Loft Design Carpet 07 Beige and Brown with Blue

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Contemporary oriental style rug

Modern practical oriental style carpet from the collection of the German brand Mikronesse. Sufficient pile height and high density make the carpet soft and cozy.

Thanks to the modern material, the carpet will not lose the brightness of colors and will be easy to care for. It is important that the carpet with regular maintenance does not cause allergies, unlike carpets made from natural materials.

Two shapes: oval or rectangle. Sizes to choose from: 80 x 140 or 160 x 220 cm. / P>

Complete set: "Jansar" carpet - 1 pc. Material: 100% polypropylene Material density: 921 600 dots / m² Choice of sizes: 80 x 140 cm (rectangle) or 160 x 220 cm (oval) Pile height: 10 mm Country of the brand: Germany

About the brand

German home textiles Mikronesse are made of modern innovative materials in all their diversity. The range of the brand includes mattress covers and blankets, decorative pillows and blankets, elegant curtains and stylish tablecloths, carpets and furniture covers. Modern technologies used in the production of fabrics provide them with their unique properties. Mikronesse blankets and bedspreads do not electrify, let air pass through and therefore do not overheat the body. Transformable pillows are indispensable on a long journey, and synthetic textiles are ideal for people with allergies to natural wool, down and fur.

DIY carpet video

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Loft Design Carpet 07 Beige and Brown with Blue will be an attractive addition to the interior, decorated in a modern or classic style. A soft, but durable, carpet product provides heat and noise insulation, is distinguished by a long service life, reliability, environmental friendliness and high wear resistance, is an excellent barrier against high humidity in the room and insulation for a cold floor. Due to the quality of materials, the carpet does not deform, retains its original appearance under the weight of furniture. Its surface is easy to maintain.

Loft Design Carpet 07 Beige and Brown with Blue will be a magnificent transformation of the living space, emphasizing the high status of the owner.

Carpet in the living room:

If you find it difficult to make a decision in choosing the size of the carpet - always choose a larger size. A small rug is difficult to make to look cozy over a large area.

Recommended sizes for the living room: 150 x 230 cm (160 x 230 cm), 200 x 290 cm (200 x 300 cm), 240 x 340 cm (250 x 350 cm) and more, depending on free area.

Bedroom carpet:

The size of the carpet depends on the total area, more precisely - on the area of ​​the bedside area. Do not try to cover the entire surface with a carpet. It is ideal when the bedside tables are on the floor, and the carpet itself will protrude at the sides and from the end of the bed by at least 50 cm. / P>

Recommended dimensions for the bedroom: 200 x 290 cm (200 x 300 cm), 240 x 340 cm (250 x 350 cm), 300 x 400 cm.

Delivery to Yekaterinburg:

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An attractive and functional continuation of a private house will be a polycarbonate veranda, which allows you to equip a full-fledged recreation area in the open air. If in the past such buildings were made of wood or brick, today light synthetic materials are increasingly used. Polycarbonate has an affordable cost, is durable and durable, which makes such verandas popular in recent years. Let's talk in more detail about how to build a polycarbonate veranda with our own hands.

Brief description of the material

Polycarbonate is a synthetic material, the sheets of which consist of two layers held together by stiffening ribs. There is air in the formed voids, which can significantly improve the performance of thermal insulation. For the production of this synthetic material, modern technologies are used, which makes it possible to guarantee not only its strength, but also excellent environmental friendliness.

The advantages of having a summer kitchen in a summer cottage are different. This structure can be of different types, but before choosing it, you must choose the right place for this structure. You can build ...

On sale you can find transparent polycarbonate, which has two and three layers, which significantly improves the thermal insulation of this material. These panels are flexible and lightweight. Working with them is not particularly difficult, therefore, every homeowner-summer resident with a minimum of experience in construction work can make a polycarbonate veranda. You only need to select a high-quality project, which will be the key to the success of such a construction.

Determining the type and shape of the veranda

Today it is customary to distinguish two main types of veranda, which can be built-in and built-in. Each of these types of construction has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. The homeowner needs to clearly plan what type of construction he needs, and then choose the preferred version of the polycarbonate veranda.

Usually, a built-in veranda is equipped even during the construction of a house, such buildings imply the presence of a common roof and foundation. You can position the attached veranda anywhere, for example, opposite the gate to the site or directly at the entrance to the main building. Most homeowners choose attached structures, which eliminates the need to carry out any major work in the house.

In their shape, verandas can differ significantly from each other. They can resemble both an open area and a kind of belt around the building. Outdoor terraces are very popular, which are slightly raised above the ground, have an equipped roof and walls sheathed with polycarbonate or any other material. The veranda can also be made in the form of a winter garden, with an entrance exclusively from one of the rooms of the house.

An interesting option is a veranda with a sloping roof, adjacent to the house and serving as a buffer between the street and the building. The rigidity and stability of the roof and frame is ensured due to its tight abutment to the house, and with the use of additional insulation and heat-efficient wall materials, such a building can be used almost all year round.

The best option would be a veranda in the form of a small semicircle, which is decorated with various flowers and greenery around its perimeter. It is a lightweight structure, so the foundation can be built from inexpensive concrete blocks. The walls of such a building can be deaf, or they can be raised to a height of about a meter, leaving such an extension open, which makes the veranda an excellent place to relax in the fresh air.

Construction Features

The construction of a polycarbonate veranda is not particularly difficult, it is a light material, therefore, in such a case, it is not required to equip a full-size foundation. It is quite possible to do with a lightweight tape or columnar base, which can be easily poured on its own. For the construction of the foundation, support pillars are mounted in the corners of the building, for which they dig holes 1.5 meters deep. A small layer of sand and gravel is poured onto the bottom, metal pillars or logs are installed, which are additionally concreted, which allows ensuring the immobility and strength of the structure being erected.

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