No budget, but you stick with or original ideas that helped brands get more customers

The main goal of any business is to make a profit. Modern marketers have developed dozens of ways to profitably sell goods and services. An excellent solution is to advertise your company on the Internet. And one of the most common ways is landing pages with a special structure and blocks.

Why does business need a landing page?

Landing page is a one-page site where a company leaves its coordinates, presents goods and services.

Compared to a regular, multi-page site, the structure of a selling landing page has a number of features and advantages:

  • Ease of navigation. A network user who is interested in the company's services does not need to search for sections with up-to-date information, making transitions to sections of the resource. All information is presented on one page.
  • Presentation of a product or service. The task of the landing page is to offer a service or product that is relevant to a potential audience, which is currently being sold on favorable terms. To do this, the client just needs to indicate his contact information.
  • Lead collection. Leads are potential customers who have left their contact details. The scheme of the selling landing page is such that the consumer, following from screen to screen, receives all the necessary information and performs an action (leaves contacts or even immediately makes a payment).

IMPORTANT! A company offering a free service or gift, in turn, creates a customer base for further product promotion.

  • Opportunity to take advantage of the offer free of charge. To receive a book, consultation or other gift for a lead, it is enough to enter the e-mail data to which the product will be sent to him. The gift does not oblige you to anything, but in the future, if the consumer is satisfied, he will be able to continue interacting with the company, but for a fee.

Landing page for business is a great way to popularize goods and services, collect data for a client base. Landing page is necessary to promote services on the web, attracting a larger circle of customers. If the company's activities are conducted in one direction, then the landing page can replace the site. If a large company working in several areas prepares promotions, offers a client new products, then the preparation of a landing page is necessary. This approach allows customers to lie down and demonstrate the product in various aspects.

What information should be prepared before creating a landing page?

In order for a landing page to respond to various search queries, satisfying the needs of potential customers, it is necessary to competently approach the formation of the content that will be posted on it. There is a typical landing page structure that involves the preparation of information about the company's activities.

For the convenience of working with information, it is recommended to enter data into an Excel spreadsheet according to the following plan:

  • What the company produces. At this point, it is desirable to demonstrate to a potential buyer a full range of goods and services. At the same time, not only the main areas are indicated, but also the secondary ones.
  • How it works. This section should present goods and services.

IMPORTANT! To achieve an optimal result, it is important to find the aspect that favorably distinguishes the company from the competitors. It is a new product, familiar, but with elements of modernization - this point should indicate the uniqueness of the product or service.

You've probably read about "nowadays every self-respecting business should have a website." Do you know how to order sites correctly: how to determine the functionality and choose a CMS, what to look for when contacting the studio, how to understand why one resource costs 10 thousand rubles, and the second 150 thousand rubles? From a step-by-step guide, you will learn how and where to order a website.

Need a website developer? The first thing you should understand is that ordering a good website is difficult

It's not that agencies and web studios don't know how to work. The problem is you. You are well versed in your business: build beautiful houses, produce wonderful cosmetics, cook the most delicious steaks in the world. But you don't understand websites at all. No, of course, you know that the site of the Euroset online store looks great and you like it very much, but the resource of the Zakholust-Glubinka trust for the production of horns and hooves just sucks.

You do not understand what to demand from the studio. When a manager tells you about menu types, layout in one or two columns, registration forms, personal account and responsive design, you have only one choice: to believe or not to believe the interlocutor. Because of this, you can spend too much money, get a resource with inappropriate functionality, quarrel with a contractor because the site design does not meet your expectations. And it's not about the dishonesty or unprofessionalism of the agencies. You just speak different languages.

If you want to get your site today, don't wait for the agencies to learn to speak your language. No, this is not an attempt to translate arrows from developers to site customers. You are simply in charge here. This is your successful cosmetics business or home construction business. You do not have time to wait until the hired manager of the web studio finds the right words to explain clearly why it is better to make a website on WordPress and not on Bitrix. Below you will find information that will help you order a quality website.

Step: determine why you need the site

If you know why you are creating a site, consider that you are half way to the successful launch of the resource. See for yourself: understanding the purpose of the site's existence allows the customer and the developer to implement their plans step by step. On the other hand, if you order a site because it is so accepted, then you run the risk of falling into the trap "maybe, let's go." Here it is:

- Let's screw up the forum as well.

- Maybe, in the menu, swap the links "About the company" and "Our products"?

- What if you play with flowers here and add monograms and little things in the basement?

- Everything is great, thank you very much, but something else is missing, something is wrong.

Advertising is expensive and does not always bring the desired return on investment. A young business is faced with a problem when sales do not pay off the advertising costs, and the budget is running out. In such circumstances, companies are forced to resort to alternative strategies in order not to go bankrupt.

Or a situation arises when the company does not have enough advertising budget at the very beginning, but has goods or services. Then you need to find a way to sell them without spending money on advertising. Today we will share original ideas that will help a business increase sales without spending a penny.

Simplify the order form

The more fields to fill out the form, the higher the likelihood of losing customers. Finally, some shoppers may just feel intimidated by the cluttered pile of form elements and look elsewhere to checkout.

BliVakker, a Norwegian online cosmetics store. o Conducted an A / B test to find out how streamlining the checkout process affects visitor conversions. One of the usability tests involved testing the impact of the "Login with Facebook" button on visitor behavior.

After a test conducted on 8,000 site visitors, it turned out that in the absence of a button for authorization via the Facebook social network, the conversion was 3% higher, which brought the company an additional $ 10,000 in income per week.

This is what the form with the button looked like:

Reduce website load time

If page loading speed seems like a negligible factor in sales, see Walmart's research. Analysts have found that every additional second reduces conversions by 2%.

Other studies show that every second of delay in loading a website reduces conversions by 7%. Time is a limited and non-renewable resource that is only shrinking. Users would rather not wait for a page to load and move on to the next store. This leads to a decrease in conversion.

For example, AutoAnything increased conversions by 9% and sales by 13%, halving page load speed. Its competitor is Edmunds. om increased the number of site views by 17%, reducing the loading speed by 7 seconds.

Google provides a tool to check the page speed of a website's PageSpeed ​​Insight. Insert the address of your company into the line, and the service will set a score: if it is less than 90%, then you need to speed up page loading, and this will help to retain more potential buyers. Let's check the random site for the query "buy winter tires in Moscow" and see how optimized it is.

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