How to put a tow bar (tow hitch) on a Chevrolet Niva

The basic configuration of the Chevrolet Niva does not include a tow hitch, however, installing a towbar on this car with your own hands is simple, because the body has holes specially designed for this.

The towbar on the car is needed not only to attach the trailer, but also to protect the exhaust system and bumper from contact with the ground. Since such a car is used for trips to the country, to nature, such a device would be appropriate.

The towbar is ...

As a rule, when we hear the word towbar, we imagine it as a special device with which a trailer is attached to the car, but in addition, it allows towing vehicles, and as mentioned above, it serves as a kind of bumper protection and exhaust protection when driving off-road.

It contains several elements:

As mentioned above, the manufacturer does not install a tow hitch, but there are holes in the body that are made on purpose, if you need to install this element, you do not need to drill them yourself.

The necessary kit can be purchased from an authorized dealer, as well as at the car market, it is enough to know the year of manufacture of your car. Its price starts from three thousand rubles, they differ mainly in their design and the metal from which they are made.


Installing the product on the Niva is not difficult, the main problems arise with the electrician. Let's take a look at the basic steps to install it:

Connecting the towbar socket

In order to connect the TSU socket, you will need a wiring diagram for your car and the pinout of the socket itself. It usually has 7 contacts (one central and 6 in a circle), as shown in the diagram below.

How to put a tow bar (tow hitch) on a Chevrolet Niva

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