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How Quincy Promes played in Ajax and why is he for Spartak.

Promes returns to Russia! Ajax on its official website announced an agreement on the transfer of Quincy to Spartak. The transfer will be arranged after the player has passed the medical examination. The Amsterdam club clarified the details of the deal: the clubs agreed on compensation in the amount of € 8.5 million, the amount may grow to € 11 million, depending on the fulfillment of the conditions prescribed in the agreement. The contract is expected to be signed for 3.5 years. Spartak's public relations director Anton Fetisov said that Promes should land in Moscow on Wednesday. Antokha is on the Otkrytie Arena scoreboard again.

How did you play at Ajax

Promes has 19 Eredivisie appearances (6 goals) and 5 Champions League appearances (1 assist) this season. Quincy cannot be called an iron starter, as a lot depends on both his form and what coach Eric ten Hag wants to see on the field.

According to Whoscored, in 13 first-team appearances, Quincy has appeared on six occasions as a central attacking midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 formation, twice as a central midfielder in 4 -3-3 and only five in the home position of the left winger, where Promes are used to seeing Spartak fans.

Ten Hag varies the structure of Ajax depending on the opponent. The pressure intensity, triggers and pressure traps are constantly changing and adapting to the opponent's weak points. This also affects the role of Promes. So, in the 4-2-3-1 system, he is located under the attacker, but constantly goes deep into the field in search of the ball. Due to the ability to beat the opponent one-on-one, Quincy can go out into the operational space and disperse the attack. His new skill is casting on the move to wingers or midfielders connecting from the depths.

But more often, in this role, Promes' task is to move from flank to flank and create triangles with a full back and a winger so that the team can move the ball to someone else's box. When Hakim Ziyech was in Ajax, he and Promes made wonderful walls in one or two touches. With an adaptive structure, the idea of ​​Ajax is based on ball possession and the advanced technical skills of the players. Sometimes ten Hag instructs his players to push the ball over the flanks, but more often Ajax does it through the central zone, overwhelming it with technical smart players. In many respects, therefore, Promes is used precisely in the position of tens with a deep role. On the flanks, he will always find an alternative in the form of high-speed David Neres, Anthony or Zachary Labayad. Quincy himself connects the flanks of the attacks (arrows on the wingers - the direction of his most frequent passes).

In the 4-3-3 formation, Promes has stepped out as a left center midfielder several times. His task was to promote the ball on dribbling and take the position of Tadic, who from the left flank went to the center to duplicate Huntelar (Klas-Jan left for Schalke, now Alla is playing instead). This model of play was most suitable in matches against the teams from the lower half of the table, with which Ajax dominated and controlled the center of the field. In games with better teams, the role of Promes was to drag the ball forward, pull a few players onto itself and roll it into the free zone.

In the table below, we have compared Promes' numbers in the last full season for Spartak and this season in Ajax in terms of 90 minutes.

Quincy is no longer as threatening to the goal as before, less likely to hit, less often to dribble and less often to aggravate. But this is largely due to the change in his role. As you can see in the last two columns, Promes has practically stopped delivering the ball into the penalty area through canopies, and the average distance of his passes has decreased by a quarter. Once again, these changes in statistics are not a statement of recession, but a change in style. Ten Haga Promes feels great in rebuilding, they generally have an excellent understanding: it was the current Ajax coach who launched the young Quincy's career at Go Ahead Eagles. Ten Hag was the first to intercede for Promes after the stabbing incident:

“This worries the entire locker room. I spoke with Promes, now he feels good, but I have not yet talked to him in detail, only by phone. We will talk tomorrow. He told me he didn't do anything. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. I don't need to forgive him because he hasn't done anything. Perhaps he will return to the squad on Sunday. As I said, as long as he is innocent, he is our player. "

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