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Our partner Augvape has released the FOXY One box mod. This is a single-battery device, which is best used with a 21700 battery, which will immediately affect a large margin of autonomy. The main feature of the device is its attractive appearance and miniature size. The kid really turned out to be compact, with 3 modes and a completely informational display. Previously, the manufacturer already had a mod with the name "Foxy" in its name - it was called Foxy Druga, but it was for 2 batteries.

Thanks to Augvape for submitting the box mod

Package Contents

FOXY One, adapter for 18650, charging cable, instructions.

Information for information

Augvape FOXY One is made of zinc alloy. Available in five colors: black + green leather, gunmetal + brown leather, gunmetal + alcantara, copper + wood patten leather, Silver + black leather. Equipped with a board supporting power up to 120 watts and resistances from 0.5 Ohm. Supports three types of batteries.

Technical parameters

Output power: 5 to 120 Watt, Supported resistance: 0.5 to 3 Ohm, Supported batteries: 21700/18650, Operating modes: VW, VV, Bypass, Maximum charge current: 1.A .

Height: 86 mm, Width: 37.6 mm, Thickness: 26 mm, Weight: 137/197 g from 21700.


Outwardly, the device resembles other devices from the Druga line, but with the addition of modern trends. The upper platform will allow the atoms to be wound up to 24 mm. A little levitation is present, but quite a bit right.

There is a Fire button on the front panel. It is large, protrudes well and is pressed quite clearly.

On the side edge there are control buttons for a small screen. The buttons are slightly recessed to reduce the chance of accidental pressing. On the opposite side there is a charging port with a maximum current of 1.A.

Greetings, dear friend! Today we will talk with you about Maxwells e-liquid. From the article you will learn:

Liquid packaging

These bottles sell Maxwells salt liquid.

Maxwells Salt slurry is sold only in 30 ml containers, but on regular nicotine it can be found in different volumes: 30, 100 and 120 ml. But it should be borne in mind that not all tastes are available in the listed options, since some are produced exclusively for a certain capacity.

The 30 ml vials have a refill pipette, and the larger jars are equipped with a "spout". And by the way, each of the options has a control from the first opening and, of course, protection from children.

The 30 ml bottles are made of frosted glass and the jar is printed directly on the material. On the label you can find all the information you need regarding the content: taste, slurry strength, shelf life.

The only exception is the 120 ml Chubby Gorilla bottle, the can has a relief pattern, and it comes packed in a box as a bonus.

Strength of Maxwells liquids

The strength of the Maxwells salt slurry is 12 or 20 mg.

I would like to remind right away that in 2021 a new law banning the sale of "high-calotine" products came into force in Russia, naturally, such an order affected many manufacturers of salt liquids. Now in our country you can buy a liquid with a maximum nicotine content of only 20 mg.

In 2019 and 2020, vaping-associated lung injuries killed 68 people and injured 2.807 across the United States. As reported by Leafly and later confirmed by officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), those injuries and deaths were almost exclusively associated with unlicensed THC vape cartridges purchased from the illicit market.

At the heart of the health crisis was a relatively new vape cartridge additive known as vitamin E acetate. Unlicensed cartridge manufacturers were using the substance, a common ingredient in beard cream, to thicken the cartridge oil and boost profit margins.

After the poisonings, officials at the CDC said the number one thing state cannabis regulators could do to protect public health was ensure that “chemicals of concern” like vitamin E acetate did not enter the state-licensed THC vape cartridge supply.

As of early 2021, cannabis regulators have not done that.

Leafly's comprehensive review of THC vape cartridge rules in the 15 legal cannabis states found loopholes where chemicals of concern can get in.

A Leafly investigation into current and forthcoming regulations around THC vape cartridges in the 15 legal cannabis states reveals that more than a year after the vape lung (also known as EVALI or VAPI) crisis, a few states have banned vitamin E oil, but not a single state upgraded its THC vape cartridge testing requirements up to the standard currently required for all nicotine vape cartridges in Europe and Canada.

State cannabis regulators have generally done a great job of protecting the health of consumers by requiring tests for toxins like pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, mold, and bacteria. Manufacturers are also required to test and disclose the exact potency of every product on the label.

But sometime around late 2018, THC vape cartridges escaped the bounds of those safeguards. A new wave of novel cartridge oil additives, thickeners, thinners, diluents, and artificial flavors began flooding the market. The new additives were mostly limited to illicit-market vape carts, but a few seeped into the legal regulated market as well.

Those new additives included:

  • Vitamin E acetate, aka beard cream oil
  • Squalene, a shark liver oil substance
  • Thousands of food flavorings not approved for inhalation

What kept these toxins from flooding into the legal THC vape supply? Only the good conscience of many licensed vape cartridge manufacturers — and a bit of luck. Nothing in the regulatory system of any state would have prohibited most of the new wave of additives.

Even today, the existing patchwork of state rules — with their yawning safety gaps and a total absence of federal oversight — has experts throwing up their hands.

Certain vape additives are associated with lung injury, which shows up as cloudy on the left x-ray, and clear after treatment of one suspected VAPI patient in Utah. (Courtesy University of Utah)

In today's review, we will take a closer look at a new pod system from one of the leaders in the vape market - LUXE PM40 from Vaporesso.

Thanks to the manufacturer Vaporesso for providing the device for review

Vaporesso LUXE PM Packaging

The set comes into your hands in a box made of thick cardboard and in a sleeve-cover, on the front side of which the device is depicted in the design in which you purchased it, the name of the manufacturer and the name of the device itself, as well as a number of pictograms with the signed advantages of the device. On the back, the main specifications and equipment are listed, there are Vaporesso requisites, a warning "keep away from children", as well as a special holographic sticker, which is accompanied by a separate instruction describing how you can check your device for originality (in short: erase the protective layer and scan QR code that will take you to the purchase verification page).

  • LUXE PM40 Battery Pack
  • 4ml LUXE PM40 Cartridge (2ml in TPD version)
  • GTX 0.6ohm Evaporator MESH COIL
  • GTX 0.8 Ohm MESH COIL
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Guidelines for Checking Originality

The kit pleases not only with wealth, but definitely with the most necessary: ​​in addition to the already installed one, the kit also contains a replaceable cartridge, and two evaporators (both in blisters, hurray!) to choose from, and not an extra cable for charging, and even a multilingual (12 translations) instruction, but without the Russian version. In general, there is nothing more to be desired for such a fairly simple device.

Appearance of Vaporesso LUXE PM

Although the manufacturer calls his device just "pod", thus placing it on a par with some JUUL or MYLE, but in terms of its capabilities and characteristics, LUXE PM40 is much closer to podmod, i.e. All-in-one devices with advanced functionality. However, the dimensions of the LUXE PM40 are also far from the most compact due to the 1800 mAh battery and the cartridge capacity of 4 ml. But our handsome man still fits easily into his pocket.

The slightly pot-bellied body is apparently made of metal, which is clearly visible in the gray frame, but the bright side panels are made according to Vaporesso's favorite technology - IML (injection molding coating), i.e. the print is not on the surface, but under a layer of plastic, with active use it will not be erased, and generally looks voluminous. Together with the diverging lines, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow, it looks quite impressive and does not go at all like other colors with a rainbow design like Rainbow or Resin. The metal on the sides has a matte finish, the panels are glossy, the device does not slip in the hands and lies very comfortably. True, it will be difficult to hide it entirely in a medium-sized palm.

Vaporesso is releasing five variants of its LUXE PM40, and the color names say little about the real appearance of the panels (the frame will be black and gray everywhere): black (as in this review), jade and lava (reminiscent of stabilized wood ), silver and carbon.

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