How the Eisenhoff VS700 Pro differs from other steam generators



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DIY postcard. Golden heart.

YOU WILL NEED: ♦ Postcard made of white cardboard, 115 × 115 mm (or folded in half) ♦ Red cardboard, 100 x 150 mm ♦ Gold paper, 50 x 100 mm ♦ Thick gold thread ♦ Shaped hole punch making holes in the shape of hearts 12 mm wide ♦ Tracing paper and TM pencil ♦ Scalpel and cutting mat ♦ Single-sided tape ♦ Glue stick ♦ Pieces of self-adhesive soft plastic

1. Copy the heart template, transfer it to the red cardboard and cut out. Place the resulting blank on the mat and use a scalpel to make small triangular cuts at each pencil mark around the perimeter of the heart.

2. Secure the thread to the back of the heart with a piece of tape and start winding the thread from the second triangular slot to the right of the center. This is your first (original) slot. Pass eleven slots clockwise, thread twelfth, then thread second, thirteenth, and so on. Stop winding when you reach the second triangular slot to the left of center.

3. A circle formed in the center. To fill it, wind the thread from the groove at the top of the heart to the triangular slots along the bottom edge. To do this, skip eleven slots and thread into the twelfth, then return to the groove again, thread through the thirteenth - and so on. Wrap the left half of the heart in the same way. Secure the thread to the back of the workpiece with tape.

DIY steam generator video

The market of modern household appliances is full of offers. Each brand tries to prove that it is its products that are different from all others. For the better, of course.

Today we'll talk about steam generators. And specifically - about the Eisenhoff VS700 Pro in order to find out how this model differs from other similar devices.


The main parameters of the device are as follows:

  • power - 3000 W;
  • continuous steam supply - 150 g / min;
  • steam boost - 500 g / min; <
  • working pressure - 8 bar;
  • sole type - ceramic.

If we take a sample of the models that are currently on sale, we will not see any other steam generator with similar characteristics. Models with steam boost from 500 g / min cannot boast of power higher than 2700 W, and powerful models do not offer steam boost above 400 g / min and pressures above 7 bar.

Outsole Construction

The Eisenhoff VS700 Pro steam generator has a ceramic Sleek Base. It is made using a special technology: several layers of material are sequentially sprayed. After that, the workpiece is processed with high temperatures. The resulting hardened ceramic is tough and resistant to damage. At the same time, it retains all non-stick properties and glides perfectly on the fabric.

Adjusting the sole temperature

It would seem that such a simple thing as adjusting the temperature of the soleplate of the iron is now becoming a unique feature. Many modern manufacturers are ditching this option for the sake of ease of use. Offering a consistent setting for all fabrics, they eliminate the need for users to change settings while ironing. However, if you look at it from the other side, it becomes clear that this is not such an advantage. In steam generators with a single temperature regime, the sole, as a rule, does not heat up above 120 ° C, and this is not enough to quickly and effectively smooth out dense fabrics. There is also such a moment: when steaming at high intensity, hot steam comes out of the sole, while the sole itself remains colder than it. As a result, steam from contact with such a sole quickly cools and turns into water. Drops from the sole fall on the fabric and leave marks. To prevent this from happening, the sole must also be hot.

The Eisenhoff VS700 Pro has mechanical adjustment of the sole temperature. Its maximum temperature is 230 ° C. Firstly, this is enough to smooth out dense fabrics, even if they are overdried. Secondly, hot steam, passing through such a sole, does not cool down and does not condense. As a result, you get a steam generator from which water does not drip during ironing.

Eisenhoff VS700 Pro is a reliable and functional member of the family of powerful steam generators for the home. And the combination of technical characteristics, design, functional features and reliability make it not only first-class, but also unique.

Quote of the message of BearM Read the whole In your quote book or community! DIY postcard. Golden heart. YOU WILL NEED: ♦ Postcard made of white cardboard, 115 × 115 mm (or folded in half a sheet of cardboard) ...

Hello everyone! In this review, I'll show you the best ironing systems. Unlike conventional irons, they have a wider functionality, providing a comfortable process of ironing even a large amount of linen. In this TOP, I have included 5 of the best ironing systems equipped with comfortable boards, heating, steam blowing and other useful functions.

Kitfort KT-

Kitfort KT-940 is a compact ironing system consisting of an ironing board and a steamer.

When folded, they take up very little space, so they are perfect for small apartments. Also, in the design of this ironing system, a hanger is provided, on which it is convenient to fix trousers and other clothes. And the height of the hanger can be adjusted for more convenient ironing.

The steamer in this system is equipped with an iron with a non-stick coating and heating, so that steam does not condense on the sole of the iron and does not drip. With its help, you can remove even tough folds from fabrics of various types. It also provides temperature control and an auto shut-off function, and the water tank here is designed for a volume of 1 liter and is enough for about half an hour of continuous steam supply. So you will hardly need to add water even with prolonged ironing.

Other features of this system include fast heating, which takes no more than 3 minutes, light weight, which allows you to easily move it from place to place, a long steam hose, and a brush attachment that allows you to remove from the clothes of the villi.

Owners say about this ironing system, noting the advantages of ease of use, ease of construction and efficiency in eliminating even tough creases.

  • Power: 2200 - 2400 W.
  • Volume of the water tank: 1 l.
  • Steam output: 42 g / min.
  • Preheat: up to 3 min.
  • Time of steam supply: up to 30 min.
  • Steam hose length: 1.5 m.
  • Cable length: 1. m.
  • Weight: 6. kg.

Tefal Ixeo QTE

Next in our TOP is Tefal Ixeo QT1020E0.

This system consists of an iron-steamer and a board with an adjustable position in space for more convenient ironing.

The advantages of the system include fast heating, which takes only 45 seconds, which allows you to start ironing clothes and linen almost immediately. The iron, in addition to the stable supply of steam with an intensity of 60 g / min, also supports a steam boost, which will smooth out even the most stubborn creases. In addition, the powerful stream of steam generated by the steamer will remove more than 99% of germs from fabrics, as well as freshen things and eliminate unpleasant odors. And also, the iron is able to select a safe temperature and steam strength for all types of fabric, even such delicate ones as silk, which minimizes the risk of burning the fabric.

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