Mowing grass

Something breaks in everyone's house. It is difficult to repair it without experienced hands, and without special tools it is not at all possible. Fortunately, sets of hand tools help out.

But don't stock up on all sorts of screwdrivers, wrenches and hammers. Forward-looking manufacturers began to build ready-made toolkits. They differ in content and purpose. Then the problem arises: how to choose a good set of tools for the home in order to buy only what is needed. Let's figure it out.

Tool types: universal and specialized

Before choosing a set of tools for the home, it is worth determining the possible scope of work and the level of professionalism of the master. For a beginner and emergency work, it is better to buy a small suitcase with the essentials. These tools include:

  • screwdrivers of various sizes and shapes;
  • tape measure, pencil or marker for precise measurements and marks;
  • hammer;
  • collection of wrenches: socket, adjustable, combination, ring, ratchet;
  • pliers for small jobs: bend, clamp or hold;
  • nuts, screws, nails of different sizes , diameters.

Power tools (such as a drill, grinder, screwdriver) can also come in handy in everyday life. Drills, circles and bits are bought for them.

In kits for plumbers, electricians, motorists and others, there are usually several specialized tools or different modifications of one. Items from such a set will not be able to perform any household work.

Complete set of universal kits

There are universal toolboxes on the market whose names and uses are familiar to everyone. They come to stores in boxes, boxes or suitcases. The number of tools in them is different, but the completeness is similar.

All sets contain:

Secrets of growing thornless gooseberries

The owner of a summer house with a garden plot is forced to spend time mowing grass. The problem arises in the spring. At this time, the site is being prepared for planting cultivated plants. If a large part of the territory is covered by a lawn, the procedure will become regular.

The work cannot be carried out without special equipment and experience. Therefore, self-removal of unnecessary greenery can be delayed. A better solution would be to contact a specialist.

Mowing grass: price per one hundred square meters

How the grass is mowed on the site

Before starting work, you need to assess the condition of the cover, the area of ​​the territory (m²) and weather conditions. The vegetation must be dry, otherwise you can ruin the tool and get a lawn with bald patches. After the end of the work, the site must be watered with high quality. Mowing is a big stress on greenery. For its further growth, quality care is required. Watering takes center stage.

The grass is mowed with different tools. Each has its own merits and demerits. The cost of mowing grass per hundred square meters depends on them. Depending on the area, as well as the density of the cover, the following technique is used:

  • Conventional hand scythe;
  • Wheel lawn mower;
  • Petrol trimmer;
  • Tractor with rotary scythe.

The improper execution of simple, seemingly simple tasks can damage the lawn. The real danger here lies in what is commonly called "scalping". This is cutting the plant down to soil level. This happens when the mower height is deliberately set too low during mowing. Another reason is that the trimmer is used to cut the plants too close to the ground. Typically, the results of this error can be seen near a fence post or by the side of a walkway.

This is really detrimental to your territory. First, most of the moisture and nutrients of the herbal plant are stored in the tissues of the leaves. Pruning too much reduces the ability to withstand heat and drought. There are cool season grasses that hate hot and dry weather, so this resilience is very important. Secondly, more sunlight enters the soil. This rise in soil temperature and drying out can cause the grass to go dormant or kill it entirely.

Always follow the “one-third” rule when mowing or mowing during the cooler season. The services of professionals in the organization of landscape design will be indispensable if the owner of the site is really concerned about the aesthetic side of his lawn.

Hand Scythe

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