How to install the piston rings correctly

Another country are ready to fly planes with Russian tourists - beloved by many Greece. While there are restrictions on the number of arrivals, no more than 500 people per week, but if you book a trip in advance, you can easily get into this number.

You are used to traveling to Greece to enjoy the sea, sun, Mediterranean cuisine and great wine. But this is, first of all, a country with an ancient, incredibly rich culture and beautiful nature. And it's time to explore all the Greek riches, while most of the countries of the world are quarantined.

Plan an active, interesting vacation!

Why is it worth going to Greece not only for the idyllic beaches of Santorini and Corfu, says Swjournal

Studying Mythology in Athens

Everyone at least once in his life held in his hands the book "Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece". A trip to Athens is an opportunity to touch the places where the events of these fascinating stories about gods, heroes and people took place.

From anywhere in the city you will see the Acropolis - ancient temples located on a high stone hill. History was made here: the temples of Nike and Zeus, the theater of Dionysus, the legendary Parthenon.

Be sure to check out the New Acropolis Museum to learn about the history of the construction and restoration of this world's largest architectural ensemble. At the foot of the Acropolis Hill is the oldest district of the city - Plaka.

Narrow streets, small houses, family taverns - all this is real, authentic Greece, as you saw it in the movies and in your fantasies. When the eye gets tired of studying the heritage of our ancestors, take a break in the National Garden or just take a walk around the city. Athens is considered a real open-air museum; here, on almost every street, something amazing awaits you. In summer, it is better to explore the city from early morning or late in the evening, and in the afternoon, take refuge in the shade of olive trees and pines.

Climbing Olympus

A truly divine leisure - climbing Mount Olympus. It was from here that the ancient gods decided the fate of ordinary mortals, started and ended wars, sent heavenly punishments and magical salvation. Olympus is one of the few high mountains that can be conquered without climbing equipment and with almost any physical fitness, so that almost any tourist can feel like a god for a day.

Hiking is allowed from mid-May, August and September are considered the optimal season, when the temperature is already comfortable on the peaks and there is no snow. The closest city to Olympus is Thessaloniki, 90 km away, you can fly directly there and get by car or bus to the village of Prionia, where it is recommended to start the hike.

You can spend the night here in a hostel, so you won't need a tent and sleeping bags, and trekking equipment and equipment can be rented on site. The trekking route is marked, it is almost impossible to get lost. In fact, Olympus is not one mountain, but a mountain range, and in order to truly conquer it, you need to climb three peaks: Skala, Skolios and Mytikas. There is about a kilometer between them, you can walk all three in a day, if you're lucky with the weather. Wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning, a few hours' journey - and you are the conqueror of Olympus!

What to see in Greece in a few days

Each power plant requires periodic overhaul and complete overhaul. If the groove of the block and the fitting of other elements is a complex procedure, the question of how to correctly install the piston rings is quite simple to perform. Actually, how to do this is described below.

What are piston rings

Initially, you should understand the number and purpose of the rings themselves. On a 4-stroke engine, there are three grooves for the PC. In this case, the rings are 5. The essence is as follows. The compression rings inserted into the upper grooves are inserted one at a time. The oil scraper assembly is a "sandwich" of three rings, where the corrugated will be in the middle. At the same time, there are no limiting stops here.

How to correctly install the rings on the piston

The basic sequence of actions is as follows.

  • Prepare piston mandrel in advance. To do this, you can use a cut can of a can or RC from soda.
  • Initially, slide the wave-shaped oil scraper ring onto the lowest groove. The procedure will be quite simple - the structural element is very soft.
  • Next, you need to put on the lower and upper oil scraper ring in the same groove. You need to be careful here. It is problematic to break the details, but you can deform the element with “crooked” hands, which is undesirable.
  • After that, the lower and upper compression ring are put on in sequence. This is where the problems begin. Compression inserts are rigid, it will be difficult to attach them to the piston without the necessary experience. Also, all actions must be performed with extreme caution - a fragile element can be broken.
  • Before directly inserting the piston into the cylinder, it is recommended to lubricate the rings with clean engine oil.

The main point when placing the rings is to set them so that the locks do not overlap. This is extremely important, since when locking devices are applied, oil from the crankcase can be poured into the cylinder and the wear of the rings themselves increases.

Next is the procedure for immersing the "dressed" piston in the cylinder. To do this, you need to take a pre-prepared jar and wrap it tightly around the part. So that the rings go into the grooves as much as possible. To facilitate insertion, fix the improvised mandrel with wire or ties.

After that, the piston is pressed into the cylinder until it is completely immersed. In parallel, the mandrel slides by itself and looses the rings.

As you can see from the instructions, it is quite easy to install the piston rings yourself.

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