How to remove a cat from a tree

Neck massage

Pain and stiffness in the muscles of the neck is very common and can significantly reduce the quality of life. Unlike other areas of the spine, the neck has many contraindications for gymnastics. Therefore, it is better to strengthen the muscles and return the anatomically correct position to the vertebrae by applying massage of the cervical-collar zone.

Definition of why it is called that

Massage of the collar zone is a manual effect on the muscles of the neck from the back of the head to the shoulder girdle. In medicine, such an effect is called local local tissue irritation, in which not only mechanical, but also neuro-reflex and humoral effects on the body occur. Some massage therapists also emphasize the energy function, and although this is difficult to prove scientifically, the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere is beneficial during the procedure.

The name of the massage technique is fully consistent with the area that is exposed to manual influence. Such a massage is much more useful than just kneading the neck, since when the back of the head and shoulders are included in the procedure, a higher effect of improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage can be achieved.

Contrary to myths, a correctly chosen technique does not cause pain: the specialist's task is not to reposition the vertebrae, but to work out the muscles, as a result of which clamps, atrophy of cartilage tissue, as well as numerous neurological symptoms characteristic of cervical osteochondrosis are eliminated.

Indications for and preparation for the procedure

The cervical spine is the most vulnerable to various injuries. This area consists of 7 vertebrae: the first is the atlas, consists of 2 arches, the second is the axis, serves as an axis for rotation, and the seventh is the most protruding one with the anatomically correct location of the spine. The cervical region is slightly concave, which is necessary in order to support the head.

Vulnerability of the cervical spine is the result of weak muscles, relatively small vertebrae and low strength. In addition, modern life imposes a high burden on this area, since a person's head is constantly tilted to us or pushed forward due to frequent contact with smartphones, computers and other screens. With good muscle tone, the muscles keep the spine in the correct position, but proper training is rare.

Cervical vertebrae are more likely to be injured: for example, subluxation is formed when the head is suddenly thrown back in an accident.

But more often we are talking about gradual processes of degeneration and protrusion, characteristic of osteochondrosis. Radiculopathy with pronounced neurological manifestations can also develop as a result of compression of the nerve roots, or myositis, if the muscles in this area become inflamed.

The peculiarity of pathological processes of the musculoskeletal system in this area is not only local pain, but also discomfort associated with the work of the nervous and vascular systems:

Neck massage

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South Korean company produces lamps that simulate a porthole overlooking the clouds (8 photos)

Pain and stiffness in the neck muscles is very common and can significantly reduce the quality of life. Unlike other areas of the spine, the neck has

More than a year ago I was asked to write an article on the prevention of osteochondrosis. But I think that for such a task you need to be an expert osteopath and at least have a medical education. Therefore, I will just share what I managed to collect and process during this time. Let's keep all parts of the spine young and healthy! So that there is no pain in the neck, or in the lower back, or behind the sternum.

What is osteochondrosis

For a start - a little educational program. Of course, you can take the classic definition that:

But I like the opinion of Alexander Vlasenko (doctor, neurologist, chiropractor) more. He believes that it is incorrect to call osteochondrosis a disease. Because changes in the vertebrae and discs are not symptoms of the disease, but anatomical signs of aging of the skeleton.

The diagnosis of "osteochondrosis" is very often explained by pain in the neck and back, as well as headaches. But the pain sensations themselves are not associated specifically with bone-cartilaginous changes. Osteochondrosis is only pathological changes in the skeleton. And the pain itself is usually caused by myofascial syndrome (I'll talk about it below).

The same point of view is shared by Pavel Zharkov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chief Researcher of the Russian Scientific Center for Roentgenoradiology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Department of Radiation Diagnostics of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, the author of books and monographs on spine diseases.

Pavel Zharkov, like Alexander Vlasenko, believes that "osteochondrosis" is a commercial diagnosis and has nothing to do with pain in the spine.

Why then does the neck and back hurt?

Sources of pain are ligaments, tendons, muscles and periosteum. The main reason is myofascial syndrome (MFS). What it is? The formation of local seals in the muscles. They are called trigger points (pain points). You can even find such nodules by touch.

What provokes the development of the IFS:

❌ Long monotonous physical work. For example, in an inclined position in the garden when weeding. But less time-consuming routine tasks also provoke. In particular, even knitting in the same position.

❌ Tight clothing. Especially if you wear it regularly. Any person senses when clothes are uncomfortable: somewhere they are tightening and pressing. As a result, muscles and fascia are constantly squeezed.

❌ Sedentary lifestyle. Anyone who walks fewer than 5,000 steps a day can count themselves as very sedentary. Even if he goes to the gym 3 times a week.

Today we bring to your attention an article on the topic: "how to remove a cat from a tree" from professionals for people. We tried to fully disclose the topic. If something is not clear, then experts are ready to answer all questions in the comments.

reliable options for removing a cat from a tree if it has been sitting there for a long time

In this article, I detail what to do when an animal cannot descend from the tree. I will list the services that you can turn to for help. I will list the actions that you can take on your own in order to remove the cat from the tree if it has been sitting there for a long time.

What actions need to be taken to remove the cat from the tree

You can put things or objects that will help soften the blow. Warm blankets, cardboard boxes, etc. are suitable for this.

It is not always possible for a cat to climb down from a tree by itself

You can try to lure the cat, then it will go down from the tree on its own, for this you need:

  • If this is your cat, try offering him your favorite dish, while calling in a calm voice. When the animal eats dry food, it should rustle loudly with a bag of food. If someone else's cat is stuck on a tree, try offering him treats for animals: fish, meat, minced meat. Hot food smells stronger, if possible, reheat food. Find a way to put food as close as possible to where the cat is sitting. Leave the second portion under the tree.
  • Officials of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) recommend smearing the tree with valerian tincture. But this method works only on 30-35% of cats, and 60% of cats. If a young kitten is sitting on a tree, it is strictly forbidden to use this drug. This will only scare the pet away, and it will climb higher up the tree trunk. Also, valerian should not be used when the animal is sitting on a tall tree, the medicine is "intoxicating" and the cat can harm itself.
  • Try using a laser beam. If the animal is young and active, move the laser slowly, from the animal's location down the tree. If the animal is exhausted, this method will not bring the desired result.

An animal's favorite treats can induce it to come down

  • Try to call a cat, the voice should be calm and affectionate. Make sure there are no objects nearby that will scare the cat. Walk away from the tree for a short distance and keep calling. Perhaps the pet will follow you and come down from the tree.
  • If the bait and persuasion did not help, try to remove the animal yourself. To do this, use the stairs. Wait a while, the animal will get used to the new object and will not be afraid of it, then climb the tree.
  • Do not use unreliable constructs - you will harm both yourself and your beloved pet. If the tree is tall, it is better to seek help from special services.

You can call a cat, sometimes animals come down to the voice of their beloved owner. Or follow him yourself

If your pet has climbed a tree, but at the same time it is calm and sits low - do not rush to take it off. He can hunt or watch what is happening. He could have been frightened by a dog, so he waits until it is safe and he can safely descend.

The animal must be removed from the tree in such cases:

  • The animal looks restless, can scream loudly or meow plaintively. He makes attempts to descend on his own, but they are unsuccessful.
  • The animal that sits on the tree is wearing a leash. When the cat walks through the tree, it can become entangled in the leash, leading to strangulation or hanging of the pet.
  • The animal has been in the tree for more than 24 hours. If it's hot outside, the animal is at risk of dehydration.
  • It's cold and windy outside. The animal will be exhausted and will soon fall from the tree. In 10%, the animal may die.

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