How to hide a book in a matchbox and 4 more activities that will captivate a little fidget

Our organization sells medical documents. We are a licensed medical institution that has the right to issue a number of medical documents. You can buy a medical book for working with children on our website. Unlike the usual design, our team can complete papers of any type and complexity in exactly 1 working day. At the same time, the price will not hit your pocket, we also constantly conduct promotions. The high level of quality is guaranteed by authentic letterheads and real doctors in the state. We will arrange a fast delivery of the Bagrationovskaya metro station. Payment in a convenient way: cash, through the payment system or cash on delivery.

How to buy a kindergarten medical book?

We have greatly simplified the application system so as not to waste customers' time on meaningless trips to our office. Now the whole procedure is taking place online. The process is divided into several stages:

  • order a "call back" service;
  • the manager calls back within 10 minutes;
  • we advise and accept the order.

This ends the buyer's participation. Everything will take about 5 minutes of your time. After accepting the order, the specialists proceed to immediate production, and in a day we deliver the papers from the Bagrationovskaya metro station.

In contrast to competitors, our company offers a fair deal working without prepayment. First, the client personally checks the quality of the products, only after the full payment is made. In case of finding inaccuracies, we redo it at the expense of the organization.

Passage of doctors

When choosing a design in the usual way, a person working with children will have to take a lot of tests and come a lot of doctors. The child has a weak immune system, which exposes him to many dangerous diseases. This is why the procedure is so strict for people working with children. You will have to go through the following list of specialists:

  • dermatovenerologist ;
  • otorinolaryngologist ;
  • dentist ;
  • therapist.

Among other things, the person must have vaccinations against diphtheria and measles. Also, without an outpatient card, you will not be able to start official duties.

Low price - the cost is only 1490 rubles. This is due to several factors: work without intermediaries, a huge base of buyers in the Russian Federation, and we have our own equipment at our disposal. Also, we hold weekly promotions where everyone can save a lot. To clarify the information, contact the manager of the company.

It is often difficult to captivate a kid with something, especially if it is a simple and boring activity or a game that is already familiar to him. But still, there are interesting ways with which it will turn out to captivate a little fidget so that he can do one thing at least for a short time.

Book in a box

This construction is quite simple to do. Cut a piece of paper about the width of a matchbox and fold it accordion-like. Color the sheet with a felt-tip pen (you can draw their cartoon characters or circus animals).

Glue the lower part of the accordion to the bottom of the matchbox in such a way that after opening the accordion straightens out and looks like a book, while it will be possible to fold it back.

With this design, the child will be able to view interesting pictures in the form of a small book.

Fun drawing

Drawing for a kid often becomes a familiar game, but it can also be diversified, for example, by adding unusual tools.

You can draw with a fork or even with your bare hands, there are many options.

Alternatively, put the child on a large sheet of paper and draw his outline, then paint the sheet inside the outline, draw beautiful clothes, a face, etc. You can also draw arms or legs and add new details to them.

Touch box

Take a large closed container, fill it with cereals, beans or something else and hide small toys inside, figures from a kinder surprise, cars are perfect.

Close the box and let the child feel the gift. Your fidget will not only be busy without your participation, but will also receive a nice gift.

Experiments with water

Our company offers to purchase a driver's medical certificate with delivery at an affordable price in Stupino. This certificate is important for any driver, because it is the result of passing a medical examination. To get the right to drive a car, you need to be a healthy, adequate person, and not only be able to drive well. The safety of passengers, pedestrians, drivers of other cars depends on this. According to current legislation, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination and obtain an official certificate of the driver's compliance with the requirements in the form 083.

Peculiarities of obtaining a driver's certificate in a simple situation

A driver's medical certificate is needed in some cases:

  • Obtaining a license,
  • Training in a driving school,
  • Replacing a driver's license at the traffic police,
  • During a technical inspection auto,
  • In case of an accident and many others.

People are interested in how much a new driver's license costs and where to buy it? Our company will help resolve this issue with minimal loss of time. This is very important, because in a normal situation you will have to spend a lot of time in ordinary hospitals for specialists.

For the traffic police, the conclusion of a narcologist and a psychiatrist is decisive, therefore, you need to make an appointment with them in advance and pay the cost of their services.

The fact is that they have limited days and hours of reception, therefore, huge queues line up for them. These doctors can easily take days to complete. But, when a new driver's license is urgently needed, it is much easier to buy a ready-made document and save your nerves and time.

Help design

Our organization offers to obtain a medical driver's certificate without going through a psychiatrist, narcologist and other specialists. Employees of the company will advise on the nuances of issuing a medical certificate, help in difficult moments.

The medical certificate is produced on these forms, which will allow you to pass any authentication. It will have original signatures, stamps, seals of medical workers, because we cooperate with various health centers, as well as watermarks and other security elements.

We offer a cheap extension of the medical book without a medical examination and testing in Kizel. Our company is a licensed medical institution that sells official medical documents. We are ready to urgently extend the medical book for 1 day without going through the doctors, none of the competitors can boast of such a speed of production. The staff employs real doctors. Filling out takes place on original forms. The price is lower than the market price, and several times lower than the registration in the usual way. With us, you can cheaply extend a health certificate without being examined at a medical center. We will make fast delivery anywhere in the country. We will extend and deliver the health book by courier in one hour. Payment in a convenient way: cash, cash on delivery or through a payment system.

How much does the official renewal of the medical book in Kizel cost?

The price for extending a medical book for a year is only 1490! We work without intermediaries, which makes it possible to provide affordable prices. The cost of prolongation of analyzes for a sanitary book is guaranteed to be affordable for you. A flexible system of discounts has been developed for regular customers and wholesalers. We hold weekly promotions where everyone can take part and significantly save money. Now you know where you can quickly and inexpensively renew your medical book.

When is a sanitary book required?

There are a number of activities where you will need to regularly undergo repeated, so-called preventive, medical examinations and tests. This is necessary if you are an employee:

  • medical industry;
  • companies that produce, store and transport food products;
  • housing and consumer services;
  • bus and taxi drivers.

Some professions even require it. For example, employees of industrial production (making components for cars), it will be enough to go through doctors only when they start working, if the examinations were more than 1 year ago.

How to place an order?

Simplified the application system as much as possible. Unlike competitors, we do not ask our customers to come personally to the office, wait for their turn, and this is only for the sake of submitting an application. We keep pace with the times, and therefore the whole transaction takes place on the Internet. You can make an order without getting up from the couch. Order a call back. A company representative calls back within 10 minutes, gives a full consultation regarding the document and current promotions. Accepts the order. Then he transfers it to the appropriate department, depending on the selected documents. Specialists begin immediate production. Exactly one day after submitting the application, we deliver the finished medical book to the specified address. The client checks everything, then pays the full cost.

What tests are needed?

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