetable garden, and equipped with an irrigation system. Heating and lighting are installed in year-round greenhouses.

Greenhouse is a much simpler design and much smaller in size. The standard version does not exceed 1.5 m in length and width. A larger greenhouse can be up to 4 m in length and 2-3 m in width. The height of the structure does not exceed 1.23 m. It is designed for growing seedlings of one species. Sometimes this design is used to breed flowers.

A greenhouse is essentially 1 bed covered with a transparent box. Plants are accessed through the roof. Small structures are equipped with 1 flap, larger ones with two. When crops need to be watered, pinched, fed or simply ventilated, it is enough to raise or fold the flap to the required height.

This model fulfills all the functions of a greenhouse:

  • provides free passage of sunlight;
  • maintains a constant, higher temperature, since polycarbonate does not let heat back into the air;
  • allows you to increase the level of carbon dioxide inside the greenhouse, which promotes rapid plant growth;
  • the sliding top allows for ease of maintenance: just fold the lid to gain access to the plants;
  • construction facilitates the organization of ventilation.

A polycarbonate greenhouse can be placed not at ground level, but higher - on a stone pedestal, just on supports. You don't have to bend over to care for your seedlings.

Variety of constructions

Greenhouses with a sliding top are available in a fairly wide range. However, all models can be divided into 3 types.

  • Belgian greenhouse - resembles a rectangular box with a sloping gable lid. For larger sizes, it is equipped with two flaps. A prerequisite: the slope must have a sufficient slope so that water or even snow does not linger on it.
  • Arched - water and snow do not remain on the semicircular structure. Sash from one or two sides, opens downwards. It is quite convenient for small sizes.
  • Arched "Butterfly" type - the sashes rise up, not fold back. This design is more advantageous for a large greenhouse.

They construct other modifications with their own hands, for example, a structure with a folding top sash. This option is used in dry areas where there is no need to worry about stagnant moisture.

Seat Selection

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