How to choose cables and wires

If necessary, the excavator can be

Renting a loader excavator in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region is the best way to speed up the workflow at construction sites with minimal costs. The functions of this special equipment are universal: it performs all types of earthworks, loads construction waste and soil, digs trenches, develops foundation pits, performs the work of a tractor. With the periodic use of equipment or a one-time need, it is unprofitable to purchase such equipment. It is much more convenient and more profitable to rent an excavator loader with a hydraulic hammer, a jaw frontal bucket or other attachments. In our company you can order inexpensively the services of renting an excavator loader with a highly qualified driver. We are approached by legal entities and individuals, municipal and communal structures, owners of suburban land plots. We work both in the northern capital and in the region. At the request of the customer, we undertake the obligations of contractors and carry out professional work on the improvement of territories.


Renting equipment from us is profitable and convenient. Here are some reasons to order an excavator from us:

  • Own vehicle fleet. We are not intermediaries, but we own our own large fleet of excavators. Our cars are well-groomed and debugged, they regularly undergo maintenance.
  • Efficiency. Thanks to our own vehicle fleet, we are ready for an urgent departure at any time.
  • Favorable rates. The price of renting a loader excavator in our company is lower than the average prices in the capital, so you can rent it cheaply from us.
  • Complex of services. Our company offers not only the rental of special equipment, but also many other beneficial services: territory planning, asphalting, cleaning of reservoirs, removal of construction soil, laying of communications and much more.
  • High professional qualifications. EXCAVATOR specialists. RG have all the necessary permits and can handle any complex construction and improvement task.
  • Guaranteed reliability and safety. We strictly adhere to safety standards and technical regulations.
  • High quality of services. The specialized works are performed at a high level of quality, and the results confirm this.
  • Help for clients. We provide consulting support, promptly eliminate minor breakdowns at sites, provide replacement excavators for major breakdowns, offer beneficial discounts and benefits to regular customers and large customers.

Loader excavator rental is carried out on convenient and favorable terms:

  • an agreement is drawn up and agreed upon between the lessee and the lessor;
  • the customer is obliged to ensure the protection of the excavator on the site for the entire period of the lease;
  • the obligation of the lessor is to provide workable equipment within the agreed period;
  • the minimum rental rate is 3 work shifts;
  • for long-term rental, the client pays for the transportation of the excavator only to the object;
  • < li> the cost of renting a loader excavator is calculated individually, depending on the selected model, attachments, the lease term and the terms of the fueling agreement;
  • if the lease is less than a month, the client pays for the transportation of the equipment to the object and back.


Backhoe loader is an irreplaceable type of equipment on construction sites and objects of territorial reconstruction. This technique replaces the functions of several special machines, takes up little space on the site, is highly maneuverable, and can work both on spacious objects and in small confined areas. The main advantage of such machines is their versatility. An excavator and a front loader are combined in one design. With their help, you can dig wells, build bridges, tunnels, drainage canals. In the presence of the appropriate attachments, the machine is used in dismantling works, clears areas for new construction sites, and dismantles the rubble of destroyed or blasted solid rocks. Thanks to its wide wheels, the machine can be used on sites with a lot of sticky mud.


In addition to the standard front-end bucket, the machine can be equipped with:

  • forks;
  • hydraulic shears;
  • hydraulic hammer, hydraulic drill;
  • grab.

During the renovation of an apartment or construction of a house, the question of buying cables and wires inevitably arises. Buying high quality cables after understanding the nuances of the product and its assortment is not a trivial task.

Security issue

According to statistics, among the main causes of fires in houses and apartments, the main one is still a malfunction of the electrical wiring. This proves once again that the issue of choosing high-quality wires and cables cannot be taken carelessly, and the installation itself should be trusted only by professionals. Before buying cables, be sure to pay attention to a number of characteristics, which will be discussed below.

First of all, you should pay attention when buying - this is the material from which the wire or cable is made. Most of the wires are made from aluminum and copper. Aluminum is a cheaper material, but also more brittle, can break when bent and oxidize when exposed to air. Therefore, we recommend not to save on safety issues and choose copper cables, since it has the best performance characteristics. Copper has more conductivity and is more reliable.


Coming close to the issue of choosing cables or wires, you will inevitably come across such concepts as GOST and TU. What's the difference?

GOST is a standard that a manufacturer must adhere to in order to classify its products in one category or another. In contrast, TU (technical conditions) are the internal standard of the manufacturer, which is developed not so much with the aim of creating a high-quality product, but with the aim of reducing costs and, as a consequence, increasing the competitiveness of the company.

However, even making products according to GOST standards, the manufacturer can save on the quality of the material, which will negatively affect the properties of the final product. And, nevertheless, as practice shows, wires and cables made according to GOST are much better than analogs made according to TU.

It is quite difficult to buy good quality wires without special knowledge, so it is always better to ask the opinions of the masters or those who often have to work with these materials.

When choosing a cable, you must first of all determine the required number of wires in it:

Yamobur rent in St. Petersburg - an opportunity to carry out excavation work with maximum time and budget savings. In this case, you do not need to look for funds for such an expensive purchase, as well as hire specialists to operate the machines. Regardless of the goal set - drilling, arranging power lines, strengthening slopes or emergency foundations, this technique will allow you to complete the task at a high quality level. Pit drills are highly efficient: they are reliable in operation and are perfectly adapted to work on sites of various sizes due to their compact dimensions and maneuverability.


Yamobur rent in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region is one of the core services of our company. We make sure that every client who decides to contact us for help can receive a worthy service.

  • Large selection of special equipment. We have at our disposal machines that provide drilling depths from 2 to 14 meters. Depending on the features of the area where the work is planned to be carried out, we can offer models based on a mini-loader, GAZ, Kamaz, tracked drilling rigs, as well as famous Japanese-made machines, indispensable in the construction and geological fields. In addition, you can also rent special equipment with an extendable boom to perform work at a distance of 12 meters.
  • Qualified operators. We provide experienced operators who are ready for any scope of work.
  • Favorable rates. The cost of renting a drill with an operator in our company is minimal, since we do not involve intermediaries.
  • Complete security. All equipment in our fleet is regularly inspected, so you can be sure of its high performance and the absence of unpleasant surprises.
  • Timely troubleshooting. Modern repair facilities allow us to ensure the smooth operation of machines.
  • Replacing faulty equipment. Yamobur rental services in our company also provide for the replacement of equipment in the event of a serious breakdown during operation.
  • Prompt delivery of special equipment both in St. Petersburg and the region. We will deliver the machine within the agreed time frame directly to your jobsite.

Yamobur rent is carried out on the following terms:

  • The client chooses a machine, taking into account the type, scale and conditions of work, the required depth of the holes, as well as the degree of inaccessibility of the area where the work is planned to be carried out.
  • The customer is provided with experienced drivers-operators to operate the equipment.
  • The rental price of a drill is formed based on the type of model, its performance, range of possibilities, operating time, distance to the destination and the complexity of the work.
  • Discounts are provided for regular customers.
  • Both short-term and long-term rentals are possible.


Yamoburs have established themselves as units capable of providing a perfectly clear and accurate result. In this regard, they are actively used for drilling holes for:

  • piles and foundations;
  • wells for water supply at home;
  • lighting poles;
  • tree seedlings; <
  • drainage systems;
  • bridge supports;
  • installation of billboards;
  • laying of communications;
  • installation of fences and fences.

No matter for what purpose you decide to rent our equipment - for a well or for construction purposes, you will be offered the best conditions for cooperation. Our equipment will save you time and demonstrate its adaptability to work even in confined spaces. You will no longer need to rent expensive drilling and crane installations and separately hire professionals who can operate them. With hole drills, you can get holes of the optimal diameter with minimal investment.

Yamobur rental in all districts in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region


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