How to start a sawdust manufacturing business

Not all boat and boat owners are fortunate enough to live near a pond. To go fishing or just take a walk on the water, you often have to go to your destination. And then the question arises: how to transport a floating craft if only a car is available? Of course, it is worth considering buying a boat or boat trailer! Experts of the Sport-Extreme water-motor center will tell you how to make the right choice.

Benefits of using

A specialized car trailer allows you to securely fix the floating craft on the platform and thereby ensure its integrity and safety, as well as ease of transportation. This is especially true if you have to get to the reservoir off-road. Such a device has sufficient carrying capacity to transport heavy and bulky goods.

What kind of trailers are there?

A large number of auto trailers for boats and boats are on sale. They differ in a number of features. Models are classified, as a rule, according to the following parameters.

By scope

Boat versions are versatile and suitable for the transport of various craft. The design of the trailers allows the boat to be launched without much difficulty. Flat-bottomed models with a flat bottom are great for transporting inflatable boats and jet skis. These are models such as МЗСА 81771С. 12, MZSA 81771B. 01, MZSA 81771D. 01, etc.

Freight ready for frequent use. Their design is adapted for the transportation of boats, yachts, jet skis, and other heavy and oversized cargo can also be transported. However, it is obvious: it is unrealistic to cope with loading and unloading operations alone with the participation of these models. Assistants will be required.

By number of axles

Uniaxial - these are relatively inexpensive models that are matched to the size of a particular floating craft (МЗСА 81771С. 14).

Two-axle ones are designed for the transportation of heavy loads, including boats and motor boats (МЗСА 81773G. 11). More stable and maneuverable compared to single-axle, but also more expensive.

Three-axle ones are adapted to heavy loads, for example, the transportation of oversized watercraft, the length of which is more than 9 meters and weighing more than 9.5 tons (МЗСА 823111.02).

By braking system

How to choose a trailer for transporting a boat or boat

Having access to large quantities of wood waste, for example, from furniture production or a carpentry workshop, an enterprising owner asks the question - what can be made from sawdust. The answer will depend on how exactly he wants to use them. With artistic talent, sawdust and shavings can be excellent material for creative ideas. And if you have a private house, dacha or livestock farm, then wood waste will serve as an excellent help in the garden or in the garden, on the farm or in the chicken coop.

Businessmen can be advised to start producing fuel or building briquettes. You will learn useful tips and ideas for a private business from the article. In it, we will look at simple examples of what you can do from sawdust with your own hands at home.

Litter in animal husbandry

Sawdust and small shavings perfectly absorb moisture and biological waste. They are poured onto the floor for cows, pigs, horses and other domestic animals. According to farmers, too small sawdust is harder to remove, but it absorbs liquids better. And large sawdust and shavings do not cope well with the task, and they need to be laid on the surface in a large layer. Therefore, it is advised to make a mixture.

The best thing to do with sawdust for quality bedding is to add some fermentation materials to the mix. They remove unpleasant odors and even generate heat, which will save fuel for heating in the cold season.

Where to get raw materials for processing

In the processing business, different waste is used: chips, shavings, sawdust, bark. The easiest way to take material is at sawmills, in carpentry shops or woodworking enterprises. But not all of their owners give away raw materials for free. If the demand is great, they will demand payment.

Large wood processing plants are sometimes ready to give away waste for free on a self-pickup basis - it will be more expensive to dispose of a large volume.

Use for vegetable gardens

Let's take a look at what can be made from sawdust. Gardeners have long used them to mulch trees, sprinkling circles around them. It is also convenient to cover the soil in vegetable gardens and greenhouses with sawdust and small shavings. They protect it from freezing, help to retain moisture after watering. Also, the litter on the ground prevents weeds from germinating, and a dry crust does not form on the soil surface. Thus, the compaction of the land does not occur, and this is of great importance for the quality growth of garden and berry crops.

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