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Who will be involved in the improvement

Each owner has his own ideas about the comfort on the site. Someone dreams of land with a garden and a comfortable place to relax, with a gazebo and a fireplace. And someone wants to have free space with a classic lawn and a minimum of paths, but to organize a functional entrance area.

It is most correct to think about work on the improvement of the site when the construction of the house ends. At this moment, the land looks extremely unpresentable: an empty unkempt area with construction waste and soil remaining after its excavation at the stage of foundation construction.

To transform a space, it is not enough just to take out the trash, lay paths and break a couple of flower beds. The desire to improve the site turns into the need for a complex of diverse activities, and it is very important to carry them out correctly.

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A systematic, thoughtful approach will not only improve the appearance, but also increase the attractiveness of real estate on the market, as well as minimize future maintenance costs.

Only specialists are able to guarantee a quick and high-quality result of work, therefore, if serious transformations are planned, the improvement of the site should be entrusted to a specialized company. Engineers and landscape designers will be able to make optimal use of every square meter of land. With solid experience behind them, they will carry out zoning, plant plants and lay garden paths, bring in the necessary communications.

Complex ordering of services helps to get maximum savings. The cost reduction is due to real savings on optimization: on the combined performance of work, on the transportation of personnel and the haul of equipment.

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How to initiate the improvement of the adjoining area

Procedure essence

Checking the gas meter - examining the accuracy of the working mechanism. Based on the diagnostic results, it is determined whether the device can be used further.

Metrological diagnostics of meters is carried out in the Gosstandart bodies or at home, if the company that will carry out the procedure has mobile equipment. The procedure is performed by professionals, so the risk of harm to the device is equal to zero.

In accordance with the Federal Law “On Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements” No. 102 FZ dated June 26, 2008, all gas meters must be checked for correct calculations prior to commissioning.

In 2021, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the verification of any meters (gas, water, electricity, heat) was canceled. The rules were in effect from April 2021 to January 1, 2021. In 2021, the verification of metering devices again became mandatory, the moratorium ended.

Purpose of gas meter calibration

The need for periodic checks is due to the fact that during operation the device itself and its main mechanisms are influenced both by external factors and gas vapors, which over time can lead to the fact that the meter readings will be unreliable. In this case, the distortion can be in any direction, so the consumer needs to constantly monitor the state of the device and, if necessary, initiate even an unscheduled verification. Also, on the basis of the Maintenance Agreement, the gas supply company at least once every six months, represented by its representative, conducts a scheduled inspection of all gas equipment, including monitoring the operation of the meter.

You can also highlight several other important points that determine the need for regular verification of metering devices. And this:

· ensuring conditions for obtaining reliable data on energy consumption;

· security control of the use of metering devices;

The adjacent territory of an apartment building (MKD), that is, the land plot adjacent to it is the common shared property of its residents. This is what Art. 6 of the Housing Code. To determine the boundaries of the adjacent territory, it is necessary to conduct a land survey of the MKD section. (To clarify how much the land surveying procedure costs in your area, you can use the service - calculating the cost of cadastral work). The State Duma is introducing a number of amendments to housing legislation concerning the issues of registration of land plots for apartment buildings. The law on the extension of the dacha amnesty of August 2, 2021 was signed by the President and came into force. Let us analyze how to make a project for land surveying of an apartment building, land surveying of the adjacent territory according to the new law in more detail.

Advantages of land surveying under an apartment building

Every city dweller is pleased when not only the central streets, but also the courtyards of houses are kept clean. Landscaped and green areas, the presence of playgrounds - all this undoubtedly attracts and pleases the eye. We leave the house every day, and it is much more pleasant for everyone to look at a well-groomed flower bed and an organized parking place for cars, rather than at uncleaned and broken sidewalks and paths. Management companies are created to keep the houses clean and tidy. But they do not always fully cope with their responsibilities. Land surveying of the adjacent territory of the MKD gives, firstly, the right to dispose of the residents of the common property at their own discretion (it can be landscaped, fenced off from outsiders), and secondly, to prevent the placement of unnecessary objects in the courtyard.

How to register the territory under the MKD in ownership

The owner of any apartment can independently make a personal share in the land plot under a residential building by his own private property. It should be borne in mind that this procedure takes a lot of time and is quite costly in financial terms. For this reason, it is wiser to join forces with other residents or seek help from representatives of the municipality. It is better to divide the procedure into several important stages, which include:

  • organizing a meeting of all apartment owners in the MKD, polling and collecting signatures confirming their consent to the procedure for registering rights to the territory under a particular house, including the choice of an official representative;
  • < li> preparation and transfer of an application for the formation of a plot of land to state authorities;
  • a request to a cadastral engineer, who must prepare a landline plan;
  • preparation of a complete list of documents for the procedure for accounting for the cadastre and registration of rights on the property;
  • completion of the registration procedure in Rosreestr.

After the information about the territory under the house is entered into the general cadastre, the owners of the territory are issued a special document - a cadastral passport containing all information about the land object. The presence of such a document allows you to carry out any transactions involving this object. In the case of a specific territory, all owners of apartments in an apartment building become its rightholders, part of the ownership of each of which is calculated taking into account the size of the area of ​​the apartment belonging to him, taking into account clause of Article 37 of the LC RF.

Who prepares the land-surveying project for an apartment building?

Article 16 of the law dated 29. 2. 004 N 189-FZ "On the introduction of the Housing Code" states that any owner of an apartment building has the right to apply to public authorities in order for them to form a land plot. That is, what should be the boundaries of the local area is determined by the local authorities. Cadastral works on the preparation of the land-surveying project are carried out by specialized organizations. But who should initiate and order the project for surveying an apartment building and register a land plot for an apartment building, pay for cadastral work? There is no answer to these questions in the current legislation, so the State Duma decided to fill in the gaps and clarify.

Conditions for recognizing a land plot under MKD as common property

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation reflected in the Plenum of April 29, 2010 No. 10/22 "On some issues arising in judicial practice in resolving disputes related to the protection of property rights and other property rights" land plots (paragraphs 66, 67 of the Plenum 10/22)

A Lipchanka named Olga drew attention to a curious fact.

- Severe Lipetsk: at the third entrance of house No. 3 on Industrialnaya Street, instead of tiles at the repair site, the Country Management Company laid a carpet under which there is sand, - the reader said.

- The carpet is really ours, - admitted to the UK "Country". - After the repair, the water supply system in this place was mess and dirt: people constantly slipped and even fell into this “black plasticine”. At first we tried to fill this huge hole with black soil and clay with rubble, laid boards, but nothing helped. Then they decided to lay a carpet - and everyone was happy: no one else stumbles, falls or gets dirty. The carpet has been lying in this place for a long time, a month and a half, and until today none of the tenants have complained.

Today, an unusual method of improvement was commented on in the Housing and Utilities Department of the Lipetsk administration.

- The area around the house is tiled, - noted in the Lipetsk City Hall. - LGEKom, during emergency work in the winter on cold water supply pipes, the improvement was disrupted - paving slabs were dismantled, crushed stone was filled up. After that, a lot of dirt at the entrance of the house turned out. LGEK restores disturbed landscaping in the spring and summer period. A carpet was laid by the janitor in agreement with the tenants, the director of the Criminal Code is pleased with the way out of the situation. There were no complaints from tenants.

You can! Take note

Why "negative"? To the entrance - on the red carpet. You can feel yourself on such a covering with a star.

Well, cool. Rich. Soft. In the summer you can even barefoot. I don't see any cons.

Lawlessness of the management company

The apartment building "RC" Paradise "in Rostov-on-Don is raided by the management company, which belongs to the developer. The developer company SMU-1 belongs to the large businessman A. Dzhioev, who is also a member of the United Russia party ". At the same time, GZI openly stands on the side of a commercial organization, ignoring meetings of owners. / P>

The owners elected the HOA as a legitimate meeting and abandoned the unfair Criminal Code, but this "war" has been going on for a year now. Bribery of government agencies, civil society organizations, courts, hiring "lads" to seize a house by force. The owners only have to go out and defend their property.

The modern SUV is not the same. Gone are the strong construction and high cross-country ability. Their place was taken by glamor and good qualities on the pavement. But is it really that bad? Not! Not bad. In the era of widespread asphalting of nature, the need for strong bridges with springs has disappeared. Indeed, why bother on bridges on a good road, when it is better to ride a comfortable, high-speed and maneuverable crossover. Which? Well, for example, on Nissan

Nissan is equipped with Intelligent Key. It comes with an interesting ignition key in the form of a regular keychain with buttons. A mechanical key is built into the body of this key fob, which can be used, for example, when the battery or accumulator is discharged in a car. There are two buttons on the body - unlocking and locking door locks. The key recognition system operates at a distance of about one meter from the vehicle, doors can be opened by pressing buttons on the front door handles or trunk handle without removing the key. The engine is also started without a key by turning a special handle on the end of the steering column.

We've known Nissan for ten years. Not to say that he became familiar during this time, but he should not be considered a rare beast either. Even after sales of the second generation of this SUV began almost four years ago, this car is not uncommon. And the secret is simple: despite the change of generations, the second design is not far from its predecessor. Naturally, the body is completely different. After all, the technical stuffing has changed a lot. But here's the look ... In order to figure out on the spot which generation is in front of you, you must either be a true fan of this model, or look closely at the details.

And the details are interesting. The roof rails will surprise few people, but the additional high-beam headlights built into them are rare today. Naturally, I did not fail to find out how effective this props are. And is it a sham? Well no! Not a props. Have a great head light. It would seem, why does he need anything else? But additional headlights improve lighting so much that you can safely go on a trip to the ends of the earth without fear of the authorities turning off street lighting.

By the way, there is something about travel! well prepared for a long trip. Even more - it has everything you need to not strain either the driver or passengers on a long journey. Take the trunk, for example. The subsoil of impressive size has a double bottom. There are several compartments under the floor in which you can store a lot of all kinds of junk. Seems not bad. At least thought out. Moreover, with partitions, you can vary the size of the compartments. I put a first-aid kit in them, and a fire extinguisher, on the plastic cover I threw a tripod, a couple of plastic cones ... Oh my God! How all this stuff rumbled while driving! And it would be okay for the clothes to fly over the trunk on the bends, they did not find rest even when driving straight. When braking or accelerating, luggage flew and thundered throughout the cabin. Okay, you can tie the flying load yourself, fortunately, one of the world's largest concerns did not save on hooks, but there is no special net in the kit.

The salon is not bad. As some like to say, "full stuffing", well, or "skin-mug". Leather seats have many advantages. First, it's cool. Secondly, it's very cool! But they are slippery, it was possible to stay in place on bends solely because I was holding on to the steering wheel (I still don’t understand how I still managed to steer them). By the way, the side sagging on the back is not so hot as expressed.

But the rest of the seats have no flaws. Adjustable front seats with electric drives allow you to sit in comfort. And in general, the level of comfort is high. The climate control works flawlessly. Even in our heat in May (when the onboard thermometer showed +32 in the shade) it was really cold in the cabin. Soundproofing is well thought out - the engine and the oncoming air flow do not hit the ears. But this is not without a sin - the wheel arches, according to sensations, are poorly insulated. As I drove off the primer onto the asphalt and added gas, I heard such drumbeats from pieces of dirt flying off the tread and hitting the wheel arches, which can not always be heard in much more budget cars.

The ergonomics are well thought out. The biggest plus is the return of the instrument panel to its usual place in front of the driver. The shield in the center of the panel (as was the case with the first generation) may be a squeak of fashion, but reading its readings there is not as convenient as from the shield that flaunts in front of your eyes.

All the necessary buttons and switches in the right place. But the volume buttons of the audio system are located on the steering wheel in such a place that they are simply inconvenient to use. Throughout the test, I never learned how to adjust the volume from the steering wheel - reaching for the "beard" turned out to be easier than constantly being distracted by the location of the buttons.

There are interesting features, for example, cup holders built into the dashboard. Not a bad idea. Moreover, these cup holders can either be cooled or heated (depending on the operating mode of the climate). But if you put a liter bottle of mineral water or beer there (who likes what more), then it starts to interfere when cornering - it blocks a small field of view. Although ... a car for travel. And there are direct highways through the steppe. I set up the cruise control at 110 km / h, turned on the display of the trip computer on the display and drive, enjoy the fuel consumption of 7 l / 100 km (this is exactly the kind of fuel I got when driving in such conditions).

The display on the central tunnel is a good thing, it can show what is happening behind when reversing, it can display the state of the audio system, radio and so on. And even shows the cards. True, I still did not understand why, when driving through Almaty, the cursor not only led me along some roads of North America, but also tried to indicate in Russian where to go. Night, something like Nazareth is pouring out of six speakers, but then the broadcast is interrupted, and a woman's voice says: "After 400 meters, when the road ends, turn left." Of course, the idea of ​​"left" is a good one. But where is it "to the left"? He turned on the map: it is, somewhere in America. No, I won't go there. Unfortunately, there are no local maps. And, it seems, are not yet expected.

Sorry though. Something, but this car can drive. At first, the dynamics seemed, to put it mildly, none. It was necessary to go quickly from the traffic light. I stepped on the gas to the floor. The engine growled strainedly, and the speedometer needle somehow sluggishly began its long journey. Yes, it doesn’t start from the spot, but then it catches itself. Already after the speed becomes more than 50 km / h, the car adequately and predictably responds to pressing the gas pedal. True, we did not manage to keep within the stated 10 seconds required for acceleration to 100 km / h. The best result is just over 12 seconds.

It's well managed, but the rolls on the bends are scary. Repeatedly there was a feeling that everything had sailed. Now let's start counting "ears". But by some miracle, he managed to catch on the road with all wheels and maintain an upright position. It is clear that in fact it is far from the coup. But the sensations are far from pleasant.

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