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All internal combustion engines have a lubrication system. Thanks to her, rubbing nodes work for a long time and without interruption, regardless of the load. The lubrication system consists of more than just the oil pump, filter and channels in the cylinder block. The VAZ 2110 has another important detail - the oil pressure sensor. This is a simple detail that has a responsible function. The article will discuss how it is arranged, where it is located and how to check the oil pressure sensor on the VAZ 2110.


This device detects the oil pressure level and displays the corresponding information on the control panel. Timely notification allows the car owner to quickly fix the problem. If you ignore it, problems can begin with the engine, entailing expensive repairs. After all, if there is not enough oil in the engine, the piston of the car runs dry.

The oil pressure sensor on the VAZ notifies not only that this fluid has run out. Sometimes a red indicator light may indicate a malfunction in the pump. This happens even if the motor has enough lubricant.

How the sensor works and how it works

The oil pressure sensor for the VAZ 2110 includes the following components in its design:

  • movable and fixed contacts;
  • body (usually metal);
  • membrane;
  • pusher in the form rods.

On the VAZ 2110 model, a contact sample sensor. It connects to the warning light on the panel. Including the ignition, a "plus" from the vehicle's power supply goes to one contact of the light bulb. The remaining, second contact, contacts the moving part of the meter.

The working principle of the part is not complicated. The algorithm is based on the fact that the lamp leads are washed to ground. This is the functional task of the movable contact - it is through it that the pusher is connected to the diaphragm. Under the diaphragm itself there is a cavity in contact with the lubrication system in the motor unit. When pressure rises inside it, the load on the diaphragm also increases. And she begins to bend, as a result of which the movable contact moves away from the fixed one. If there is no pressure, the contacts remain closed, and the corresponding indicator on the dashboard lights up. For the circuit to open, the pressure must rise above 0.3 atmospheres. At the same time, the light bulb goes out.

Where is

In the tenth VAZ model, it can be located in two places, depending on how many valves the engine has.

For 2110 8 valves, it is located in the area of ​​the rear right side of the engine, in the socket of the cylinder head, near the belt guard. It is easy to find on a single wire.

Drivers of VAZ with a working unit for 16 valves will have to look for it in a slightly different place. It is also located behind the motor, but to the left. The sensor is attached to the camshaft block. One wire also goes from it, but two bundles of cables protected by black insulation are found nearby.

Oil pressure sensor VAZ 2110; replacement, repair, diagnostics

24. 2. 021 in the port of Hamburg, customs officials seized 16 tons of cocaine - in the history of this is the largest smuggled consignment in Europe.

Following a tip from the Netherlands, Hamburg customs investigators checked five containers that a Rotterdam company ordered from Paraguay to Hamburg. According to NDR, the company has had violations in the past.

The containers were supposed to have putty, but X-rays quickly revealed that the containers contained a lot of cans that were filled with something else. While unloading, the officers found more than 1,700 cans containing more than 16 tons of cocaine.

“Hamburg is used to a lot,” said Rene Matschke, head of the Hamburg customs service, to NDR, “but this find overshadows all the previous ones. The cost of these drugs on the streets ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 billion euros, ”said Matchke, noting that the investigation was an extraordinary success.

Philip Eckstein and Benedict Strunz, NDR

Goodbye, good mood every day.

These are not suitcases from Argentina through the embassy. Here the scope is visible.

Remaining to sell and in general zbs

15 tons were seized. And 13 will appear in the materials of the criminal case. and if they have a prosecutor's office, which sends cases to court, then for 12 tons they will give a long time.

So that's why Zakharova has been so sad lately.

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New Year will be without snow

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