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Greetings! Today the topic of our discussion sounds like this: why do children need games, and more precisely, what is good about play as a form of interaction with children.

And we'll talk about the most ordinary games, not computer ones. Although the same applies to computer games.

Play is not only the development of thinking, it is the ability to think creatively. The game is inspiring. If you, being next to the children, offer them even some small play idea, they immediately dispose to you. And you become their friends.

And becoming friends for your children is very important. Your further relationship entirely depends on this. That is, playing today with your little child, you create a model of your relationship for the future.

When I came to work at school, I found that children learn much better through play. And the more play techniques we can use, not only in teaching, but also in raising children, the better we are with the kids. And they are more comfortable with us. Therefore, I am not against games at all. I have two hands for games.

But I want you and me to use these games for good, because good games develop health. Imagine, even the multiplication table can be learned in the game.

I want you to learn education and training in play, because play is the most natural state of a child. You can see how delighted they are with any toy. If you can use it, then it will be just great.

Nowadays even adult education takes place sometimes in the game. Moreover, more and more often. And it's brilliant.

We also meet sometimes and hold such play parties for children and adults.

Children love to play. But they need to play with someone. Do you agree?

If they play with each other, that is certainly good. But they play little with each other. And there are not always other children nearby to play. For example, when the child is alone in the family.

If you cannot find a game form of interaction with them, they will not be friends with you. That is, for them the game is just a way of life, it is air. And you cannot give them this air.

And that's where the big problem begins. The question is not that you do not like to play and somehow want to avoid it. Some people say it's not mine to play. It is difficult for me, I will not study like this, I will not apply it.

Why do children need games

Road Team Teaser

The series promises to plunge the viewer into the romance of real road adventures, telling about the backstage life of a successful rock band going on another months-long tour. The storyteller will be one of the technical staff who is involved in arranging the life of star guest performers.

Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky) is executive producer, writer and director. Showrunner - Vinnie Holtzman. Also executive producers are J.J. Abrams and Brian Burke. Produced by Bad Robot Productions, Vinyl Films and Dooley & Company Productions in partnership with Warner Bros. Television.

New trailer for Paranormal Activity: Ghosts in D

Another portion of the plot. If you do not understand (the final chapter, visible drums and the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy).

Young couple Ryan and Emily, their 6-year-old daughter Leila and Ryan's younger brother settled in a rather nice and quiet house. But very soon ghosts begin to haunt them.

Super Mario Maker Review

All editors are in a hurry to share a review of the Super Mario Maker game. Lev Grinberg expresses his impressions:

Igromir: From Red Bull to FPS Respect

Lonely wandering through the back streets of Friday's "Igromir" in anticipation of the next interview, I wandered into the Sony stand - to profit from free "Red Bull". Well, and see games, where can we go without them. There were enough projects, but mostly those that had already been released or were about to come out were given to try out. One of these “just about” was the re-release of the Uncharted trilogy.

The most important thing for me was the promise to make the controls in all three parts the same, bringing the overall level of quality of shooting, rolls and cover to the level of the third part.

60 fps on the right or left GIF?

Premieres of the week: - October

Today the topic of our discussion sounds like this: why do children need games, and more precisely, what is good about play as a form of interaction with children

About the creation of the series "Ash vs. Evil Dead" (with Russian subtitles)

An inside look at the mysteries of blood and atmosphere. now with translation:

And along the way, I received the second trailer:

Steve Jobs Movie Poster

Ryan & Kripke's episode went to NBC

NBC has acquired the rights to develop Project Time by Sean Ryan (The Shield) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural).

An action-adventure thriller with elements of fiction, it tells about three completely different characters who travel along and across time to fight villains who threaten to rewrite history.

Ryan and Kripke are co-writing and executive producing alongside John Davis and John Fox.

Shyamalan and Phoenix love the Trinity

Three Oscar-nominated Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator) will once again star in director M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) in a new unnamed film from producer Jason Bloom (Paranormal Activity).

Phoenix previously starred in Shyamalan's commercially successful productions - Signs and Mysterious Forest. Bloom worked with the director on the thriller "The Visit", the five-millionth movie has not yet been released, but already enjoys critical respect.

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