How to choose the right earrings for a girl: with diamonds or other stones

Choosing earrings for a girl is not an easy task, even for a professional. After all, how it happens: like an earring, they favorably emphasize the grace of the neck, combine with the main bow and look stylish, in the opinion of others, but they don't like it! Therefore, it is worth putting at the forefront not only objective parameters, but the personal tastes of the owner of the jewelry.

This publication will highlight the main objective selection criteria, and you will have to deal with personal tastes on your own. This is a subtle matter that defies analysis, but it is she who is one of the components of true femininity!

How to choose the right diamond earrings?

There are probably no women on Earth who are absolutely indifferent to shining diamonds. According to the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe, they are the girls' best friends. It is difficult to argue with this: there are no women who would not be able to face diamonds. These are the most versatile gemstones.

Choosing diamond earrings is very pleasant, because jewelers create amazing masterpieces from them. But here it is especially important to take into account the question of price: not everyone can afford such a decoration in principle, but an exclusive design one, at a cost comparable to a good apartment in Moscow, even more so.

The following factors affect the pricing and appearance of jewelry:

  • Weight. The assessment takes into account the weight of the stone (or stones) expressed in carats (equivalent to 0.2 grams). One carat diamond will cost significantly more than two half carats.
  • Origin. There are so-called "synthetic diamonds", that is, artificially grown minerals with similar properties. The most popular are cubic zirconia and moissanite, visually and in properties indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. Earrings with them look no less stylish than jewelry with natural diamonds, but they cost tens and hundreds of times cheaper.
  • Color, clarity and transparency. Perfectly transparent and clean stones are especially appreciated. Each defect gives a minus from the price of a flawless analogue. Some shades (brown, yellowish) reduce their cost, some, on the contrary, increase (blue, red).
  • Frame. Natural diamonds are usually framed with high-grade gold in various shades (yellow, pink, red and even green) or platinum. But synthetic diamonds can be combined with more democratic silver.
  • Design. It takes into account both the type and quality of the cut of the stones and the overall design of the earrings. Designer jewelry is more expensive than mass jewelry by definition.

Contrary to popular misconception, Swarovski crystals are not synthetic diamonds. This is an imitation, though expensive and of high quality.

Choosing the right earrings with diamonds is possible only in a good jewelry store. There is no risk of running into "synthetics" or outright counterfeiting offered at the price of natural diamonds.

Earrings with diamonds, in most cases, are an exclusive evening piece, combined with the appropriate outfit: wearing it during the day is considered bad taste. The exceptions are studs, thread chains and small earrings with English or French locks with single stones. But in a restaurant, theater or at a party, you can feel free to wear luxurious "chandeliers", "drops", cuffs, volumetric rings or half rings, decorated with a scattering of diamonds.

How to choose the right earrings for a girl: tips for choosing gold and silver earrings with precious stones. Earrings should complement the appearance of their owner and emphasize her dignity. Read more about the criteria to consider when choosing earrings in the article.

The loss of one earring can turn into a small tragedy, especially when it comes to a particularly beloved couple. But now, when asked whether it is possible to wear different earrings, stylists answer unequivocally: yes! So the choice remains with the beautiful ladies who have one more tool for creating extraordinary bows.

Different earrings in a pair are called asymmetrical. Moreover, they can be made of similar materials in the same style, differing only in details, or they can be radically different from each other. The former are mainly sold in pairs, the latter are chosen by women of fashion on their own.

How to wear single, asymmetrical or different earrings in pairs

Stylists recommend making a bright accent on one ear - then the asymmetry will not look like an accident (I accidentally put on unpaired earrings, didn't notice, and went on like that), but a thoughtful element of the outfit. This is not a dogma, but it is useful to listen to the opinion of experts.

Not every combination of unpaired earrings will look stylish: sometimes results are obtained that cannot be looked at without laughing through tears. If you are not sure of your own choice, it is better to resort to the help of a stylist or a friend who does not suffer from a lack of taste.

If you are choosing a duo of earrings yourself, you need to comprehensively study the end result and its compatibility with the common bow. For example, earrings of different lengths in pairs should not be worn to work with a strict dress code. The maximum that is permissible is a combination, for example, studs and a small earrings with a pebble or diamond facet in an English or French lock.

But asymmetrical earrings in a pair can be used and much more interesting when it comes to a free urban outfit, a playful look for a party or a mysterious look for a romantic date.

Successful combinations

Ring and pendant. A wonderful combination: a voluminous Congo ring in an oriental or vintage style and an earring with a small pendant decorated with one or more stones. The opposite option is also possible: a laconic small ring plus a luxurious chandelier ("chandelier"), a bunch or an earring with a brush to the shoulder and below.

Rings of different diameters. A modest ring in one ear and a huge gypsy or multi-layered vintage in the other - great! Several smooth small rings look cool in one ear (if there are several holes) and one large, richly decorated - in the other.